The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 8: Into the Darkness

Link and Gigorax landed face first onto a cold, hard ground that wreaked of dead corpse and rotting flesh. Link pushed on the ground getting up but as he lifted his head he came face to face with a skeleton skull, making yell and fall backwards onto his butt. He looked in front of him again and saw the area was covered in skeletons, rotting corpse, and blood. Gigorax walked up to Link from behind and helped him up as he asked quietly, "What happened here? Was there a war here?" Link looked ahead into the dark purple sky lite horizon and saw a few knights that were suited in purple and black armor marching across the grounds of the Dark Realm. Gigorax got down quickly as well as pulling Link's tunic making him fall back down yelling quietly, "Get down!" They heard the armor clanking as the sounds of the armor faded into the distance. Link poked his head up above the rock looking around to see if the area was clear and gave Gigorax the motion that it was safe to come out. They got up and started their way towards the giant castle that rested behind the bone covered land. While they ventured through the Realm Gigorax looked to Link and asked, "So Millia is your sister?" Link shook his head and told Gigorax the origin of his past.

The sky was covered in thick dark grey clouds releasing water drops hard and wrathful as a brown hooded man rode across the soaked fields of Hyrule with his wagon full of crops and milk. He turned his head as lightning struck revealing is was Deobia from the Greenwood Ranch as he looked and saw a small figure running towards his direction. He climbed off his wagon and caught the small figure as it ran into him, but when it looked up to him it was a young boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore worn rags as clothing and looked to be about eight to nine years of age. The boy looked back and ran behind Deobia hiding from something as he looked to the boy and then to the distance he came from, finding out he was being chased by a pack of wolves. Deobia picked up the boy, sat him in his wagon, and cracked the bridle making his two horses run off back to the ranch. When they arrived at the ranch he carried the boy into his home where his daughter Millia sat at the table eating some soup. She looked over to Deobia and ran to him with a smile on her face as she hugged him yelling in joy, "Daddy!" She then looked over to the boy he was carrying and asked him letting go and tilting her head a little, "Who is that with you?" "I don't know. I found him in the fields running from a pack of wolves," Deobia answered. Millia giggled as Deobia set the small boy down on the ground. Millia walked closer to him and held a hand out a bit nervous as she asked the boy, "Hi there, what is your name?" The young boy just looked to the ground and was silent, but Deobia knelt beside him and told him in a soft and gentle voice, "Do not be afraid, we are all family here. Now son, what is your name?" The boy looked up hesitantly and told them his name was Link. Deobia smiled and stood, but his attention was drawn to the question of why Link was out in the field. "Link, where is your family? I can take you home tomorrow if you'd like," Deobia offered but Link just looked to the ground again and shook his head with a tear forming in his eye. "Hm... I see... Well then you can stay with us," Deobia said as Millia jumped in joy and hugged Link. "Yeah, you could be the brother I never had!" She added shouting in excitement as Link just blushed a little at Deobia's offer. He thought for a minute and nodded with a smile on his face as joy filled his eyes.

Gigorax rubbed his chin sitting on a rock as Link stood in front of him finishing his tale. He then got up and looked to Link placing a hand onto his shoulder and smiled as he asked him, "So she isn't your real sister but she is family to you?" Link nodded as Gigorax asked again, "What has become of Deobia? I noticed there was no man there." Link looked to the ground and told him that the man that was killed at the castle was Deobia. Gigorax looked to him and said, "It makes sense now... Originally you were out for vengeance, but answer me this. What is your motive now?" Link continued to look to the ground as he thought deeply not knowing anymore what his motive was. Gigorax turned his back to him and told him with his head slightly turned, "I do have one thing to say. If you wish to defeat Paradorax, you will need your journey to mean more than vengeance to you." Link's head quickly shot up at Gigorax's words of wisdom as he walked away. Link followed him pondering on what he asked him.

As Link and Gigorax approach a castle-shaped shadow in the distance Gigorax held his arm in front of Link drawing his buster blade preparing for an ambush. "Link, be on your guard," He warned Link as Link as well drew his sword and shield. From the shadows the knights they saw from earlier marched towards them with their blades raised. They ran towards the two as they engaged into combat. Gigorax swung with his giant blade fighting four of the knights on his own as Link skillfully used his sword and items in unison. A knight was about to deliver a blow to Links head, but Gigorax caught its blade as it swung back, threw the knight with its sword onto the ground, and stabbed it in the chest. He looks back to Link as he gave Gigorax a look that said, "Thank you." Gigorax smiled as they looked ahead and saw more knights heading their way. Link quickly pulled a bomb out, strapped it to an arrow head, and fired it into the crowd of Paradorax's knights. "Now that's using your head!" Gigorax shouted giving him a thumb up for his creative display of attack, but Gigorax was then tackled by a group of the mighty knights. He tried to throw them off but with their combined weight he was helpless. Link tried to pull them off of him but a knight came from behind, grabbed him, and dragged him away from Gigorax. From the distance he saw a figure covered in light cloth armor that was built for easy movement and quick agility. The figure jumped high into the dark sky and delivered a drop kick onto the knight that had Link, caving in its helmet. The knight dropped Link as the figure walked up to him to help him up revealing more detail of the male-like figure. It had red colored eyes and blonde hair that was dangling out of his bandage head gear that covered his head only revealing his eyes. He wore a black and purple suit that looked to be one of a ninja with a cloth scarf hanging from around his neck. From the pile Gigorax struggled to get up but a sudden burst of strength went through his body as he threw all the knights off. From his back spikes busted out of his armor as his eyes were bloodshot. He saw Link and the man and ran at the ninja with his buster blade in hand. The ninja quickly moved out of the way and drew his kunai which looked to have paper tied to them. Upon contacted they blew up, but from the smoke of the explosions Gigorax rolled out at great speed and landed a powerful blow to the man. The ninja spun onto his feet and dashed at the Goron that stood before him. Gigorax attempted to swing his blade at him but he jumped into the air not only dodging the sword but landing on the blade. He delivers a powerful kick to Gigorax's face making him fly backwards. Gigorax instead of landing on his back landed on his feet and fist and rolled up again into a ball. He dashed at the ninja as he dashed as well blocking attack as well as his attacks being blocked. With a powerful hit from Gigorax's fist and the man's leg, it made both of them slide a good distance away from each other. They dashed as each other again, but Link ran between them and held his arms with his hands spread out. Gigorax stopped and unrolled as the man stopped as well.

Link explained to Gigorax the events that took place before he broke out of the knight pile. Gigorax blushed embarrassed of his mistake, walked to the ninja and offered his hand in forgiveness. "Sorry for starting a fight with you. It's just you looked like one of them," Gigorax apologized as the man nodded and shook his hand excepting his apology. "It's quite alright. I do have to say you both are quite the fighters to have been able to handle that many knights," the man complimented Link and Gigorax in a somewhat deep assertive voice. Link walked to him and bowed in respect for his savior, and asked for his name. "I am known as Sheik, Shadow of the Unfortunate," He answered. Link stood and shook his hand as Gigorax asked Sheik a bit suspicious, "What is your purpose in being in the Dark Realm?" Sheik looked to Gigorax and answered in a serious tone of voice, "I am here to study the ruler of this realm, Paradorax." Link asked him if he saw a young woman that was taken from their realm into the Dark Realm. Sheik nodded and pointed towards the castle in the distance as he added, "Yes, I saw Paradorax carrying a young lady into his castle, but be warned. That castle has a very high guard within its walls." Link looked to the castle determined to find Millia, but Sheik caught his attention and offered, "If you wish I can lead you through the castle through secret ways I have found during my studies." Link nodded and thanked him as Sheik took lead with Link following him. Gigorax hesitated to follow but he chose the follow them.

Sheik, Link, and Gigorax silently move through the secret passages as Link could hear the knight above them marching very loudly. They continued to sneak through the castle passage until they came to a storm drain looking window way. Sheik looked through the drain system to see if the area was safe to come out, but he spotted two knights were guarding a cell where he heard weeping. He silently picked up a pebble and through it through the drain which drew the knights' attention from the drain. He took this chance to open the passage, telling Link to close it behind him by pressing the same button, and quickly hid into the shadows on the ceiling using a sticky substance on his hands. The knights return to their post to guard their prisoners, but Sheik dropped from the ceiling and silently and quickly assassinating them. He quietly yelled to Link and Gigorax, "Its all clear to come out!" Link pressed the button on the wall beside him opening the secret exit from the passage as they both rushed out and ran up to Sheik and the cell beside him. The weeping prisoner looked up revealing it was Millia and saw it was Link, Gigorax, and a mysterious male figure. Link smiled and ran to Millia happy to see her, but Gigorax walked to the cage and softly pushed Link aside as he said adding a grin, "Stand back, this is a job for a Goron." Gigorax took the thick bars in his grasp and pulled the bars horizontally. The bars easily bent from the Goron's incredible strength creating a way for Millia to escape from the dungeon cell. Millia slowly stepped out with dirt covering her clothes and skin, and when she was out of the cell she then ran to Link and hugged him tight. Sheik smiled under his mask but then heard footsteps coming towards them. "We need to get out of here! More knights are on their way," He shouted running of as the three others ran after him following him through the castle.

As they ran through the castle they entered into a large which looked to be a throne room, but as they all stepped forward the door behind them shut tight. They then heard laughter from behind them and when they turned around and saw it was Paradorax clapping with a huge wicked grin across his face. "Well done, Link. I must say that you are one of the mightier warriors that have been through the Dark Realm, but you are a fool. You fell right into my trap," he said as he held his hand out and blasted a dark energy ball at them, but Gigorax jumped in front of them, curled up, and protected them from the blast. He uncurled and drew his blade looking at him with intensity in his eyes, but suddenly he dashed at him with full force and swung his blade. Paradorax grabbed the blade, chuckled, and punched him hard in the gut making Gigorax fly into a wall. Link was about to draw his blade to help him, but Sheik said holding his arm preventing him from drawing his blade, "We must find a way out of here. Gigorax is buying us time to find a way. Don't worry, he can handle himself." Link looked to him awkwardly, but hesitantly nodded looking back to Gigorax and then running off to find an escape way in the room. Paradorax saw him running with Millia and Sheik and attempted to stop them, but Gigorax grabbed him from behind and throw him away from them. He ran at him picking up his blade on the way there and swung with a mighty force. Paradorax saw the blade coming and summoned a blade into his hand and blocked the blow but the force of the swing made him slide a few feet away from Gigorax. He looked up revealing a grin as he laughed running at him continuing the battle. Link, Millia, and Sheik were still trying to find the way out, but Link spotted a green ball of energy in the distance. He ran and followed the ball through the throne room until he came to the throne of Paradorax. He examined the throne closely and spotted a button on the arm, so he pressed it and a purple laser fired from the head of the throne that created the portal that lead them out of the Dark Realm. Link called out the Millia and Sheik, but Paradorax heard him as well while he was still battling Gigorax. He pushed him out of the way dashing at them as they ran towards the portal, but Gigorax rolled at him and hit him making him fall. He then put his weight on him holding him down as Link stopped and looked to Gigorax holding Paradorax the best of his abilities. He shouted to Link starting to lose grip on Paradorax, "Link, just go without me! I will be fine; you must find and obtain the Master Sword!" Link shook his head but Sheik grabbed him by his collar and ran off into the portal with Millia following close behind them. "Be safe..." Gigorax said to himself as Paradorax released himself from his grasp as he tied him down to the floor with dark energy and pointed his sword to Gigorax's throat. He then pulled it away and snapped his fingers twice as a couple of his knight entered the room. "Take this ignorant Goron to his cells, we are going to need him later." The knight nod and carried the weakened Goron away as Paradorax looks out a window opening that had a view of the entire Realm with a grin on his face. "You are more of an adversary than I originally thought," he said to himself as he yelled, "Hexox!" A figure hidden by the shadows responded with a deep and scratchy voice, "Yes my Lord?" "Follow them into the other Realm and stop them from retrieving the Master Sword," Paradorax ordered not even looking at Hexox as he responded, "As you wish, Sire." The clinging and clanking of armor was heard from the darkness as Hexox left to do the assigned duty.

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