The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 9: The Astronomical Gift

In the deep woods of Forest Haven, a portal appears as Link, Sheik, and Millia fly out of it landing on the thick grass covered ground. Link quickly gets up and runs at the portal and jumps at it trying to return to the Dark Realm, but it closed before he could. Link landed on the ground as he got up slowly and punched the ground in anger as tears start to form in his eyes. Millia walked to him and kneeled beside him trying to comfort him, but Link pushed her away. "Link…" Millia said just staring at him with her hands folded in front of her chest. Sheik placed a hand on her shoulder and Millia looked to him as he said to her, "Leave him be, he must confront this situation on his own. I am aware that you are trying to help but he must get through this by himself." Millia looked away into the cloud covered sky and said calmly but with sorrow, "It's going to rain soon, we must find shelter." "I could help you out," a voice responded as Sheik and Millia looked around to find the owner of the voice. Millia looked up into the trees and saw a Korok standing on a branch. It jumped down and pulled out a propeller like twig and gently fell to the ground in front of them. "W-what is that thing?!" Millia yelled as she hid behind Sheik as he laughed and answered, "This is a Korok; these little guys are helpers of the Great Deku Tree." The Korok looked to the side and saw Link on the ground in a sorrowful gaze in his eyes, so he ran to him and shook him from his side. "Link? Link, its me Jaka!" the small wooden figure shouted to Link, but he didn't respond. Sheik looked to him then to Jaka as he asked him, "Jaka, was it? Is there a village nearby where we can stay the night?" Jaka looked to him and nodded and then looked back to Link again replying, "Yes there is and I will be more than happy to guide you there, anything for the friends of the hero who saved the Great Deku Tree." He gave them the motion to follow him, but Link didn't follow. Millia looked back and calmly said, "Link, come on." Sheik put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head and added, "He needs to deal with this himself." Millia looked to the ground and nodded as she continued to follow Jaka.
Jaka lead them to his village where they saw The Great Deku Tree in the middle of the village. "Jaka, who are these people who follow you?" The Deku Tree asked and Jaka responded, "These are friends of Link." The Deku Tree looked to them and nodded and said with a warm welcome, "Greeting to you both, but where is Link?" Sheik stepped forward and told him with all the Koroks present about the events that took place in the Dark Realm. "I see… I pray for him the best of luck dealing with such a loss," The Deku Tree said with a bit of sorrow in his voice and continued, "You may rest here for the night." Sheik nodded as him and Millia went to find a place to rest to rest until morning.

Within the deep forest, Link was knelt on the ground with tears falling onto the ground soaking the grass with tears of regret and sadness. He goes into deep thought remembering the times with Gigorax he had before his sacrifice as the thought of regret entered into his mind. Thinking if he never went to the party in the first place he would have never went on this journey in the first place. Even if "destiny" found him he regretted chasing after Paradorax to save Millia. He thought to himself if he didn't do such a rash and mindless act, then Gigorax would not be trapped in the Dark Realm. He bent down further feeling the sadness consume him from within his heart. From above him a green light shined upon as a green ball of light floated over him with its comforting light. "Link..." the ball of light said in a very mystical and enchanting voice as he lifted his head to see this ball of light that has come to his aid. "Link...You have suffered a terrible loss on your journey... but it does not mean it is over... you were chosen for a reason... You must find the true courage inside yourself if you wish to save your loved one..." the ball of light preached as Link told it that it was his fault for Gigorax being trapped in the Dark Realm and for Deobia's death. "Young hero, Deobia died saving you... He wanted you to live so you could fore fill your destiny...and Gigorax saved you for the same reason... They both knew that you were important in saving this world from doom..." it preached once more trying to comfort Link. Link asked why it couldn't be someone else as the ball of green light floated closer to him and answered, "Because the Goddesses chose you for such a task... You are the only one that can stop Paradorax..." Link looked to the ground once more gripping the grass tight within his fist and slowly gets up feeling his soul rejuvenated with confidence and hope. He looks to where the ball of light was but it was gone. Still a bit puzzled he ran towards the Forest Haven village.

The morning peaked through the woods shining upon the village where Sheik and Millia slept the night as every other forest life woke to the sun's light. From the forest Link walked out strongly walking towards where his friends were sleeping. He lightly shook Millia's shoulder as she awoken very slow and steady. "Link... You're finally back," Millia said smiling and hugging him. Link softly pushed her away and got his violin out smiling asking her to sing that song she sing every morning. "U-um of course!" she answered shocked by his question. She began the lovely melody as Link accompanied her in your lovely melody. As they finished Millia's stare went blank as she fainted as well as Link.

Link woke up floating in the beautiful blue sky with Millia standing looking up to the sun. The sun slowly descended as she grabbed it softly. She closed her hands with the sun inside and glowed a golden color. A tiara similar to Lolasia's appeared on her head but this one had a sun insignia on the tallest spire. She looked to Link and smiled as she walked to him. "Link...I know who I truly am now... I am the guardian on the Solar Temple..." she said with a tear going down her cheek helping Link up with her gentle hand. "Let us return to the Relic Ruins...My brother," Millia said with Link smiling as they return to Forest Haven to gather Sheik and return to the Relic Ruins.

Link woke up with Millia standing in front of him with a smile on her face. He looked to her head and saw the tiara was still there just like Lolasia. She offered to help him up, Link took her hand, and got up onto his feet. Sheik walked up from behind and nodded to Link as he said, "Shall we get going? It is a long way to the Relic Ruins." Link nodded and took Millia's hand tugging her lightly towards the exit of the forest with Sheik closely following. Link, Millia, and Sheik exited the forest as Link took his violin out and played Epona's favorite song and from the horizon Epona galloped towards the Forest Haven. Epona stopped in front of Link letting him pet her mane and then he climbed on helping Millia onto Epona, but he then looked to Sheik and asked if he needed a ride. He shook his head and whistled into his fingers as a white stallion with a black mane galloped from the direction of the Hyrule Town. "This is a horse that was given to me by the king of Hyrule before he..." Sheik said going silent looking to the ground. Link placed a hand on him smiling from his horse as he smiled back. Sheik climbed onto his horse and they both rode off into the northwestern horizon.

They arrived at the Relic Ruins, stopped in front of the Solar Temple entrance, and climbed off of their mounts. They looked towards the temple as Link helped Millia off Epona with an upset look upon his face. Sheik nodded to him and walked in first as Link and Millia followed close behind.

Link, Millia, and Sheik entered into the temple with everything still in tacked unlike the Lunar Temple when him and Gigorax returned with Lolasia. They walked forward towards the alter and when they got close enough a yellow beam of light shot up awaiting Millia to enter it. She slowly stepped forward standing in the center as Link followed her in with his violin out and ready. She nodded to Link and smiled and he began to play the Sun's Prelude with her singing it word for word in her beautiful voice. The room glowed into a golden yellow light with the beam of light beaming upward hitting the crystal. Golden fire was then released and hit the floor surrounding Millia and Link with the symbol on the floor glowing as well. She began to float upward with the golden light engulfing her as she continued to sing the lovely melody. Within a few minutes the light revealed her true form with her wearing a golden yellow dress with the sun symbol on her face. She gently flouted down to the floor with her eyes closed and her facial symbol glowing a golden color. He opened her eyes and smiled to Link saying in a gentle voice, "Well...This must be where we say goodbye..." Link nodded with a tear forming in his eyes as Millia gave him a hug starting to cry on his shoulder. "Link... Please promise me that you will not forget me and... you avenge our father, okay?" Millia asked still holding onto Link as he nodded promising Millia. She then pushed him away softly and smiled with tears running down her face and slowly disappeared into the Divine Realm. "I will watch over you and protect you the best I can on your journey," she said as Link looked up to her with a smile on his face but a tear falling down it as well. She finally disappeared leaving the temple a golden yellow color. Sheik came up from behind him and said looking at the back of Link's head, "We must leave now. It's time to see the fruit of your success." Link turned around wiping the tears away from his face and nods as they both walk out of the Solar Temple.

Link and Sheik ran out of the temple looking up to the Central Tower as a beam of golden light jetted out of the Solar Temple and a silver light beamed out of the Lunar Temple. Both beams of light collided at he top of the Central Tower, and the from the top of the tower a beam of pure light struck the ground with great force leaving a crater in the ground leaving behind two pairs of gauntlets. The one of the left was silver and had the moon symbol on the wrist part while the second one of the right was gold and had the sun symbol in the same area. Sheik looked to them in awe as he looked to Link and said to him, "Link, do you know what those are? Those are the legendary Gauntlets of the Sun and Moon! The Sun Gauntlet gives the wearer the fire capabilities in melee and ranged attacks while the Moon Gauntlet gives the wearer the ice capabilities in melee and ranged attacks." Link walked to the crater and picked them up looking at them, but then his attention was drawn to the Central Tower as he saw writing being displayed on the outer wall of the tower. Link read it out loud.

"Well done Link, you have successfully passed our test and grant you with our mightiest weapon. It is time for you to take the Master Sword in hand and defeat the threat at hand. The location shall be revealed when the three orbs of the goddesses are placed in the tower that surpasses the clouds."

Link took a look at the tower and saw three holes that were about the same size as the orbs he collected on his journey. He took out the three orbs and placed them in each of the individual holes and when he was done the orbs glowed their color and the tower lite up with the three colors of the goddesses. At the top of the tower the three colors fused and shot a beam of rainbow light towards the southeast. Link looked to the direction of the light and ran to his horse with Sheik following close behind him. They both mounted onto their horses and road towards the southeast following the rainbow light.

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