Living a romance

Chapter nine


The wind blew across my face and spun my hair into a furious twirl.

I had been surprised at the discovery of the wolves and curiosity bubbled inside me, threatening to burst. I am a very wise creature, but I can also be a very curious person.

I went towards the border I was informed of by Carlisle’s mind. Immediately, I sensed a soul resting in the dark.

The person propelled from its place as soon as I set one foot over the border. I saw him fly towards me, probably faster than vampires, yet not quite as fast as me.

Er… let me refresh that. I didn’t see a person flying towards me, it looked more like a bear.

I jumped to meet him halfway through the air, grabbing his throat and crashing him to a tree with exaggerating force. The tree groaned and squeaked at my harassment.

I cocked my head to the side as I studied the dog-like bear. He had a russet brown fur and large dark brown eyes. He was growling warningly. I intruded his thoughts and got overwhelmed at the amounts of thoughts that were running through his head.

Problems at the Western side.

Hold on. We’ll be there soon.

What is it anyway?

Jake? Why do I see a girl holding you?

It’s a vamp.

The differences in the voices made me realize, it weren’t his thoughts alone. He was hearing the thoughts of his pack.

“Are you Jake?” I asked.

The growling stopped abruptly. How does she know my name?

“Jake, I’m going to release you now. I’m not here to hurt you, but if you attack me again, you will suffer the consequences.”

Can you read my thoughts?

“Yes, but I need you to confirm what I told you.”

I won’t attack you.

But we will.

Shut up, Paul.

I smiled and released him. He backed off immediately.

“I take it your pack mates are coming here? I need to talk to all of you.”


Dude, why are you befriending with the enemy?

Jake, keep your position. We’re trapping her from the back.

I rolled my eyes. “What do you dogs do not understand of the word ‘talk’?”

Jake growled. I heard another angry growl from behind me. I held my hands up in defeat. “I swear I’m not here to fight. But you will need to let me explain.”

Talk, leech.

Calm down, Paul. Let her speak.

“Thank you, Sam Uley. And please do not call me a leech. I am not a vampire. That’s quite insulting.”

But you have red eyes.

“Listen, there are other creatures out there. Creatures like me. It’s just a coincidence that my eye colour are the same as vampires. The red symbolizes love. I’m an offspring of Eros, God of love.”

So what? You’re like, an angel, or something?

I chuckled. “Or something. We’re called Ethers, and we are created to take over the tasks of our ancestors. My name is Marydith, but I go by Bella, if you don’t mind.”

Why are you here, Bella?

“The Cullens, my partner and I found a series of bodies, murdered by vampires. Carlisle told me you were watching the border 24/7, so I thought maybe you had seen any other vampires?”

I saw Sam Uley look around his pack, before he stepped out of sight. In less than a minute a tanned boy in blue jeans appeared from behind a tree. “I thought we could talk a little more comfortably.” He offered his hand to me. “As you knew, I’m Sam Uley.”

“Isabella Swan,” I said with a smile and took his hand. “I hope you can trust me enough with the information you have.”

He nodded. “I trust you. You don’t smell like vampires. Well, I can’t smell you at all. And you seem trustworthy.” A few wolves growled, but he lifted his hand. “A few weeks ago we came across three unfamiliar vampires. Two males, one female. We caught them amidst a hunt and they seem to keep coming back.”

“Can you show me? Just think about them. I’d like to know how they look.”

Sam nodded and I looked into his head as he thought about the three nomad vampires. The woman had fury red hair, one male was pale with a long, blonde ponytail and the last male had a tanned skin with black dreadlocks.

“Thank you,” I said. “I will keep my eye out and try to find them.”

“You’re welcome. And I’d like to give you permission to enter our area, whenever you feel the need to.”

I nodded. “Thank you. I’d like to talk to Leah for a second, if you don’t mind of course.”

He frowned, but turned anyway to a greyish wolf, who stepped forward.

Do I need to phase?

“No, that won’t be necessary. In the few seconds I was in Sam’s head, I couldn’t help but notice your crush on him.”

She tensed. Where is this headed?

“I only want to help you. If you go to La Push tomorrow at 3 p.m., alone, you will understand everything, I promise.”

You’re not going to tell me why, are you?

I shook my head with a smile, before turning back to Sam. “We will meet again, I’m sure of that.”

“It was nice meeting you,” Sam answered.

“The feeling is mutual,” I said, before turning to disappear into the dark shadows of the forest.

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