Living a romance

Chapter ten

My sleeping rhythm worsened.

The meadow was shaking, trying to tear me apart with everything it had. I was jumping and running for my life.

Lauren and Taylor had already left the meadow, so I didn’t need to be concerned about their lives.

Only my own.

Suddenly, the rumbling ground stilled and the storming stopped. I frowned, looking up to see the sky clear up.

“What the fuck?” I mumbled to myself.

A movement in the corner of my eye made me look up. My eyes widened as I saw Edward standing there, just looking around my meadow, as if he had known it since ages. He went to lay down in the grass, folding his arms behind his head and closing his eyes in pure relaxation.

“Edward?” I asked.

He didn’t move at all. Couldn’t he hear me?

“Edward!” I said a little louder.

Still no response.

I walked towards him, reaching for his shoulder, but my hand went straight through his body, as if I wasn’t real.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t he be unreal in my world?

I sat down beside him, just watching the calmness on his face as he listened to the nature.

I was confused. How did he enter my meadow? And why isn’t it try to kill us both?

Could he be…

No. I cut that thought off abruptly. He couldn’t be.

He opened his eyes, suddenly as if hearing something. His eyes seem to darken, as if he was smelling blood.

He leapt up and I followed his movements, wanting to know where he was going. He walked away, into the trees. I followed him, but in the forest he vanished into the air.

I heard a crack besides me and with one move, I jumped aside, just in time when a tree crashed down on the place I’d been standing. The earth started grumbling again and it started to storm again.

With a crash of thunder, I forced myself to wake up.

I was sitting in my bed, thinking about what had happened. I looked at my alarm clock and groaned. 3.12. And no way in hell I was going to be able to sleep again.


I sighed as I rolled my pencil nosily over my desk. I was terribly bored.

A sudden crash against my table made me look besides me irritatingly, at Edward. “What?”

“Could you stop that? You’re making me nervous.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m sorry, your majesty.”

He frowned. “What’s up with you lately? The first time I met you, you were all smiling and terribly happy. What happened?”

I rubbed my eyes. “I’m sorry. I’ve been sleeping really odd these days.”

“I thought Carlisle mentioned something about that you didn’t need to sleep.”

“Technically, I don’t need sleep. It doesn’t influence my physical energy. But it does make me…” I searched for the right word.


I chuckled. “You could call it that, yes.”

“But you fixed Lauren Mallory and Tyler Crowley.”

I smiled as I remembered our lunch and the lovely couple. “Yes, I did a good job, didn’t I?”

He rolled his eyes. “Don’t praise yourself to much.”

I chuckled. A memory of lunch came to my mind.

“Damn, I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!” Angela chuckled. She was such a sweet girl, but still very shy.

My sensitive ears picked up a low chuckle from across the room. I turned slightly to meet Emmet’s sparkling eyes.

“What does Emmett have with horses?” I asked.

He huffed. “He doesn’t like horse. I thought it wasn’t that bad.”

I gaped at him. “Seriously?”

“What?” he asked.

I let out a laugh. “Horse?” I chuckled.

“Yeah. We were in Texas and they were the largest animals around.”

I laughed. “Oh my God, that’s hilarious.”

“Emmett always jumped on their backs. Screaming ‘yeehaa’, but of course the poor animals would collapse under his weight.”

That made me laugh even harder. “I would love to see him in a cowboy suit.”

Edward chuckled with me.

“Ms Swan, Mr Cullen, would you like to share the joke with the class?”

I looked up at Mr Banner with an innocent look on my face. “I’m sorry, Mr Banner. We were just talking about…”

“…horses?” Edward chuckled.

“Horses?” Mr Banner asked.

“Er, yes, Mr Banner, horses.” I bit my lower lip to supress a smile.

Mr Banner narrowed his eyes, but continued his lesson anyway. I let out a small chuckle as Edward’s shoulders shook with silent laughter.

Edward was a nice young man. He didn’t deserve to live without love. So I made myself a small promise to make his life as easy as I could, for as long as I was here.

For as long as I was able to.

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