Living a romance

Chapter fifteen

The wind hit me square in the face as I ran. I heard Edward’s steps behind me as he followed me through the forest. I was in full blown panic as I ran. Iraz was like a brother to me. I couldn’t have anything happen to him.

We reached the small clearing I saw in my vision. The vampire was there holding Iraz up by his neck. I tackled the vampire to the ground, making him release Iraz and pinning him to the ground. Edward was immediately behind me.

“You made a very big mistake by coming here, leech,” I hissed in anger. Then I noticed it was not the vampire with the light brown hair from my vision, but he had an olive-like skin and black dreadlocks. “Where is your leader?” I asked in confusion.

A sudden movement to my left made me look up. My distraction was long enough for the dark-skinned vampire to launch me into the air. I hit a tree and groaned. There was some pain, but I recovered quickly. I looked up and gasped.

The situation couldn’t have gotten any worse.

Edward was in a headlock, held tightly by a woman with red hair. The dark-skinned man was holding Iraz by his neck.

“One wrong move and they’re both dead.”

I swirled to my left and watched the man from my vision walk into the small clearing. His dark smile gave me the shivers as if he knew something.

He knew something.

“Hello, Marydith. It is Marydith, right?” he spoke.

Well, that was quite the beginning.

Iraz gasped. “He knows,” he rasped hoarsely.

I rolled my eyes at him and looked at the man again. I quickly looked into his mind and found his own name. “Hello, James.”

His smile widened. “A mind reader, isn’t that brilliant? And what is your friend? He is able to change appearances.”

“Let him go.”

“I don’t even think about it,” he said. “You know, back in the 1960s I found this man. He smelled delicious and his scent invited me in like no other ever had. And then, when I almost had him, he grabbed me and forced me away. Never had I felt so much strength.” He walked slowly towards me. “Then, when I follow him around a bit, I discovered that he wasn’t as human as I thought he was.” He looked at me. “What are you?”

“How are you so sure that I am like that man?”

“Because I smelled you. Even though I don’t smell your blood right now, I still have the memory of your scent fresh in my mind.”

“At the hospital.”

“Yes. And it was far better than that man back in the 1960s.”

“I know what you want!” Iraz shouted. “You’re not getting it!”

“Iraz, hush,” I said. I turned to James. “What do I need to do to get you to release both of them?”

“What would you do to get me to release both of them?”

I frowned and looked at Iraz and Edward with a pained expression. “Anything,” I whispered.

“Anything?” James grinned at that. “Really anything?”

“No, Bella,” Edward hissed.

“Anything. I’d go with you willingly, if you’d assure me of their freedom.”

“Very well then. We have a deal.” James smiled approvingly and held up his hand. “They will be released as soon as we are gone.”

I looked at both of them, one more time and they both looked furious. I smiled as I thought about the fact that they could be good friends.

I looked back at James, but didn’t take his hand. “Just lead the way, leech.”

He grimaced, but began running nonetheless, away from Iraz.

Away from Edward.

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