Living a romance

Chapter sixteen

All the way while I was following the leech, I was thinking about how I left him. He deserved answers. I would make sure that the three leeches had paid for endangering them, before talking to him. They did not know about my abilities.

Not yet.

I followed the nomad, noticing that he was headed towards Quileute grounds. A small smile played on my lips as I followed him. Let’s make the company a party.

I send out a telepathic message. Sam Uley, do you hear me? This is Marydith.

Yes, I hear you, Marydith. Is there something you needed?

I could really use your help. I’m headed towards your area with the three nomads from the northeast. I’m with them as a hostage.

We’re coming.

Thank you.

“Keep up,” I heard the woman said as she passed me to run besides James. Victoria, I remembered.

We see you. Did you have a plan?

Take down the dark guy without making any noise, please.

In fact, I heard them take him down, but if you weren’t focused on it, you would have missed it. As soon as there was no noise anymore, I asked nonchalantly; “Where’s the black guy?”

Both of them stopped their run, looking behind us. “He was following me,” Victoria said.

James sighed. “Stay here, I’ll go look.” He disappeared.

“Don’t move,” Victoria said to me.

I held up my hands, smiling. “I won’t do anything. But there are other creatures who don’t agree with me.”

“What are you talking about?”

I smiled. “You’ll see. Bye.” I waved at her, grinning wickedly as I saw her being taken down by a wolf.

“Thanks again, Sam Uley,” I said.

Should we follow the last leech?

“Oh no,” I said. “He’s mine. Go take care of the bodies.”


“Victoria? Where are you?”

I looked down at James, grinning darkly. I was sitting in a tree, high above him, just watching him.

As I watched him I silently called for Artemis’ powers, goddess of the hunt, but also the wilderness. I helped the trees strengthen themselves and come alive, by letting my fingers brush against the bark of the tree I was sitting in.

I showed it faces, many faces of the victims James had killed. It got angered by the images I showed it and showed its willingness to help me.

Wait, I told it with my mind. Do you trust me?

It answered instantly, showing me its confidence in me.

Now, don’t be afraid. I will protect you, no matter what.

At that I let the power of Hephaestus run through me. I felt my body warm up as the power of fire filled my body. I let it join with the trees, without letting it burn their wood. James seemed more than surprised; he was looking around in panic, not seeing an escape route.

Within seconds all trees around me were on fire, except for the tree I was sitting in.

“You should have known better, James,” I said. He looked up at me. “You even met an Ether before. And yet you make the same mistake as the first time.” I let myself drop from the tree. As soon as I lost contact with the tree, fire whipped through the branch and covering it in a blaze. “But I won’t be as merciful.”

“I thought you were a mind reader,” he frowned, his eyes still shifting around.

“Do you know what I am?” I asked him.

“Some kind of wizard, I guess.”

I chuckled without humour. “No. I’m an Ether, an offspring from a God. You have different Gods. Like Nyx or Iris.”

“And whose powers do you own?”

I smiled. “Artemis. Hephaestus. Dionysus. Athena.” I put my hand against the tree, feeling the warmth of the fire, but of course it didn’t burn me. “I’m an offspring of Eros, but I own all powers of Athens.”

At that, burning tree branches reached for him. They grabbed his wrists and he screamed in pain. I met his eyes again. “You picked the wrong Ether.”

I turned around as more branches covered him, listening to his scream until it died down. A shiver went down my back as I listened to the shrill sound.

I let clouds cover the sky above the forest by using Zeus’ gifts, before I let the skies open up. A shower of rain fell down onto me, extinguishing the fire. I touched the tree again, showing it my gratitude. It send me back a similar message.

I looked up at the sky, letting it clear up again.

It was time to wake up again.

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