Living a romance

Chapter eighteen

“That is so awesome!” Emmett shouted as I finished telling the story.

“Wait, I don’t understand,” Edward interrupted Emmett’s outburst. “How did you call the wolves again? With your mind?”

I nodded. “I just project my thoughts into their head, as though it was a thought of their own. The help wasn’t needed, but totally welcome.” I frowned. “Which reminds me, I still have to thank them.”

Iraz rolled his eyes at me. “You are so absurd sometimes.”

“I’m just grateful, is something wrong about that?” I sighed, standing up. “I also need to go to the hospital tonight. I want to check on Jessica and Mike.”

“Don’t forget about our shopping trip next Saturday,” Alice grinned evilly.

I groaned, before walking through the kitchen, out the back door.


It was very dark outside and the light of a large fire lead me towards the beach of La Push. I waited in the shadows of the trees as I heard Paul tell a horror story. I grinned evilly as he continued.

“…The old man walked carefully across the lady's back and reached the other side. Then the woman let go and PING went right back to the other side. She returned to her house.
Just then the skeleton lady arrived at the gorge. ‘I will get you my husband. I will eat you. I want Meat!’ She banged on the door of the house. ‘Yes. Can I help you?’
‘You are too skinny to eat. You will help me cross the gorge.’
‘Very well I will help you but first you must bring me a drink of water.’
‘Help me now or I'll eat you anyway.’
‘Okay, Okay.’
With that the woman stood on the side of the gorge and stamped her feet into the ground. She stretched across and grabbed onto the tree. The old woman began to run across.
‘I want meat. I will eat you.’ When she was halfway across the woman let go and PING went back to the start.
‘I want meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....’

I grinned wider, before letting my red eyes glow in the dark. “I want meaaaaaaaaat!” I said in a loud, cracking voice while wobbling towards the boys.

Leah screamed, but that wasn’t why I burst into laughter right after I said it. Quil, Seth and Jared all screamed, much like Leah, all high-pitched and girly, making me fall forwards in laughter. Jacob and Sam actually laughed with me.

After we calmed down a bit, Sam motioned me to come sit beside him. I sat down on the log and he introduced me to the pack. There were seven of them; Sam, Quil, Embry, Paul, Jared, Leah and Seth. I smiled as I saw Jacob and Embry sitting next to each other. There was some kind of bond between them, but I didn’t analyse it at first, since I already knew.

“You here to tell us some better horror stories, Bella?” Jacob asked.

“Not really. Just here to thank you for helping me with those nomads.”

“No problem, we like to kick some bloodsucker ass!” Embry said.

Sam shook his head beside me, before looking at me. “Really. No problem at all.”

“And I really want to thank you, Bella,” Leah said. “Thanks to you I imprinted on Zack.”

I frowned. “Imprinted? What’s that supposed to be?”

“You don’t know?” Paul asked. “A semi-goddess of love and she doesn’t know what imprinting is?”

“Imprinting is involuntary,” Sam began. “It is a mechanism by which we find our soul-mates. When we imprint on a specific person, we become unconditionally bound to that person for the rest of our lives. It happens the first time we see the human object of our imprinting.”

My eyes widened and my eyes were immediately drawn to Jacob and Embry. That’s the first time I saw it.

It was no love bond I saw between them. It was a friendship bond.

I jumped up, walking towards the ocean, turning my back to them. My hands shot into my hair as my head started to ache with the disturbing thoughts that run through them. What was wrong with me? Why were my powers telling me the wrong things?

“Bella? What’s up?” Sam asked as I heard him step towards me.

I turned to him, meeting his eyes with my huge ones. “I was… wrong?”


“I don’t understand Mary. What do you mean by your gift is abandoning you?”

I was pacing in the living room as Iraz watched me from the couch. “Exactly that! My gift told me Jacob’s mate was Embry, but it turns out the only bond I can see from Jacob, is the friendship between him and Embry. And I can’t see Edward’s mate!” I let myself drop to the ground, holding my face in my hands. “I’m losing it, Iraz. I am.”

Iraz sighed and went to me, kneeling in front of me. “The Gods didn’t make you the most powerful for nothing, Marydith.” He took my hands from my face. “But you can’t always be right. Maybe this means something.”

“But what?” I asked him in despair.

“How can you expect me to know that? You have to find out on your own.”

I rolled my eyes, before standing. “Whatever you say, Iraz. I’m going to the hospital now. Don’t wait for me.”

“Do I ever?” he chuckled as I walked out.

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