Living a romance

Chapter twenty-six

The end of the day came far too quickly and I knew Edward was a nervous wreck. He had me all wrapped up in his arms, while we were seated in the Cullen’s living room.

“So the wolves are joining us but will stay hidden until they’re needed, Iraz will stay close to us and you’ll be taking the front line?” Carlisle asked.

I nodded. “That’s about it.”

“I want to be front line with you,” Edward said while his chin rested on my shoulder.

I turned my head slightly. “Remember what I thought this afternoon?” I asked him. “You are my only weakness. They are not allowed to know that.”

He rested his forehead against my shoulder, sighing. “I want to be there with you.”

I placed my right hand in his hair, burying my fingers in it. “You’ll be there with me. Of course you will. You’ll be the only thing I’ll think about.”

He inhaled deeply and pressed his lips against my shoulder. “Thank you.”

I’m so happy they found each other. They are adorable. I heard Esme sigh in her thoughts.


This is boring.

Paul, could you please just shut up. They’re not here yet.

It wouldn’t hurt for them to hurry up.

I sighed deeply. “They’ll arrive at the third crash of thunder, Paul,” I said into the wolves’ direction. “Keep hanging on.”

Soon the sky started to rumble and at the third crash of thunder we all stared expectedly at the other side of the field.

First three men in black cloaks stepped onto the field. They were closely followed by two females in equally black cloaks. About five feet behind them, 27 more black cloaked figures stepped onto the field.

“Welcome, Aro,” Carlisle spoke from beside me.

I looked at him, with a sigh. He rolled his eyes at me and stepped forward.

As if on cue they all removed their hoods. Aro had a long black hair, his eyes were red, the same as the others around him, but the colour was clouded, milky. Caius looked pretty much the same, only his hair was snow-white, his shoulder length hair almost the same colour as his skin. Marcus looked a lot more like Aro, with his black hair.

“Carlisle, my friend. It’s been too long,” Aro spoke.

“I agree. To what do we owe the pleasure?”

I stifled a laugh at Carlisle’s absurdity. I stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder. “That’s enough, Carlisle. We shouldn’t take advantage of our guests’ patience.” He nodded and stepped back, to stand at Esme’s side again.

I stepped forward. “Good evening, Aro. My name is Marydith.”

He stepped forward again, waving off the guard who was about to follow him. “It’s lovely to meet you, beautiful Marydith.” He held up his hand for me to take. “Would you do me the honour?”

I smiled. “It won’t work.” I stepped forward anyway, knowing he wanted to see for himself. I slid my hand into his.

I watched his face as his eyes closed, almost immediately opening again. He smiled. “Fascinating,” he said.

“Guess what I thought when I first met a vampire,” I grinned. “Now, let me show you the real deal.” I opened up my mind to him, only showing him what I wanted him to see as he closed his eyes once again.

In a matter of seconds, he opened his eyes again. “An Ether? How interesting. And how many of you are there?”

“Not many, a lot of them decided not to be reborn. I’m immortal.”

“And very powerful, too. Mmmm, this could be a problem.”

I folded my arms and frowned. “It doesn’t have to be a problem. You know I don’t have any bad intentions.” He opened his mouth to object, but I held up my hand. “No, we’re not going to agree on this, I can see that. Just go and discuss this with your brothers.”

His eyes seemed to narrow but he stalked off towards his family anyway. I stepped back towards the Cullens again and started to take in the Volturi family some more.

Only two wives. But they’re all bonded. Marcus’ wife, Didyme wasn’t there.

“Carlisle,” I whispered. He stepped towards me. “Where’s Didyme?” I asked him.

“Didyme was killed by Marcus’ brother, decades ago.”

I frowned at him. “Really? That’s interesting.”

“Bella?” Edward called from behind me.

I turned to him and opened my mind to him instantly. Marcus has seen our bond. He has the gift to sense emotional bonds and now he’s telling Aro.

I turned to the Volturi and saw Marcus whispering something in Aro’s ear while his eyes shot from me to Edward. Aro grinned evilly.

That couldn’t be a good sign.

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