Living a romance

Chapter twenty-seven

“Aro, you don’t want to fight us,” Carlisle spoke, stepping forward suddenly.

He surprised me with his sudden action and I let my mental shield shoot out until it surrounded him together with the rest of the family.

“I would never ask you to fight for me,” I told him. “You know it’s unnecessary.”

Carlisle looked over his shoulder. “We fight for our family, Bella.”

An impatient growl ripped through the air from behind us. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “Join the party, boys,” I called.

I didn’t turn to see the wolves step into the clearing, but watched Aro’s eyes widen momentarily. I felt one of them nudge me in the arm and looked beside me to see Jacob standing beside me. I lifted my hand to the fur behind his ear and let my nails run through it. He let out a rumbling noise and lifted his head back into the Volturi’s direction.

“Oh no, he certainly doesn’t want to fight us,” I grinned. “But I can see, Aro, when you don’t like someone, you want them dead.” I tapped my chin. “Mmmm, this could be a problem.”

Aro’s eyes narrowed at me. “Get ready to fight, brothers and sisters. I won’t let someone that powerful live against us,” he hissed.

I shifted my gaze to a spot in the grass. Fire shot up from the ground below Jane and Alec and they both let out pained cries as they tried to get out of the flames. The fire stung to their clothes and the pained screams filled the clearing.

I lifted my gaze to Aro and I smiled at him.

At that hell broke loose.

The Volturi started their movement towards us. The wolves responded earlier than we did, sprinting to them to meet in the middle. Growls ripped through the air and the Cullens and Iraz moved quickly after the wolves.

I was still smiling at Aro, neither of us had moved from our spot. Our gazes held as we had a sort of competition inside the confinement of his thoughts. I was sending him memories of my life, my 2000 years of life, knowing it would be too much for his brains to take, but he was fighting me with everything he could. He had a strong mind, but I kept up my attack at his thoughts.

He always wanted to know everything, didn’t he?

It seemed to take forever and I could see a small frown forming on his face. I could still make up the growls around me, but I knew the family and the wolves were fine and kept my concentration aimed at Aro.

At last, I broke down the wall around his mind.

I could see his eyes roll into the back of his head as he literally had a mental overload from the memories I filled it with. His brain shut off and his body fell lifelessly to the ground.

I took in the scene around me as soon as Aro dropped to the ground. I looked around and about to see countless of corpses, heads and body parts on the ground. Emmett was holding Demetri as Rosalie twisted his head off his body before dropping him on the ground. The wolves were biting off heads and arms in their battle.

My gaze shifted to Edward as I saw him twist Caius’ neck. His eyes met mine, but my eyes were soon drawn to Marcus who neared him from behind.

“Edward!” I screamed and ran, but I was too late.

Marcus grabbed him from behind, grabbing his jaw. Edward’s eyes widened as Marcus applied pressure, his neck cracking as his head came loose from his neck.

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