Living a romance

Chapter twenty-eight

“Edward!” I screamed and ran, but I was too late.

Marcus grabbed him from behind, grabbing his jaw. Edward’s eyes widened as Marcus applied pressure, his neck cracking as his head came loose from his neck.

“Marcus, wait!” I shouted. “I know where Didyme is!”

Marcus froze, his hands still on Edward’s jaw. Edward’s eyes were still wide and he let out a moan of pain as I saw the large crack, running from the left side of his neck to under his chin. “You’re lying,” Marcus said. “Didyme is dead.”

“She’s not dead, Marcus. Please, let me prove it to you,” I said, holding up my hand to him.

His grip on Edward softened, but Marcus didn’t release him, doubting me.

“Let me show you,” I begged.

Marcus released Edward with one hand, holding it up. “Show me.”

I stepped forward and grabbed Marcus’ hand. I showed him visions of Didyme, how Aro made sure she couldn’t remember anything, how she was taken away from Italy and how she now lived in central Alaska.

Marcus staggered back, the connection broken and Edward fell to the ground. I caught him and laid him flat on the ground. He groaned as I did so.

“Shhh,” I hushed him. “I’ll help you.” I put my right hand to the damaged skin on his throat. He winced, but kept still. I let his tissue knit together quicker and within a few minutes, the wound was completely healed. “How do you feel now?” I asked.

“Much better. Thank you.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he answered, a large grin on his face.

I stood up and turned to Marcus. “I don’t know how, but you seem to have broken your own bond with Didyme. Maybe to spare yourself from grieving. I don’t know. But you did.”

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“I forgive you,” I answered. “Now go to her. She doesn’t remember you and her memories will not be restored, so you might want to think about starting all over again.” I met his eyes. “Don’t ruin this.”

He nodded and ran.

I looked around. The fight had died out and the Cullens were busy burning the corpses of the Volturi. Carlisle came towards us. “You alright, kids?” he asked.

I looked at Edward. “We’re alright,” I answered. “How about you?”

“No losses and no one hurt on our side,” Carlisle answered, smiling.

I stood up and held my hand up to Edward, helping him to his feet.

“We’ll never have to worry about the Volturi again,” Emmett said, hitting Jasper’s fist with his own.

Long hours after the battle, Edward had taken us back to the meadow.

Our meadow.

“I can’t believe how this one can be so much more… beautiful,” I said.

Edward chuckled, stepping into the sunlight with me. Immediately the sun reflected on his skin, making the meadow sparkle around us. “It’s real, that’s why.” He sat down amidst the colourful flowers, making grass creak.

I sat down beside him. “True.” I looked at him. “You do realize I need to leave soon, don’t you?” I asked, a frown upon my face.

Edward lifted his hand, massaging my ceased brow. “I realize that. And I don’t know what the rest of my family will do, but I’m coming with you.”

“I’m glad,” I said.

He grinned. “And I’m very happy you feel that way.” He leaned in, his lips brushing against mine. “But do you know what would make me even happier?”

My eyes closed. “Tell me,” I spoke, our lips still touching.

“Marry me.”

My eyes shot open and I leaned back, my eyes wide with surprise. “What?”

His eyes bored into me, any trace of humour gone. “I’ve waited a very long time for you, Isabella Marydith Swan. Please, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

“How very human of you,” I chuckled. “Of course I will marry you, Edward.”

His face broke out into a huge grin and he pulled me to him, kissing me deeply. My arms went around his neck to pull him closer, responding to him just as eagerly.

“The world is ours to take now! There’s no one to stop us!”

I froze against Edward.

A man with dark hair and intense red eyes was standing before a large group of vampires, all red-eyed. His mouth was curled into a dark smile as he spoke to the group.

“The Volturi is gone, finished off by a clan of animal drinkers.” Sounds of disgust erupted from the crowd. “There are no rules anymore, we can kill as many and as often we can! Let’s celebrate this!” The group cheered.

A new image appeared. New York looked like a battlefield. Screams were heard. Chaos. Blood.

So much blood.

It was never enough.


My eyes opened to see Edward watching me, concerned. I looked down, frowning. “Seems like killing the Volturi wasn’t a very good idea after all.” I stood up.

“Where are you going, Bella?” Edwards asked from the ground. “What did you see?”

I looked at him, still frowning. “We need to leave as soon as possible. It seems like I gained a new task.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Cleaning up the mess that the Volturi left.” I turned and started walking away. “Are you coming to Italy?” I asked over my shoulder.

Edward appeared beside me and I halted. “Wherever you go, I’ll come with you. Never doubt that.”

I smiled and he grabbed my hand. “I know. I love you.”

He kissed my forehead. “I love you, too.”

We walked through the forest, hand in hand.

My name is Isabella Marydith Swan, the Ether of love.

And this is the story how I found love for myself.

The End
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