Living a romance

Chapter four

It was very quiet at the hospital and I was thankful for that. No one noticed us as we sneaked into a specific room. It was just like any other hospital room. It was white with a large window and two hospital beds. Both beds were filled with a sleeping form. Tyler Crowley and Lauren Mallory were in a deep coma besides each other. The sound of their deep breathing filled the room.

Iraz locked the door quietly behind us and I rushed to Lauren instantly. We had to act quickly, before someone came to check them. I touched her forehead and closed my eyes.

Having my gifts was truly a blessing. By throwing one look at them, I knew who a person belonged to. Most of the time it was a piece of cake of bringing them together, but sometimes it didn’t work.

But then I’ll always have plan B. Or what I call plan Meadow.

I have my own world. Well, actually, everyone has their own world. I discovered it a few decades after I was born, or created. I noticed that when I was sleeping, I was always dreaming about the same place. It was a beautiful meadow, with green grass, flowers in bright colours under a marine blue sky with a sun positioned high in the sky.

It was such a peaceful place, that it helped me clear my head on many occasions.

After my first decade, there was a couple that I couldn’t bring together. It just didn’t work out, but they did belong to each other. If I just could lock them away for a long time without noticing, it could work out. That was when I found out about another gift. I could pull other souls into my dream world.

It was difficult, but not impossible. And they would just appear to be in a coma for a period of time.

But it had its disadvantages.

I noticed it when I tried it on that same couple many, many years ago. It is very difficult to understand, but love is difficult nonetheless.

The soul mates had to be in the meadow together. If they were alone, the meadow would turn all ugly and would try to kill them with environmental disasters, like lightning, earthquakes, and everything you can imagine. There was one person that got killed there and never woke up. But I try hard never to think about that again.

There are persons though, that can stand alone in my meadow, safely and alive.

So, how can they stand in my meadow, without being struck by lightning or smashed by a falling tree?

That’s because they hadn’t met their soul mate just yet. And with meeting I do not mean that they barely see each other on a busy street. The second they make full eye contact, that’s when the hearts meet. The heads is a whole different story.

I guess that’s also why I can survive in my meadow.

I don’t even know if I have a mate.

Another disadvantage. I could not use my own gifts on myself.

“How are they doing?” Iraz whispered, waking me from me own thoughts.

With one touch, I could see into someone’s unconsciousness, so I did, and smiled at the sight of them talking while seated in the green grass. “Very good. They’re almost there. Soon, so soon.”

Suddenly, footsteps sounded from the hallway and Iraz and I both whipped our heads in the direction of the door. The footsteps came in our direction. I pointed at the window and Iraz quickly jumped out of it. I was about to follow him, when I remembered the locked door. My eyes widened and I moved at inhuman speed when I heard the person struggle with the door handle. I quickly unlocked the door and was in the closet besides the door, before the handle turned again.

With my hypersensitive eyes, I looked through the closet door, to see who stepped in. It was a doctor, white coat and striking golden blond hair. He had his back to me, but his hair was familiar to me. I wasn’t breathing, which I could keep up for a long time, as he looked at the boards of the lovebirds. Strange, he thought. I could swear I heard something in here.

Involuntarily, I gasped. I knew that voice. Together with my gasp, familiar scented air filled my lungs. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t.

At my gasp, the man turned around and my surprise grew larger. It was him.

I opened the door slightly and flew out of the closet, even for him too fast to see. He walked to the closet as I stood behind him, studying him. He looked into the closet, shook his head and turned, almost colliding into me.

He looked at me with large eyes, recognizing me. “Marydith?” he asked.

I smiled. “Hello, Carlisle.”

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