Living a romance

Chapter five

He looked at me with large eyes, recognizing me. “Marydith?” he asked.

I smiled. “Hello, Carlisle.”

Then his face broke out into a huge smile. “I knew I recognized this scenario.” He waved his hand towards the two humans. “It’s been a very long time, Marydith.”

I gave him a hug. “A very long time, indeed.”

Iraz was back in the room with a frown. “What did I miss?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, Carlisle, this is Iraz. He’s been travelling with me since 1927. Iraz this is Carlisle Cullen. I met him in 1921, the vampire I almost attacked after Gares’ death.”

“Very nice to meet you, sir,” he said, shaking his hand. “So you’re a vegetarian?”

Carlisle chuckled. “Yes, I am.”

Iraz turned to me. “I told you they couldn’t have done it.”

“And I told you they could help us.” I turned to Carlisle again. “I’m sorry for his rudeness, but we just found a total of seventeen corpses. All drained. It looks like a vampire attack.”

Carlisle frowned unhappily. “I should ask Alice.”

“Alice? Did you extend your family?”

“Yes,” Carlisle said. “I would like you to meet them. I’ve found Esme, like you said. After Esme, I also changed Rosalie, who changed her own mate, Emmett. And Jasper and Alice came to us on their own.”

“So you’re with six now?” Iraz said.

“Seven,” Carlisle and I said at the same time. Carlisle looked at me curiously. “I met him today.”

“Edward was the first one who joined me. He was there already when we met,” Carlisle explained to Iraz.

“You never mentioned that,” Iraz said.

I shrugged. “Didn’t think it would be important.”

A moan interrupted our small talk. I turned rapidly to see Lauren twisting in her sleep and her eyes were fluttering. I cursed under my breath. In one move I was beside her, my fingers on her forehead. “She’s being difficult. She’s very close to awakening. I need to go in.”

I sank on my knees besides Lauren’s bed and let myself fall into a slumber.

Within seconds, I stepped into the meadow. I saw them talking, but Lauren wasn’t looking happy. I was just deliberating what I could do, when the air rumbled above me. I looked up at the blackened sky, gasping out loud. Lightning cracked and I could only jump to the side, when the lightning struck into the ground next to me.

“What the fuck?” I muttered.

I looked up at Lauren and Taylor to see Lauren in his arms, clearly afraid for thunder. A loud cracking besides me called for my attention and I saw an enormous tree falling, ready to crush me.

I awoke with a loud gasp and the adrenaline left me panting. Iraz was immediately besides me. “What’s wrong?”

“The meadow tried to kill me. I’ve never seen it react to me like that.”

“Do you need to pull them out of there?” Iraz asked.

I lifted my hand to Lauren’s face again, seeing the meadow as it should be. They were talking and Lauren seemed comfortable again. “No,” I said. “It really was only me.”

“Doesn’t that mean that you’ve found your soul mate?” Carlisle asked.

“No,” I said. “It means I’ve met my soul mate. I’ve met so many new people today. It could be anyone.”

“That’s weird,” Carlisle said. “That you can see everyone’s soul mate, except your own. How does it work?”

I looked at Carlisle. “I don’t see you the same way you see me. When I look at you, I see a glow of indigo around you. The colour of knowledge, vision, leadership. It’s the colour of your soul. The very thin line of colour around your body, ties back to someone, and I can see who that is. Also when I look at Iraz, I see the brightest blue, the colour of intuition, communication and stability. His link is broken, but it is growing every day. That means he doesn’t have a soul mate, yet. I can’t see myself.”

“Can’t you look in the mirror?”

“I wish it was that easy. But it’s not like that.”

“There must be another way, Marydith,” Iraz said.

I smiled at Iraz sadly. “I hope there is, Iraz. I really hope it.”

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