Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

Final Judgment (Part 2)

The duel between two Li warriors unfolded in the dark underground parking lot with only their moonlit metal blades seen against each other. Li Shenlong holstered his chakram bell so that his left hand could be used for two-handed fighting form. On the other hand, Miaozi steadied her stance as Shenlong prepared the similar stance.

"I don't really like fighting a fellow Meilin-shisho's apprentice, what is it that make you so eager to die? Loyalty to Master Shaoran? Or that coward weakling?" taunted Shenlong.

"Shut up! I won't be easily swayed. I stand by my own justice and bring order to your treason!" replied Miaozi.

"Heh..what do you know about justice?! I'm trying to bring freedom to our clan!"

"That is not your call to make. Lord Shaoran is the highest authority in the clan, not you!"

Shenlong laughed at Miaozi's remarks, then said,"Master Shaoran is too benevolent, he won't change the clan because it would abolish the current hierarchies. He's being too kind to the Council, we both know that if the clan continues like this, it will soon perish from within"

"Again, that's not your call to make"

"As the next Elder candidate, I have the responsibility to set things straight. If it weren't us the young generations, who will change it?"

"Master Shaoran will decide which path our clan takes that benefits everyone in the clan. Your idea is just an uprising of branch family to get inside the main family's territory. A rebellion, coup, and a treason"

"I think that a branch family should just bow and kiss the feet of main family. Come to think of it, you are a main family offspring. It's not surprising that you will go against someone who will overtake your superiority" replied Shenlong as he pointed his blade toward Miaozi.

"Enough of your delusions, Shenlong-senpai. You are a disgrace to the clan, and to Meilin-shisho. I won't let her martial arts to be corrupted with your wrongdoings!" snapped Miaozi.

"Bah! Let me show you the power of true justice!"

Shenlong leaped forward as he spun the blade, creating an afterimage of the moonlit sword in the dark. A quick slash was parried by Miaozi, then followed with an attack. Shenlong parried it in the same way as Miaozi's. Coming from the same martial arts style, they knew every bit of movement thus easily predicted defensive manoeuvres. Despite her smaller stature, Miaozi was able to hold her ground against Shenlong's flurry of strikes and sent some of her own as well. However, Shenlong's movement was too fast and his strength overpowered Miaozi several times.

"Iyaaah…" squealed Miaozi as she staggered when Shenlong pushed her away with just a single swing.

"I don't understand. Was Meilin-shisho's technique always this weak? Have I surpassed her too much? Hmph!"

"Don't you dare insult her like that! I only learned for a while before I quitted" she yelled.

"Heh..even shisho could tell that you are too weak to be her apprentice. Yes, it is only I, can truly succeed her techniques and ideals, and you will witness the evolution of it"

"Don't get cocky, senpai. I didn't quit because I want to"

Shenlong jumped high and readied his sword for a downward slash,"A dropout has no right to call me senpai!"

Miaozi was waiting for Shenlong to let his guard down, then she leaped backward as her left hand took a charm paper and casted it with her sword,"Shin Raitei Shourai!"


Arcs of lightning hit Shenlong as he was airborne and threw him back smashing one of the concrete pillars. "I quit because I have to learn this.." said Miaozi as she prepared a new charm paper.

"Magic..curse you bitch! Urrgh…" squirmed Shenlong.

"A brute like you would never understand the art of delicate mystic, take this! Shin Kasshin Shourai!"

"Flukes doesn't happen twice! Hraaaah!"

Shenlong backflipped and leaped against the pillars to dodge the fire, then used his superior speed to close the gap between the two. Miaozi saw him coming at full speed, thus prepared her sword stance. Shenlong's full speed acceleration enabled him to deliver a swift blow. Miaozi predicted the sword's arc and parry it accordingly.

Small amount of blood sprayed on the floor as the flashes of the two swords collided. Shenlong strode past Miaozi as he landed and turned around. Meanwhile, Miaozi just realised what had happened as she covered her arm that was dripping with blood.

"H-How?!" she thought,"That definitely isn't our style's movement. The blade shifted as I touched it"

Shenlong swiped his sword quickly to clean blood off the blade. He didn't continue his attack, but rather sheathed his sword to provoke Miaozi. "What's wrong? Over already?" taunted him.

"I knew I couldn't win against him, but this level of power difference, and also..that's the one that Master Shaoran uses. Impossible! He couldn't have…" thought Miaozi.

"Hm? Your face is asking me something..hmm that was not shisho's technique, indeed! It's the very same that our Elder uses, the Yin Yang Sword Style. Surprised? I am, after all, handpicked by Master Shaoran himself"

"It's a shame that such noble technique fell into the likes of you. Shin Fuuka Shourai!" yelled Miaozi as she summoned gust of wind.

Shenlong dashed forward against the strong wind while putting his hand ready to unsheathe the sword. "Hyaaaaah!"

"Cards made by Clow, grant me the power to overcome the darkness, LIGHT!" chanted Thyme as he threw the card high in the air and pointed his sword toward it.

"Fool.." responded Yue as he created a dark barrier to shield himself from the intense blinding light.

Thyme jumped in and tried to reach Yue's position but an airborne opponent was always had an advantage over ground opponents. Yue waited until The Light's energy faded and he raised his hand to summon dimensional portals around Thyme. Steel chains came out of the portals trying to grab Thyme's body. Thyme had to dodge them which stopped his advance as well. Eventually, Thyme got exhausted and let his guard down as the chains bound his body and lifted it in the air slowly approaching Yue.

"Yield, and I might spare your life" said Yue with his head looking over Thyme's tied body.


"My current master strictly forbids me to kill. Don't make me break my oath to her" continued Yue.

"Kill this kill that, you talk almost as if life is a plaything..urggh!" replied Thyme as he writhed in pain.

"Life comes and goes, your choice will either extend or shorten it" said Yue as he approached Thyme and put his hand in front of Thyme's sword, reverted it back to the scepter and took The Sword away from him.

"Gu….damn it!"

Yue examined the card closely as his eyes opened wide,"This is…"

Thyme couldn't see Yue's expression well with his head hung on his body, but he suggested something that Yue didn't expect.

"I see..that's how it was. I changed my mind, cardcaptor. I'll kill you right now, even though I have to break my oath" declared Yue.

"Shit...this isn't the ending I'm expecting.."

Yue raised his right hand to summon a blade of light out of his palm, then lifted it high. Just as his hand was ready to strike down, a familiar voice was heard closeby,"Wait a moment, Yue-san!"

Yue glanced to the direction where the voice came from. It was Kaho, she stood on top of a tower watching the entire fight all this time. "You…"

"Yue-san, killing him won't do any good. You'll break your oath to Sakura-chan and will make her sad too. On whose order are you acting on? Eriol-kun's?" asked Kaho.

"Do not interfere. I let you did once long time ago, but not this time! This is my Judgment, I will see it to the end" replied Yue.

"Answer me, Yue-san! Who ordered you to do this?"

"It doesn't matter and doesn't involve you, woman! Now begone before you incur my wrath!"


Yue was determined to kill Thyme without any hesitation, he lifted his blade once more, but this time another voice was heard, male's voice.

"Yue...I mean, Yuki! Get yourself together!" yelled Touya who appeared next to Kaho.

"Touya-kun, I told you to stay out of this!" interrupted Kaho.

Yue stopped as his eyes were set on Touya this time. "Yes I promised that I would stay away from this whole ritual, but you're making my best buddy a murderer! That was that, and this is this! I don't care about what your orders and responsibilities are, but that's my buddy's body right there you're using!" yelled Touya.

"Y-You…" replied Yue subtlely.

"Let me talk to Yuki! Go switch with him, hurry!" continued Touya.

"Tch.." grumbled Yue as he covered himself with his giant wings, then opened them. The figure appeared from within was still of Yue's with his eyes closed.

"What's wrong? Get Yuki over here already!" rushed Touya.

The new Yue opened his eyes slowly but this time, the expression looked different. The new Yue had a gentle expression and smiling face. "It's me, Touya-kun"

"H-Huh? Yuki? You're not changing form now…" replied Touya.

"'ve grown old, Touya-kun! And Mizuki-sensei, it's nice to see you again! It's been a long while!"

Thyme lifted his head to try figuring out what was going on. He was confused at first but later deduced that the person in front of him was an alter ego of Yue. The new cheerful Yue lifted Thyme's face and looked at him very closely as he flapped his wings.

"'re too close!" said Thyme spontaneously seeing a big smiling face in front of him.

"Tsukishiro Yukito, nice to meet you're the new cardcaptor? Eeeeh, I was under the impression that every cardcaptor is a young girl like Sakura-chan. You are strong, yes?"

"Mmmppf…" Thyme resisted himself to talk as his face was blushing red due to embarrassment.

"Don't worry, now that I'm here..everything will be alright! That's what Sakura-chan always says" continued Yukito as he let go of his hand holding Thyme's chin.

"Damn, that was so awkward… I'm Thyme Macquarie. Will you tell me what's going on here?"

"Ah yes, it's been a while since I saw Touya-kun and Mizuki-sensei too, I guess I owe you an explanation to this. Hmm where to start, okay I guess that will do. First off, let's get to where we graduated from university. I was raised in a temple, remember? I went back home to meditate, trying to communicate with my other self. It seems that he could hear me but I can't hear him. It has always been a one way communication, so I asked the blue-haired boy, I forgot the name, to help me. He said that I must embrace my destiny with my other's owner, Sakura-chan. Then I was standing in front of this card called The Mirror, where she showed me my other self on the other side of the mirror" explained Yukito.

"Heh here I thought a guardian is a single entity" said Thyme.

"That was the first time I had a conversation with my other self, seeing him face-to-face. I continued to do that, until I was able to talk with him naturally through my own mind. Eventually, he offered me to merge his body and mine. This way, we will share a single powerful body, but still maintain our own separate consciousness" continued Yukito.

"Huh..why would you combine your body but still separate your souls? I don't like the idea, but it's your own body, so..." asked Touya.

"Hahaha Touya-kun, you know that I cannot grow old no matter how long time passed. I have accepted myself not as a human, but as a special kind of human. For some reason, Yue doesn't want to share his thought and memory, so he offered the separate consciousness idea"

"Typical Yue-san, stubborn as ever" added Kaho.

"Good..since you act independently from that guy. Maybe you could release me from these chains?" asked Thyme.

"But that's….."

"Hey Yuki, won't Sakura be sad seeing the new you in that body?" asked Touya.

"Oh gimme a break here! Spare me your drama for later and set me free first!" interrupted Thyme.

"But if I do that, Yue will get mad at me..heheh" replied Yukito with a little laugh.

Thyme sighed,"Damn it, worth a try.. Oh hey, how about you perform the Final Judgment instead?"

"Eeeh? But that's not my thing" replied Yukito.

"Then why are you here..oh dear, this is too much!" grumbled Thyme.

Yukito paused to think as he finally remembered what he came for,"Ah now I remember! I came out to tell you that this card.." he showed The Sword card to everyone,"must be destroyed no matter what. That is the order we get"

"Whose order? Ah? Eriol-kun's.." said Kaho.

"Why are you so desperate, Yuki?" asked Touya.

"I don't know..but my newly awakened instinct is telling me something very dark lies within these cards. It's telling me to get away from it or it will consume you. I wasn't active when Yue got the order and he won't share it with me, so I guess you have to ask him yourself"

"Even Eriol-kun's scared of this, just what exactly is this Clow Book?" added Kaho.

"I keep telling him to go back to Sakura-chan's place because this order doesn't come from her, but Yue.." said Yukito.

"He can never ignore the wish of his former master and creator, even in his reincarnated form" said Kaho.

"I know what he's planning to do to you, umm...Thyme-san. I can't release the chains but I can at least shut his wings down since we share the same body. He will be angry at me though..hehehe" offered Yukito.

"Beggars can't be choosers, I guess. Thanks for the handicap, Yukito"

"Wait a minute, isn't that against the rules? Outsider interfering the judgment.." commented Touya.

"No..Yue-san and Tsukishiro-san share one single body, so it's not violating the rules as long as we don't lift our hands here" answered Kaho.

"Very well, I shall return to the back stage. Yue is already throwing tantrums on the other side, I will see you again someday" said Yukito as he closed himself inside the wings and reverted back to Yue who emerged from the opened wings.

"Yuki…." whispered Touya subtlely.

"Doing whatever he likes, stupid human" said Yue,"Hmm, what's this? He retracted the wings..tch..well then, I shall oblige this challenge. Even without wings, you can't even lift a finger with those chains binding your every limb"

Yue landed slowly and walked approaching Thyme with his light blade readied once more. Looking at the helpless guy, Yue raised his hand to do a single decisive slash.

A clashing sound was heard instead of a cutting sound. Thyme looked to the side where a long sword extended from his rear parrying Yue's blade. The sword immediately swung around to cut the chains binding Thyme. Yue leaped backward to gain distance while figuring out what was going on. Thyme slumped as he got released but stood up immediately and looked upon his saviour. It was none other than Li Shenlong.

"S-Shenlong, why are you here? Wh-what happened to Miaozi?!" asked Thyme frantically.

"How should I know? Ask that couple over there.." answered Shenlong pointing at Kaho and Touya.


Thyme saw Kaho and Touya smiled at him with his dumbfounded expression. "Good job, dear" said Kaho to Touya.

"I found him just at the right time, but we bought that brat enough time. Wasn't expecting to talk to Yuki though" replied Touya.

"We've done our part, now it's all up to you two" said Kaho in low voice.

"They can't hear you from this far, Kaho"

"I know" she smiled and hugged Touya.

"Tch..Mizuki-sensei changing plans as she wants. I hope this will be the last time. Hey cardcaptor, this is a ceasefire. We take care of the big problem first" said Shenlong pointing at Yue.

"What's this? Two against one is violating the rules. I'm annulling the cardcaptor's right to Final Judgment. As the acting judge, I declare you fail the ordeal. Now face your calamity!"

"Rules, what rules? I'm sick of rules this rules that, this blade is my rule..hyaaah!" yelled Shenlong as he lunged forward.

"W-what?! He literally disapproves Yue's authority and my Final Judgment! This guy's nuts!" thought Thyme as he watched from behind.

"Foolish human.." said Yue as he erected a dark barrier to repel Shenlong's attack.

"Checkmate, that guy is weak against magic" sighed Thyme while facepalming and closed his eyes not wanting to see the impact.

An explosion was heard as they collided, but soon after Thyme heard Yue's pain scream instead of Shenlong's. "What?!"

Thyme opened his eyes slowly and found that Shenlong didn't use his sword, but slammed his bell chakram that was attached to his knuckle and hit Yue's stomach directly.

"That thing..the anti-magic bell.." commented Thyme.

"H-How did you obtain that, human? That is one of my arsenal's…ughh" asked Yue in agony.

"You think I'm vulnerable to magic? Think again!" replied Shenlong to Yue.

"Human bastard!" yelled Yue as he summoned his light blade to cut Shenlong's punching arm. Shenlong immediately used his right-handed sword to parry it then looked behind and said,"What are you waiting for?! Come on!"

Thyme came to his senses and immediately dashed in to snatch The Sword back while Shenlong kept Yue busy with the swords. Thyme retrieved his card back and immediately throw it in the air along with another card.

"Alright game on! I call forth the will of The Sword and The Light! Heavenly judgment cast upon this blade, dual-cast! The shining purifier, Luminous Edge!"

Thyme went in for a quick strike with his glowing blade, Yue parried it with a second light blade he conjured from his left hand. Thyme and Shenlong both pushed their blades in against Yue who was holding both on each hand. Shenlong moved back and shifted to his bell chakram to shatter Yue's right hand light blade. "Now's the chance!"

As Yue's balance wavered, Thyme moved in for a clean arc strike with the shining blade. Yue got scratched and immediately leaped back while talking,"This is enough, Yukito. Release the wings at once! It's two against one!"

Yue stretched his wings and flapped them to fly high in the air backing the big moon. "Now, it's calamity time."

"Shit!" grumbled Thyme.

As Yue performed his incantation of the punishment, Shenlong couldn't do anything to interrupt due to him being restricted to the ground. Thyme lost his consciousness soon after Yue finished the spell, dropping his sword and fell to the ground.

Thyme opened his eyes in a void whitespace. "Damn it, is it over?!"

"Hello there, young man" greeted a deep voice.

Thyme turned around to look for the source, then the surrounding whitespace became sea of starry sky glowing in the dark space. A figure appeared in front of him, a familiar figure he had seen so many times in his dreams before.

"You..I remember you. Who are you?" asked Thyme.

"I am who you refer as Clow Reed, young man. May I ask who thou might be?"

"C-C-Clow, you say?! The one and only creator of Clow Book. B-but how? Ah..I-I'm Thyme, a cardcaptor"

"A cardcaptor, is it? Things have taken unprecedented turn. I did not expect such events to happen, I suppose the future cannot be accurately predicted. I have disrupted the magical channel and weave an alternate dimension between Yue's energy where you and I can speak. It is just like that time, with Sakura-san" explained Clow.

"I-I'm sorry.."

"There's no need to apologise nor be nervous. I just wish to talk to you. Tell me, young man Thyme. Why do you seek my power? My power is of tremendous effect, it can both shape the world or destroy it. I have passed my power directly to one successor and she made it her own. No matter what you do with my power, I will not acknowledge you as a second successor"

"I-I don't know. Why do I want power? Is it human's nature to desire power? For what purpose am I capturing the cards? I don't know!" contemplated Thyme as he scratched his head frantically.

"Greed? Tyranny? Dominance? I cannot foresee your future, it is too chaotic. it vengeance? Or peace? Nevertheless, I cannot let you wield my magic. It's too dangerous and risky for humanity" said Clow.

"...then what did you do with your powers back then?" asked Thyme.


"I's true that magic cannot be abused. However, you forget that with every bit of power we grow, we learn, we adapt to the magic. I don't have a short purpose for this power, but I seek to improve myself, people around me, and evolve humanity. It's the human's nature to seek perfection, we seek knowledge and wisdom, use them to our advantage. They are merely tools, just like a sword, if wielded by wrong hands will kill people. However, isn't that the dynamic of society? We strengthen ourselves through suffering and unite under pressure"

"There's a strong resolve in your heart, I can see it. Your future is with humanity, you say? Unfortunately, I am only a man of the past. I cannot see how humanity have changed during those years. You, on the other hand, are the people of the future. You may know what is best for your era. I see your intentions, but still I cannot approve of your entitlements" explained Clow.

"None of your words make any sense. You said you see what I'm after, yet you still deny me"

"It's not that I did not wish to help you, but only this, only this power, I cannot give you. Should you be after what Sakura-san had, I would've gladly given it to you. But this power, I cannot" said Clow.

"...there's must be something to this…" mumbled Thyme.

"I suppose you have the right to know as a cardcaptor. This book, is my first and foremost experimental creation. The cards that Sakura-san has, are the byproduct of continuous improvements I put in on each stage. To illustrate you further, let's just say that you cannot convert these cards into your own magic no matter how powerful you are. These cards are relatively weaker and unstable compared to its newer counterparts. It is the parent to Sakura-san's former Clow Book"

"Unstable, huh?"

"Yes. I cannot bore you with other mystical details, but I suppose you get my points"

"I'm sorry but it doesn't change anything. Even if it's weaker than the original, I will use it to its fullest"

Clow sighed while maintaining a warm expression,"This book is not finished. I stopped working on it and decided to seal it away because I made a mistake"

"What mistake?"

"I haphazardly poured in self-awareness and free will into the cards. Not only they can feel, but they can think by themselves. It's the most fatal mistake. The cards that Sakura-san has now, can feel and think by themselves, but they don't have free will thus forever bound to the owner"

"Free will is a mistake. I cannot fathom" commented Thyme.

"It is forbidden for us sorcerers to put in free will to inanimate objects, but I broke the taboo, being a young curious magician I was. I couldn't understand it either, but when I realised it, it was already too late. The forsaken book tries to complete itself, creating new cards without my permission. It produces stronger and more rebellious persona" continued Clow.

"I see, it was trying to adapt and survive. Then what did you do?"

"Time passed and eventually the book became too powerful. Fortunately, by then, I already finished the final version of my cards, which meant I had discovered a method to control the cards by means of guardians. Yes, that was the time I created Cerberus and Yue"

Thyme closed his eyes and tried to imagine the situation then said,"It was also the time that you created Helios, wasn't it?"

"Correct. I created Helios after those two. However, a single guardian was not enough to contain the power completely. I hadn't noticed that the book has evolved too much that it spawned a card that takes a form of a human. Yes, a card in the form of perfect human, capable of controlling the nature, think and decide by itself. An abomination, homonculus, monster is what people of my age called it"

"W-what? Human-form card? I mean, I've seen the intelligence humanoid types like The Light and The Dark, but I've never seen the human ones" replied Thyme.

"Surprisingly, I was able to converse with it. It displayed a strong will to survive and grow, just like a human does. Worse, it can feel emotion and capable of decision making. I concluded that it was too dangerous to be kept alive, thus I shut all of its senses. It strongly resisted, but my power was able to subdue it in the end"

"I didn't know that such things happened. Creating a life form is after all, still a taboo, even in my age" said Thyme.

"Hence my strong disapproval to your desire. I hope you understand my intentions" replied Clow.

"I see..that's also why your memory tries to wipe out the cards, as Grandmaster Eriol. Now that the cards are freed, what should I do with them?"

"Destroy them at once. That's what I would do. But you are a cardcaptor, and this is your age. I don't have any role in it anymore, you decide what the future will be. My time is over, it is your time now. I cannot give you approval due to my own reasons, but there might be someone who supports you"


"It is time for you to finish what you came here for. Helios can be immature and arrogant at times, but he's a devoted soul. Give my regards to Sakura-san as well, if you meet her"

A sudden shockwave vibrated the entire space, then followed with other stronger ones. Clow Reed vanished slowly as the space crumbled and shattered like a glass wall. It returned to a blank void. Thyme closed his eyes and thought of everything he heard from Clow.

A familiar loud voice was heard which broke Thyme's concentration,"Hey wake up already!"

Thyme opened his eyes and found himself back on top of the building with Shenlong and Yue still fighting each other. He saw Shenlong smashed the chakram bell against Yue as hard as possible until it broke. Yue blocked it with his arms.

"W-what just happened?" asked Thyme still confused.

"I just saved you from an eternal nightmare! Be grateful.." replied Shenlong as he leaped back toward Thyme.

"The chakram, breaks…"

"According to Mizuki-sensei, if I use it during a fight against Yue, it'll give you a second chance to fight back. But when I do that, it'll disappear" explained Shenlong as he prepared his sword.

Thyme stood up and picked his scepter along with The Sword and The Light cards that fell on the floor. He held his temple using left hand to get rid of the remaining dizziness.

"Ready for round two?" asked Shenlong while keeping close look on Yue.

"Let's do this!" replied Thyme as he dual-casted The Sword and The Light.

Thyme and Shenlong readied their stances as Yue floated high and summoned giant icicles shards out of his hand, then hurled them toward the two. With their dexterity, Thyme and Shenlong deflected every projectile and tried to look for an opening. Yue's eyes glowed and suddenly bound both Thyme and Shenlong to their shadows. They couldn't lift their legs as they felt as if the gravity weight just increased. Shenlong couldn't dispel the magic because he no longer held the chakram.

Desperate, the two deflected incoming shards as many as they could without lifting their legs. Yue raised his left hand now, then tree roots and branches grew beneath both shadow. It grew and sprouted into big barks and tried to bind their arms. Thyme and Shenlong spun and waved their blades around to cut incoming vines and ivy. "Think something!"

"No more helplines this time! If we cannot escape, we're done for!" said Shenlong.

Thyme looked at the surroundings finding something of the environment he could use. Unfortunately, there was nothing useful. Thyme said,"I have a plan, but we only have one shot at this. All or nothing"

"I'm all ears" replied Shenlong.

After whispering the strategy to Shenlong, Thyme cancelled his Luminous Edge, reverted his scepter and the two cards back, then summoned The Light alone. The Light appeared in the form of the uniquely dressed woman, illuminating the scene so bright that it eliminated the shadow casted on both Thyme and Shenlong.

Being able to lift their legs again, Thyme and Shenlong executed their move by making Thyme jump on Shenlong's hands that catapulted him high to the air. Afterwards, Shenlong performed a rotational barrage of slashes that cut all the wooden bodies surrounding them. Yue saw the elaborate trick and couldn't decide who to focus on. However, as The Light's power subsided, she returned to her card form, making the shadow recasted again. Shenlong couldn't move his legs once again. Seeing one of his threats was eliminated, Yue focused on Thyme. But Thyme was already airborne at full velocity toward Yue. "SWORD!"

Preparing a quick strike, Thyme put both hands' strength unto the single swipe arc. Yue didn't have time to prepare thus he flew backwards at full speed trying to dodge. Thyme felt his sword hit scratched something. It didn't hurt Yue, but was enough to break his focus and release the shadow spell on Shenlong.

"You mongrels! I don't have time to play with you humans!" yelled Yue while looking at his ripped robe. He raised both hands and pointed them toward Thyme and Shenlong. "I'll start with you, intruder!"

Yue threw Shenlong into a black hole that absorbed him completely. Thyme trembled seeing Yue's true power, but it was too late for him to react. The second black hole was summoned and slowly sucking Thyme in. Thyme pierced the wall with his sword as a grip to hold his ground. Eventually, the sword lost its power and returned to its card form reverting it back to scepter form.

"Is this..finally over?" mumbled Thyme as his body was thrown around the black sphere's hurricane. He closed his eyes as everything went blank.

"...Finally, I can reach you at last!" said a feminine voice inside Thyme's mind.

"W-who? You're not Clow, who are you?" asked Thyme inside his thought.

"Ah so you've talked with Clow-san? That's why I couldn't reach you.."

"You know Clow Reed? Then you must be…"

"Hai! I'm his successor, Kinomo-, I mean Li Sakura! Clow-san has been blocking my telepathy spell. It'd be nice if I could meet him once again after all these years..hoee"

"W-what is this? She is the legendary card mistress?! She doesn't act like one.."

"I can hear you! Hoeeee, why does everyone keep bullying me? I bet you look like onii-chan"

"Holy crap! She read my mind! As expected of a legendary sorceress"

"Yes I can! I know your situation, once again Yue-san ran away from me. Eriol-kun should stop inviting him over a tea"

"So...what business do you have with me? I'm dying, we lost both the judgment and the fight. I am too powerless to stand up against him"

"Sssh..don't talk. I told you I know everything. Yue-san can be very stubborn, but deep down he's a good person. Besides, Yukito-san is also there…" giggled Sakura.

"...just what did you come here for? Laughing at your junior dying?" said Thyme sarcastically.

"No no! That's not what I meant...hmm try to break out of his spell and defeat him!"

"What do you think I've been doing all this time? With just a single card in my hand, how can I possibly…wait a minute! You said you know everything, you lied to me.." sighed Thyme.

"Ehehehe..I'm just trying to make you feel better. eeeeeehh?! One card? Why do you only have one card? Hoeee..that's not even enough to break free of his spell"

"Exactly why do you even bother? It's a hopeless fight. Long story short, it's all my mistake..there's too much drama going on before this finale" replied Thyme in depression.

"Hmm..what to do?" mumbled Sakura while thinking hard.

"If only Mel were here, she would've known what to do.." sighed Thyme again.

"Mel? So the person in the corner of your inner memory is indeed, Mellusianne" said Sakura.

" read my mind again!" complained Thyme,"Anyway, you know Mel? Is she alive now?"

"Uhh..not sure. I've only met her once, that was inside my dream. She was calling for help, I don't know what did she mean so I kinda ignored her. The only thing I remember is her name and looks"

"She's even more mysterious than you, great..Anyway, speaking of alive, guess it's about time I reach my limit" said Thyme.

"What are you talking about? Everything's gonna be alright!"


"I've studied how you fight, I think I might be able to help you" said Sakura.

"Urk..just how far are you gonna read my mind? Anyway, if you can get something out of it, then I shouldn't be complaining. Let's hear it then"

"You rely heavily on multi-cast technique, not judging or anything. I used that technique few times during my glorious years, but it really drains your stamina. Do you think you can do it one more time?"

"I tried it several times, Yue is just too strong he resists most of it. I doubt it'll make any difference" argued Thyme.

"It'll work this time! Because I already tested it, it's a proven method of defeating Yue"

"Oh?" Thyme sounded intrigued.

"Use my cards! My cards surpassed Clow's power, even though Yue is feeding on it, with your power combined, it'll be an unstoppable force. What do you think?"

"Sakura Cards, huh? That is indeed a certain way to do it. Sounds interesting, let's give it a whirl!"

"Alright then! I'll need to send you the cards over and then…" explained Sakura as the sound faded and burned into Thyme's mind. He opened his eyes to find that the black hole had been dispelled. There were glowing particles that enveloped him then dissipated into thin air. Yue looked like he knew what was going on.

"Final round, Yue! Let's finish this long battle once and for all" declared Thyme as he pointed his scepter and raised his left hand holding his last card The Light.

Yue glanced and prepared himself for the last encounter. He knew that Sakura had saved Thyme from the black hole spell, however he didn't know of Thyme and Sakura's plan.

"Are you ready, Sakura-senpai?" said Thyme in his mind.

Thyme spun his scepter as he summoned his magic circle. Yue didn't move as he was certain that he could overcome Thyme's magic. However that was only a trick to relinquish the scepter's power. "It's time, Thyme-kun..!" replied Sakura in his mind.

"Key that holds the power of the stars! Reveal your true form! Thy master, Sakura, commands thee, RELEASE!" said Thyme and Sakura in unison. Yue could hear Sakura's voice mixed in Thyme's voice, he started to panic.

Thyme's magic circle was overloaded with Sakura's magic circle with a distinctive star shaped symbol. The dark blue orb on Thyme's scepter that was always empty displayed a glowing yellow star shaped rune for the first time. "T-This is…" murmured Yue.

The overflowing energy blew a great gust of wind around Thyme as he raised his left hand holding The Light, concentrating his full power and betting everything on it. "I've never tried this before, senpai. Don't know if this'll work.." said Thyme as he took a deep breath.

"Everything's gonna be alright!" replied Sakura,"I'm sure you can do it, okay here goes.."

Four glowing lights appeared before Thyme, slowly forming the shape of cards. The cards finally showed themselves as The Firey, The Windy, The Earthy, and The Watery. Thyme recognises the different back card image which has a star centered symbol and pink colour scheme. "So this is..the Sakura Cards" he mumbled,"These are..the flying cards in my prophetic dream"

"Here goes.. Lend me your power, o cards of stars! The reborn flame, Firey! Winds of premonition, Windy! Evolving world, Earthy! Purifying stream, Watery!" chanted Thyme as the cards rotated orbiting his scepter,"Spirit of the life essence, guide us to victory, The Light!"

The five cards formed a star pattern in which floated right in front of Thyme's scepter as he finalised his chanting,"This is the ultimate form of multi-cast, STAR-CAST!"

The four elemental cards were summoned under Sakura's order and The Light appeared under Thyme's order. Kaho and Touya couldn't overlook the overly shining light coming from Thyme's location. Yue flapped his wings getting ready to take flight, but the combined force of Sakura's star magic and Thyme's dark magic took him by surprise and overwhelmed him. "Impossible!"

As the magic faded, so did Sakura's magic circle and the four cards borrowed by Thyme. Sakura's voice also slowly disappearing from Thyme's thought. "Looks like we overdid it. But oh well, I made sure Yukito-san, I mean Yue-san's not hurt" whispered her.


"Don't be sad, my junior Thyme-kun. We can always meet again, and next time, I will introduce you to my lovely children"

"Hmph..that I will. Although I bypassed the Final Judgment, there are still plenty of mysteries to be solved. I guess you are whom Clow meant as my support. I will be troubling you again in the future, senpai" regarded Thyme as a farewell.

"I can sense love growing inside your heart. Please nurture that while treasuring your important person's feelings until it blossoms. I vouch on my own experience, it will bring you a good fortune in the future" said Sakura as her last remark.

"O-okay you really need to stop reading my mind, senpai.." he replied although he knew that Sakura wasn't present in his mind any longer.

Yue regained his consciousness and saw Thyme gazing upon the stars as sparkling particles floated around him. He approached Thyme and said,"It's your win. Although you didn't really fight on your own, I caught a glimpse of your true potential back then even for just a split second. I am no match for you"

"Heh..what's with the sudden change of behaviour?" laughed Thyme.

"You're the third human that have earned my respect after my creator Clow Reed and my mistress Sakura Li. I shall remove myself now, should our paths cross again, we will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder" said Yue as he flew away into the moon.

"What is she thinking helping that cardcaptor? Didn't she see what kind of person that human is?" thought Yue as he glanced over the corner of his eyes for a moment.

Kaho and Touya left the scene as they saw the situation was under control. "Gambling on you is never an easy choice. But I believe that you are not the person I thought you to be" said Kaho from afar while locking her eyes on Thyme.

"I saw it, a deep rooted pure evil inside your mind. Maybe it's why the book responded to you. But I will place all my hope on you" said Sakura while holding The Hope card tightly,"Everything's gonna be alright, you are stronger than I was, Thyme-kun"

"The boy's walking the path of carnage and destruction. Blood will be shed under my magic, however I wish that my future premonitions will fail me once more" commented Clow Reed.

Author Note (post Chapter 10):

Thanks to everyone for reading my story so far, I know it's not your mainstream SxS soap opera or anything dramatic. I'm exploring the fantasy/magical side of CCS world instead of the dramas. Subtle romances coming in future chapters, but still won't be the main story driver. This marks the end of the first arc.

Just a quick summary of what's going on inside my creatively absurd mind:

Chapter 1-10 is the first arc of the story which is The Clow Card Arc. Basically introducing the characters here and there, setting up the stage for the next arc. It tells you Thyme's journey as a newly appointed Cardcaptor and how he handles situations.

Upcoming Chapter 11 onward will be the start of the second arc, The Proto Card Arc. From what I have in mind currently, it'll be Thyme's journey around the world meeting various canon characters, like grown-up Eriol, Shaoran and Sakura's family, and friends. Thyme will be accompanied by someone to help his quest as well.

What is going to happen after the premature Final Judgment? What happened to Helios, Li Yuanzi, and the mysterious Mellusiane vui Espada? I honestly don't have any idea right now, but it'll be an exciting adventure of uncovering the secret between the dreaded Second Clow Book.

Your feedback are with me and I'll look forward to further responses!

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