Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

Interlogue: The Witch Cardcaptor

Author Note: This chapter's event happens a year before the first chapter, so this is kinda a flashback chapter and not the start of Protocard arc. Cheers!

Thyme, was originally a normal student trying to get a better life through his study. He led a daily organised life, achieving top ranks in the university, and worked in a reputable studio. However, that all changed when he decided to approach a young witch by the name of Mellusianne vui Espada.

One day, Thyme was on his way back home from work until he saw a girl holding a dark blue book. She was wearing a uniquely cute dress with a big pointy hat that almost fell off her head while carrying a scepter in the other hand. He approached her while keeping out an eye because she really looked out of place.

"If you're looking for a cosplay session, you should come in the afternoon. Not to mention, you're in the wrong place" said Thyme as he walked by.

The girl turned his head and looked at him with curious eyes. "What." said Thyme in cold notion.

"Hmph, weird person.." continued him as he ignored her and kept walking.

" you think life is a gift, or a curse?" said the girl that stopped Thyme's footsteps.

"What's this? Are you roleplaying your cosplay character already? You should probably go home, this street's crawling with drunkards at night" replied him.

"I'm the messenger from the past, I carry the cursed life"

"What a freak" said Thyme as he walked away.

Soon after Thyme got back home, heavy rain poured with occasional thunders. He was lying on top of his bed when suddenly he remembered the weird girl that he met before,"Is that dumb girl still there?". He tried to forget about her but something's keep reminding him. He tried to figure out the reasons.

"Something's definitely off with her, why do I even keep thinking about her? She's unrelated to me, nothing to do, no business, complete stranger.." muttered Thyme,"Cursed life huh? All life will eventually die, what about my life? It'll eventually die too, but then what?"

"Does she know the answer? Nah, it's impossible. A scatterbrain like her couldn't possibly outsmart me" finished him before ending the night.

The following day, Thyme found the girl in the same spot and same time. He pretended he didn't notice her and walked by. The same event happened the next day and eventually he asked himself,"What's the purpose of her life?"

"You." replied the girl quickly.


"Will you turn my cursed life into a gift?"

"...ookay..let's go see a psychiatrist" answered Thyme changing the subject while pulling her arm.

The girl looked shocked when Thyme grabbed her arm. She resisted and held Thyme's hand with both hands instead. "W-what?"

"Yes. You will be my gift" said the girl.

Thyme facepalmed, then he brought her into his apartment instead. He tried to question her of her origins and objectives. The girl showed him the dark blue book she had been carrying around and handed the scepter unto his hands. "What's this?"

"I'm on a mission, to collect these.." she said while taking out cards from the book.


What's your name?" asked the girl.

"Macquarie. Thyme Macquarie. Ah- this is awkward.."

The girl smiled, then said,"You're lucky. I have no name."


She put her hand on her chest,"My own self sealed myself inside me"

"H-huh? I'm not sure I follow.."

"She couldn't control this book's power, so she offered herself as sacrifice to seal off this book's power" she said,"I am born of her leftovers"

"You're really one hell of a fantasist aren't you? You talked about the most abstract thing I have ever heard"

"I can prove it" she said.

"By all means…"

"But I don't want to.." she declined.

"You're toying with me…" sighed Thyme.

"Do you really want to know the real me? It will come with a cost" she asked.

" much do I have to pay?" he asked sarcastically.

"So much..that you might have to trade your life for it"

"This is ridiculous!" blurted Thyme,"What the hell do you want?"

"I want you to turn my life into a gift. My current life has no purpose, I am just an empty shell. Give my life a meaning, please"

"That nonsense again! Sigh..fine then I shall play along with your little game" answered Thyme. He thought that the girl just wanted him to join in her little drama.

She closed her eyes and suddenly magical circle appeared below where she sat. Gust of wind appeared blowing things in Thyme's room. "What the fuck is this?!"

The book floated and opened its page. Thyme sensed something heavy coming out from the book. The girl opened her eyes, but this time her gaze was very sharp, almost as if she was a whole different person.

"You.." greeted the girl.

"Y-Yes?" responded Thyme in panic,"What is this shit?! Cut it out! My room's a mess"

"Are you prepared to take responsibility? Will you set me free?" asked the girl.

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"In order to set me free, one must accept the pact of darkness. I am the current holder, therefore you have to accept my pact"

Thyme realised from the tone of her speech, she was serious. "W-what do you mean?"

"I am on a mission to retrieve the cards that will bring disaster to humanity. However, I underestimated its power and paid the price for it. This book, is called The Clow. I am a Cardcaptor, Mellusianne vui Espada" explained the girl called Mellusianne.

"Cardcaptor...what power does this book actually have?"

"The power, to shape the future. Enough talk, if you wish to witness its power, you have to enter the contract"

"H-hold on I'm not ready for's too sudden" replied Thyme while backing away.

"It's understandable. Well then, I'll be waiting until you change your mind" said her while closing her eyes again and reverted back to the airhead personality.

Thyme figured out the gist of her story, which probably made him hesitant in the last minute. "Her life's empty now..what about mine? Do I feel empty?"

A week later, Thyme accepted the Mellusianne's offer and they traded the book's ownership. "As the current master of this book, I command thee to relinquish my authority and this man, Thyme Macquarie, shall be my successor, as a Cardcaptor!"

"Then what?" asked Thyme.

"Once again, the cards will be scattered throughout this city. If left too long, they will wreak havoc. But don't fret, I am here now. I will be your guide" said Mellusianne.

It felt as if the real personality of the girl named Mellusianne had surfaced.

Mellusianne revealed herself as a witch who travelled through time. Since she didn't have a home in the present world, she lived together with Thyme although Thyme's apartment only had a single bedroom.

"You know, you can always sleep here. It's your bed after all" said Mellusianne while laying on top of Thyme's bed offering him to sleep on his bed rather than on the floor.

"Have some're a girl!" blurted Thyme as he laid on top of the wooden floor facing away from Mellusianne.

"Is being a girl make me special? I'm just a human, equal to you" she said.

"You came from the past, you should learn the manners of the present"

She giggled then said,"I know what you're trying to insinuate. Listen here, Thyme. You chose to set me free out of my soul prison, took on my responsibility, and even let me live here. I'm part of you as much as you are part of me now" she explained.

"That sounds...awkward.."

"Hee..are you interested in me? Is that why you set me free? Now you're embarrassed?" teased Mellusianne.

"N-No! Don't be stupid.." denied Thyme strongly.

"But it's true.." she gazed on the dark ceiling,"My life's all on you. If you hadn't freed me I would be trapped inside for eternity"

"You know what, I just did you a favour. You're free to do whatever from now on.." said Thyme.

"I will.." replied Mellusianne quickly with a smile as she went to sleep.

Thyme looked out to the window where moonlight shone in, then thought to himself,"Maybe the reason I accepted the pact, is not because of you..but because I desire power. I know how it feels to be a powerless human. I want to evolve myself, into something greater"

"Mmmph...I'm gonna die!" screamed Thyme as his face was almost buried under flower petals.

"You're not very athletic, are you? Pick up the pace, you're a Cardcaptor!" replied Mellusianne as she leaped constantly over the soft flowerbeds.

"So you say Mel! You've only trained me for a while and this is my first attempt. Can me out here?!"

Mel sighed, then said,"No choice. Pass me the scepter then!"

Thyme lifted his right hand holding the scepter out of the flower petals and threw it over. Mel predicted the drop point and she dashed toward it to grab it mid air. "Unseal it!"

"Key that holds the power of darkness. By my right as former master, Mellusianne command thee to lend me thy power. RELEASE!"

Even though the scepter didn't change in shape, the dark blue orb showed a different symbol indicating that now it responds to Mel. She pulled Thyme out of the flower petals and said,"To seal this one, we need to find the main body. Supposed to be a female"

"Gotcha.." replied Thyme as he followed Mel.

Mel found the Flower's main body and used her magic to weaken it, then she handed the scepter back to Thyme while saying,"Now's your turn. Unseal the scepter and seal the card!"

Thyme reverted the scepter back to respond to him, then glanced at Mel trying to ask something.

"What? You still can't remember the chants? Sigh..fine let's do it together.." replied Mel.

"Return to your original form, CLOW CARD!" yelled both in unison as Thyme pointed the scepter toward The Flower and supported by Mel's hand.

The Flower was sealed and the card flew into Mel's hand. She gave it to Thyme and told him to write his name on it.

"We make a pretty good team, don't you think?" said Thyme cheerfully.

"Team? I'm babysitting you and did all the work back there. You need more practice!"

"Uhh..not that spartan training again, please! Noooooo!" complained Thyme in pain.

Mel laughed to Thyme's response and she whispered subtlely next to his ear,"If you don't like it, then do everything as I say"

Thyme's face became all red as he backed away hiding his face in embarrassment. He laughed short after while thinking to himself,"This is seems like..I've taken a liking to her..heheh"

One night, Thyme went home late to buy ingredients for dinner. He promised Mel that he would make a special dinner just for two of them. His excitement couldn't be contained that he smiled every now and then on the way back home and his walking rhythm was jumpy.

However his expression changed drastically when he arrived home and couldn't find any sign of Mel's presence.

"This is a lie...isn't it? Don't joke like this! It's not funny, Mel!" said Thyme to himself as tears flowing out of his eyes.

Amidst the anguish and suffering, Thyme discovered something else. A dark blue winged plush doll, sitting on top of his Clow book.

"Who..are you?"

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