Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

Eriol's Invitation

Two years after the Final Judgment, things have taken unprecedented changes. Strange phenomena have stopped ever since all the cards being sealed. The city has returned to normal, and so does Thyme's activities. During these two years, Thyme did nothing related to Clow Cards, except keeping contacts with Miaozi.

With Helios, Thyme's Clow guardian and Li Yuanzi, Miaozi's twin sister went missing in action, Thyme tried to comfort Miaozi due to the unbearable loss of her sister. Thyme promised that someday she will be back, although he thought that it was very irresponsible of him to say it.

Finally, the day has come for Thyme to graduate from the university.

"Heyy..over here!" yelled Thyme calling out to Miaozi who was looking for him in the great hall where the ceremony was held.

Miaozi ran up to him and kissed him in the cheek while saying,"Congratulations, dear.."

"Thanks! I finally fixed my grades and now, it's over! Hurrah!" replied Thyme as he hugged Miaozi closely.

" Don't do it in front of so many people..can't you wait until tonight?" said Miaozi although she enjoyed the mood.

"I know I know...hey wait a minute. Aren't tonight..we're going to do 'that'?"

"'That' thing, huh?" Miaozi's expression suddenly turned sad,"It's been two years since that incident. I don't want to ruin your happy mood, but looks like we have to do it"


The night came quickly as Thyme and Miaozi were standing in front of his desk in his apartment. The Clow book was laying on top along with the cards. Thyme walked up to it slowly and picked up the brooch from the desk while lamenting.

"We promised that we will always remember what happened back then" said Thyme breaking the silence.

"Eh..uh.. yeah. After that day, we searched frantically, but only found the cards scattered around the city. I always thought it was a clue to track her whereabouts, but it doesn't seem like that"

"Now that we have the 52 cards, she has no reason to show up.."

"You're wrong! She has lots of reasons, she's my sister!" sobbed Miaozi as Thyme held her in his arms.

"Is that also why you didn't go back to Hong Kong? You can't tell your parents directly?"

Miaozi nodded as she buried her face in Thyme's embrace. "It's okay now. I have you." she said.

"Me too. I don't mind starting a new life with you. I like you" replied Thyme as he held Miaozi tightly.

Although they were searching for Yuanzi, given no hope, clue or whatsoever made them fell into despair and thought they should move on with their life and not dwell in the past. That is, until someone came to remind them of their sorrowful past.

In the dark night street only lit by streetlights, a sparkling black limousine drove by Thyme's apartment and stopped in front of it. The back seat window slowly opened, revealing a silhouette of a person with very long hair.

"I see. So he lives here" said a soft female voice from inside the car.

The window slowly closed again and the car drove disappearing into the dark corner.

The next morning came as the sun shone brightly through the tiny curtain gap into Thyme's room. His eyes twitched as the sunlight beamed his eyes, he rolled over to cover his eyes but then the curtain was pulled open by Miaozi who was standing next to the window while saying,"Good morning, Thyme..wake up, it's already late"

"Mmm…" mumbled Thyme as he pulled his blanket and cover his entire head. Miaozi pulled the blanket to the other side while poking him out of the bed. She used her finger to tickle him to wake him up. "Ahaha..stop it..Miaozi! Urrghh.."

After getting kicked out of the bed, Thyme finally opened his eyes and yawning while saying,"What's the deal? It's holiday today..I had a long night after graduation yesterday, let me sleep some more, okay?"

" promised me a date today! Don't tell me you forget?"

"Geh..I did? Hh..okay then give me some time to get ready"

"SO YOU FORGOT AFTER ALL! You!" yelled Miaozi as she pinched Thyme several times.

After refreshing himself in the shower and calming Miaozi down, Thyme set himself outside. "Ugh..I knew it's gonna be scorching hot outside"

"Don't complain! You brought it with you, right?" asked Miaozi.

"What are we talking about here?"

"Don't play dumb...geez" said Miaozi while pinching Thyme's arm.

Thyme laughed it off while keeping the mood light. He wanted to move on thoroughly with the past, but he couldn't help not to use his power. "RELEASE! Snow, cover us with cold air"

Thyme and Miaozi enjoyed their full day date going between cafes, shopping districts and parks. They finished it with an evening movie in a cinema. Miaozi displayed a very affectionate attitude toward Thyme despite her previously known cold personality. She clung into Thyme's arm along the way. The mood got better when they both walked home along a brightly lit lantern road in a park.

"I had plenty of fun today, Thyme. Thanks!" she said while clinging her body unto Thyme's arm.

"Me too. Now that I've graduated, we have more time to do this. Well except for my work days..heheh"

"My parents keep telling me to go back, but I don't want to leave you. Luckily Master Shaoran is on my side, so he managed to convince my parents"

"Is that so? Well then I suppose I have to thank Elder Li, for keeping us together.." replied Thyme as he patted Miaozi's head.

"I never thought things would work out between us..I guess..that's what 'like' is supposed to be unpredictable"

"Your sister, Yuanzi.."

"Don't" interrupted Miaozi by putting her finger to shut Thyme's lips,"Say no more.."

Thyme smiled as he leaned toward Miaozi's face slowly. She closed her eyes and tilted her head upward.

Suddenly, Thyme turned his head looking at the end of the park road while putting a sharp stare,"Who is it?"

"Eh?" Miaozi opened her eyes realising what was going on, then turned to the direction Thyme was facing.

"Ara..please forgive me if I interrupted your date. I was waiting for you to finish, but it looks like you noticed me" replied a female voice coming from the shadow outside the lantern road.

"Reveal seems that you have a business with us..or me" said Thyme as he let Miaozi's hand go.

A silhouette of long haired person came out of the shadow, walking slowly toward the lantern's reach, revealing her figure. A tall woman with silky long black hair. She wore a white blouse with ribbons and a suit jacket on top and a short dress skirt. Her high heels made her height stand out more. Her appearance showed her elegance, high-class and respected figure through manner of speech and gesture.

The woman bowed her head slightly to them and said,"Good evening. My name is Tomoyo Daidouji, of Daidouji Corporation"

Thyme gasped as soon as he heard her name, then said stutteringly,"D-D-Daidouji Corp? W-what business might you be having with us, err.. ma'am?"

"What's wrong with you, Thyme? Why are you so nervous?" whispered Miaozi.

"Ssh..she is from that Daidouji, you know, the giant enterprise who started off as a toy company and expanded into a giant retail chain" explained Thyme quickly.

"Arara..looks like you know well about my company. I'm flattered" replied Tomoyo as she smiled earnestly.

"'Your' company? Don't tell me…"

"Yes. I'm the CEO of Daidouji Corporation, Tomoyo. Nice to make your acquaintance" she bowed again.

"Holy crap! CEO?! Could it be? I'm getting scouted? Haha! No way.." said Thyme in monologue.

"Calm yourself, Thyme! She's probably just passing by" said Miaozi as she left Thyme is his fantasy and walked over to Tomoyo,"Ms. Daidouji, right? Please forgive his attitude, he's in career hunting mode because he just graduated. If I may know, do you need something from us? name is Li Miaozi, and he's…"

"I already know. Thyme Macquarie, the Cardcaptor"

"...what?!" blurted out Thyme as he heard that clearly. Miaozi's eyes turned into a sharp gaze she usually has. Thyme sensed something serious thus he changed his expression.

"How did you know about us?!" asked Thyme cautiously.

"Please don't be frightened. Maa..just call this the power of Daidouji information network.." said Tomoyo while smiling.

"That idiot and his big mouth..sigh" complained Miaozi.

"Shenlong..I knew he's up to something..anyway, since you know about us and came all the way here, I suppose you have Clow related issues to discuss, err.. ma'am?" continued Thyme.

"Please call me Tomoyo. I know the age gap is rather wide between us, but I wish us to become friends" she answered.

" still look young and pretty" blurted out Miaozi.

"Why thank you, young lady. May I call you Miaozi and Thyme then?"

Tomoyo became friendly real quick with the two, her charming personality and good manners reached Thyme and Miaozi's feelings. Although Thyme didn't want to mention his past, Clow Card in particular, he felt comfortable telling the story to Tomoyo.

"Ah..we shouldn't talk in a place like this. Come to my hotel room, I'll prepare something for you two. Here's the address.." interrupted Tomoyo while handing out a sticky note paper.

Thyme and Miaozi watched Tomoyo walked back to her black limousine accompanied by two muscular men in black suit and sunglasses.

" expected of a CEO of Daidouji Corp." mumbled Thyme.

"Do we really have to go..?" asked Miaozi.

"Why not? I like her, she's very nice. It's rude to reject it when she's that nice to us"

"No I don't mean that. What she wants to talk about, Clow Card. You must have realised it by now, this discussion is going to rip out our past. She might be holding some information we're seeking for. I know..I wanted to my find my sister too, but I'm afraid if my sister is actually not all right. I'm scared of what she's going to tell us. Like...there's no going back if we go there. Things can't be unseen or unheard" explained Miaozi with teary eyes.

"I'm perfectly aware of those. Not just Yuanzi, she might also know about Helios.'s been two years since we've decided to move on, but this chance might not come twice. Miaozi, no matter how harsh it is, I want to hear it, the truth.."

Thyme also kept a thought to himself,"There's also things I wish to know personally. The origin of the book, and about Mel"

"If you say so, I will stay by your side" answered Miaozi as she brushed her eyes and stood firm.


In the end, Thyme and Miaozi went to the penthouse suite where Tomoyo's room was located. She welcomed them and served them tea while discussing about the events happened so far.

" this is your Clow Cards.." said Tomoyo in amazement how similar they look to Sakura's counterpart.

"Yes. 52 cards all assembled. I cleared Final Judgment too, my cardcaptor duties are over" remarked Thyme confidently.

"And you say that your powers are still working? Hmm this is weird..Sakura-chan's case wasn't like that.." pondered Tomoyo.

"Ah..well..isn't it also a proof that he doesn't have anything else to do? His powers are working, and cards are well kept. This is the end of Thyme's hunt" responded Miaozi.

"Where's your guardian beast? Something like Kero-chan?" asked Tomoyo.

"Ah..that's.." stuttered Thyme.

"He's not present at the moment. Maybe he's out flying somewhere..hehee" interrupted Miaozi.

"I see. Seems like he's naughty just like Kero-chan. That's good then, because I have received a strange info. A flying giant beast with bat-like wings fighting a woman with butterfly wings and a black winged giant cat. Looks like the information is a dud" said Tomoyo as she sipped her tea.

"?!" Thyme realised what she was talking about and immediately made eye contact with Miaozi.

"Ahaha..seems like it. If I may ask, where and when did it happen?" asked Miaozi trying not to take it seriously.

"Above the skies of London, it happened quickly. A passenger on flight in an airplane heading outside England caught the glimpse. The altitude is quite high too" she continued while taking another sip of the tea.

"True's too high. The passenger's probably dreaming or seeing things in the cloud..hahaha" laughed Miaozi.

"Isn't it enough, Miaozi?" said Thyme breaking the mood. "We know that's very plausible, it might be Helios there..skies of England huh? He sure flew far"


"Well, that's about all I can tell you right now. Let me know if you'd like to discuss further" finished Tomoyo while handing out her business card before leaving the suite.

Tomoyo stood on an aeroplane landing zone accompanied by her bodyguards and associates all clad in neat glossy black suit. The throttle created wind pressures that brushed her silky long hair as she took off her sunglasses to greet the two youngsters.

"Morning..Tomoyo-san" greeted Thyme followed by Miaozi's hand waving.

"So you've decided to come along too?" asked Tomoyo to Miaozi.

"Yes, I've sorted out everything. Our preparation is set. Please let me accompany him.." she replied while bowing her head.

" problem at all. The only problem is, that I told Eriol-kun to prepare a single room. I have to talk to him again.." said Tomoyo in disappointment.

Thyme and Miaozi were bothered with Tomoyo's reaction, but decided to stay put until they got into the jet's private lounge where they sat on a luxurious couch.

"Is there something wrong, Tomoyo-san?"

"No not at all. It's just me. His stubbornness always gets on my nerves, even with my gracious patience. Sometimes it tires me out, thank god I'm not married to that man yet"

" Grandmaster Eriol is your…" interrupted Thyme.

"My boyfriend? No's not that simple, unfortunately. Maa if you put it like this, it's kind of we are dating but not seeing each other. I mean I do like him and we've feelings for each other, but reality doesn't work like those pipedream love story, you know?"

Miaozi was getting interested in Tomoyo's love affair and asked the most personal questions. Thyme tried to stop her but failed, and he just covered his face with his palm to hide his embarrassment. However it looked like Tomoyo enjoyed her conversation as well.

"Ah..before I forget, I'll let you know that your armaments are being delivered using my private courier. The airport is very sensitive to those kind of things, you can pick them up once we cleared the checkpoint" said Tomoyo.

Thyme, Miaozi, and Tomoyo exited the arrival gate in London City's airport, where they were greeted by a young man with long blue hair wearing a coat and a young woman with straight brown hair tied in a bun.

"Welcome to London!" said the guy with a bright smile offering a handshake.

"Eriol-kun! After I told you not to pick us up. I've arranged private transportation to your mansion"

"'re not happy to see me, Tomoyo-chan?" replied Eriol while keeping his heartwarming smile.

"Of course I'm happy to see you. But you never listen to me, please listen to me for once" replied Tomoyo in a gentle tone while displaying her charming smile.

Thyme and Miaozi glanced back and forth between these two as they whispered amongst themselves,"They're scary! Look at those smiles…"

"Hey hey aren't you ignoring these people?" said the woman who was with Eriol, approaching Thyme and Miaozi.

"Hmm..excuse me..have we met before?" asked Thyme to the woman.

"You know her, Thyme?" said Miaozi.

"No I don't think so. We haven't met but I just get the feeling...nah it's probably just the similar appearance" denied Thyme.

"How could you forget me? We ended up almost killing each other back then!" she yelled.

"Huh?" pondered Miaozi while staring at Thyme.

Suddenly, the flashback image from two years ago came to surface. "You're..!"

"Akizuki Nakuru, that's my name! Remember it well..cardcaptor and co." she said.

"I see..the human form of Ruby Moon, just like Yukito-san. Well then, Ms. Akizuki. Nice to meet you. If I remember correctly, we still have a score to settle" challenged Thyme.

"Sorry, but I'm not in the mood right now. Ask me some other time, okay? And call me Nakuru" declined Nakuru.

Eriol suddenly came up to them and said,"Getting along in first encounter, eh? How nice.."

Thyme suddenly glared at Eriol who was smiling at all time. He pointed his finger at Eriol while saying,"You are the mastermind who staged the Final Judgment two years ago, aren't you? Grandmaster Eriol Hiiragizawa, the half reincarnation of Clow Reed"

"You've done your homework well, cardcaptor. I am indeed Hiiragizawa Eriol, pleased to make your acquaintance" he replied without a slight response to Thyme's provocation.

"That composure.." commented Miaozi.

"Okay this kind of discussion is better be done in private, not in public places like the airport. Shall we change venue?" said Tomoyo breaking up the men's conversation.

"Very well then, I shall answer any queries you have once you arrived at my mansion in Sutherland. Let's go, Nakuru" said Eriol as he headed for the exit.

"Wait can't we just go together, I mean Tomoyo-sama's limousine should fit extra two people just fine.." offered Nakuru.

"I have some errands to make, and you're coming with me" said Eriol in an intimidating manner concealed with a gentle tone.

"Y-Yes.." replied Nakuru after she sighed and followed him.

"Mm.." mumbled Tomoyo as she saw Eriol's back and continued,"Eriol-kun has gotten stern these days. He's becoming more decisive and tough as rock in personality. He used to be a very nice boy"

"Men tend to harden their hearts as they mature. It's just a proof that he actually grows up mentally, and gaining trust to carry on responsibilities" added Miaozi as she stood next to Tomoyo.

"Ara..what responsibility are you be referring to? It couldn't be 'that', right?"

"Oh man, she's avoiding the subject.." commented Thyme as they walked to the car park and headed for the limousine.

As Thyme, Miaozi and Tomoyo arrived at Sutherland mansion, they knocked on the door checking whether Eriol has came back from his errand. They were greeted by a dark blue floating plushie doll who opened the door with his tiny body.

"H-huh? Helios?!" blurted out Thyme as he saw the creature, but then he squinted his eyes and took a close look before saying,"No you're not him, the wings and face look different"

"Are you Master Eriol's guardian beast?" asked Miaozi.

"Who are you guys? Don't trespass into someone's courtyard like..Oh!" he looked at Tomoyo then said,"Tomoyo-sama! It's been a long time since you visited Eriol"

"Hello there, Spinel-chan. How have you been?" greeted Tomoyo with a smile.

"Eriol has been lonely ever since you went back, please stay here Tomoyo-sama!"

"What's with all the commotion here, Spinel Sun?" said a familiar voice coming from inside the mansion. The door was opened wider and Kaho appeared,"You should let guests in before anything, you know? That's manner"

"Ah..Kaho.." said Thyme spontaneously. Miaozi recognised her from a picture she saw in the past.

"Ara..Mizuki-sens...I mean Kinomoto-sensei..I didn't know you were here as well. Are you on a business trip as usual?" asked Tomoyo.

"Something like that, my husband got a field project in England for couple of months, so I'm staying here since this mansion has way too many unused rooms"

"Heh..she completely ditched her lecturer role.." snickered Thyme in his monologue.

"Please, make yourselves at home. I'm not the host here, but I can be the proxy since I stay here from time to time..hehe" said Kaho as she welcomed them in.

They all settled into the vacant rooms in the mansion, took some rest and relaxing after the long travel to London. Few hours afterwards, Eriol and Nakuru came back and they all gathered in the dining room since it was dinner time. Eriol brought dinner and managed to make Tomoyo stay for the night.

Kaho let out a long breath then said,"I remember the last time we had this meal together. I believe it was in Japan, where Eriol-kun, Daidouji-san, Spinel, Ruby and me reunite after the events of Sakura Cards"

Eriol chuckled,"We're missing the main actors, Sakura-chan and Li-kun.."

"Looks like there's a replacement couple over here.." commented Tomoyo while pointing everyone's attention to Thyme and Miaozi.

Thyme and Miaozi's face became red, they were flustered and hid their face lowered down. Everyone burst in laughter as the atmosphere became lighter.

"I've heard a lot about you from Kaho-sensei. I've always wanted to meet you in person, seeing how a commoner obtained access to Clow's magic. But I'm also aware that's not your reason for coming here. As for the answer you're looking for, honestly I don't have an answer right now, due to various reasons and my own personal ones. Please don't take this to your heart, I am simply protecting the balance and doing my responsibilities as Clow's half"


"Don't worry, we're not your enemies anymore. We don't have any reason to assault you again.. Now enjoy the scrambled eggs I!" interrupted Nakuru as she handed a plate full of scrambled eggs.

"Okay I got it..but please at least tell me why did you do that two years ago?" insisted Thyme.

"It's just a safety measures, precaution, and trials. Nothing else." answered Eriol,"I had to make sure that Clow's power does not fall into the wrong hands. A commoner, is much more susceptible of power abuse as far as my memory serves. However, by defeating Yue, you've proven yourself both in skills, control, and reservation"

"Heh..I guess..handing out a nuclear gun to a civilian will terror anyone" added Thyme.

"I don't fully trust you yet, unfortunately. Unlike Sakura-chan, you're not a Clow descendant, not a magic user by birth, not a successor appointed by Clow. You just happened to stumble upon the book that responds to your will" continued Eriol,"But don't fret, since I have met you in person, I can slightly lift my doubts, and I will need you to do a favour for me to clear all my doubts"

"I've gone a hell of troubles just to capture all the cards. One more task shouldn't be difficult" flaunted Thyme.

"Once you cleared my condition, I will give you the answer you seek. And also, the truth regarding the book.." said Eriol as his gaze went sharp for a moment but then he reverted to his trademark smile,"Let's leave it at that. I'll let you know of the details later. Now, shall we discuss our nostalgic memories with everyone?"

"Hmm..what is it?" asked Eriol to Miaozi who kept staring at him intensely. Miaozi was surprised then said,"N-No..sorry, it's just..Master Eriol has always been revered by our clan headsmen. This is the first time I've seen you in's just so different"

"Ah you mean the school graduation ceremony picture with everyone? Well, I was but a kid with Clow's memories back then. I barely have my own personality, but you can see.." replied Eriol.

Miaozi noticed the difference both in appearance and personality. The picture showed Eriol was a blue short haired boy with glasses and smiling face. The Eriol in front of her was a man with blue long hair falling down to his back, tied with hairpins, wearing a frameless square shaped glasses. His eyes had changed as well, looking more mature and wiser.

"I can relate to what you've been through.." commented Thyme.

" that so?" chuckled Eriol.

Nakuru was rustling around in the corner with Spinel as if they were arguing. Eriol leaned to see what were they doing. "No, Suppi this is not the right time! Cut it out!" said Nakuru in whispering voice.

"Hmm..what is?" asked Eriol catching them off guard.

"E-Eh..? N-Nothing at all..isn't that right, Suppi?" denied Nakuru.

"Actually I..mmpfg!"

Nakuru covered Spinel's mouth with her palm while laughing it off. "You've been quiet all this time, Spinel..what's wrong? Speak up" said Eriol.

Nakuru finally let her hand go and let Spinel talk,"I've been thinking all this time. This cardcaptor defeated both Yue and Ruby. I want to test his strength myself, is he truly worthy of wielding Clow's power? Honestly, I can't sense any strong presence from him"

"I'll have you know that I wasn't defeated, that stubborn bloke was bossing me around so I couldn't even see any action!" replied Nakuru.

" other words, you want to spar with him in your true form?" confirmed Eriol.

Spinel nodded as he caught Thyme's attention. Thyme could sense a strong urge coming from Spinel. It didn't look like he will back down even though if he refused. Everyone else didn't bother to interrupt because they knew that these two put their male pride on the line.

"I'm looking forward to a great duel tomorrow. But for now, gentlemen, let's conserve any strength we have from this meal" commented Kaho approving.

"Your package should arrive by tomorrow morning, I'll have it delivered here" added Tomoyo.

"Thanks, Tomoyo-san"

Everyone gathered in the courtyard of Sutherland mansion where Thyme and Spinel will face each other off. Tomoyo came in late while carrying two long suitcases, one was handed over to Miaozi and the other one to Thyme.

"What's that?" asked Nakuru.

"Our weapon" said Miaozi while unpacking the package and removing the vacuum plastic pack. Inside was a long sword that Miaozi had been using ever since. "Then..he also has.."

Thyme unwrapped the package and took a long sword similar to Miaozi's. However, the shape was slightly different as it didn't have the Li clan insignia on the sword's handle and the blade was a bit curved, indicating that it is a single edged sword.

"Interesting" commented Spinel as he transformed into his true form while Thyme unsheathed his sword.

"Whoa-I didn't know that he can use a sword. If I remember correctly, last time he only used The Sword card to aid him.." said Nakuru.

Miaozi looked at Nakuru as she explained,"Ever since the Final Judgment, he has been traumatised and blamed himself for losing my sister and Helios. He's not the same guy you knew two years ago"

"Remember both of you, this is a spar. I won't allow any deathmatch fight. I'll stop the duel if things get dangerous.." declared Eriol as he held his staff of sun and moon.

"But still..what's with that costume, Thyme?" asked Kaho from the sideline.

"It's not like I wanted to wear this.." denied him in embarrassment as he looked at his fancy outfit with stripe linings complete with a long pointed cap.

"" said Miaozi as she looked at Tomoyo with a very delightful expression.

"'s been a long time since I've met Sakura-chan. Ever since her cardcaptor days were over I've been trying to find some use to my costume collection. Now that we have another cardcaptor, then it's my destiny to bring out all I have!"

Tomoyo took out her camera and filmed Thyme. "I'll show this to Sakura-chan. She'll be proud that her costume is now used by next cardcaptors"

"Oh" sighed Thyme in depression.

"Wait a minute, wasn't that costume worn by Sakura-chan? Does that mean you're outfitting a man with a girl costume?" asked Kaho.

"Of course not, sensei! I have made slight alteration so that it fits men's posture and style. Look at him, he looks both gallant and cute at the same time!" answered Tomoyo as she squealed childishly.

"All right, enough talking about me.. At least it's I'll bear with it. Now then..shall we begin?" said Thyme.

"I was waiting for that!" yelled Spinel as he let out a dark red beam coming out from his mouth.

Thyme was caught by surprise and jumped away to dodge as fast as he could. With his left hand, he took out his brooch and threw it in the air,"RELEASE!"

"Show time! Voice! Move! Hyaah!" yelled Thyme as he casted the Voice Move combo then followed it with subsequent combos,"Dash! Shield!"

Seeing Thyme rushing at him with full speed, Spinel immediately took flight to gain advantage from higher ground while firing barrages of dark beam to the ground. Thyme's Shield deflected the beams to the side which created explosions. Amongst the explosion smoke, Thyme rose up to the sky with The Fly card equipped to his scepter and his right hand holding the sword in a lunging stance.

"Point blank!" screamed Spinel as he fired a dark fireball which couldn't be dodged by Thyme whatsoever due to his positioning mid air.

A huge explosion in the sky blew the wind away which affected the spectators from below. Eriol casted barrier to protect everyone from the collateral damage.

"Thyme!" yelled Miaozi.

Spinel smirked as he thought he had defeated Thyme, but then he couldn't find his victim's body. Realising what happened, he turned around and looked at his surroundings.

"How naive!" said Thyme appearing from above Spinel. Spinel looked up to see Thyme, completely unharmed, diving straight at him with full gravity force at the tip of his sword.

"Ugh..was that..The Illusion?!"

"Wrong, that was The Twins. And The Power..hyahh!"

Spinel tried to erect a barrier quickly to protect himself but the applied force still pushed him to the ground at great speed. Unable to control his balance with the wings, Spinel fell to the ground hard. However, his beast instinct made him mitigate the damage by putting all his legs on the ground as a bumper.

"Not bad, cardcaptor. I can see how you defeated those two. Now that I don't have to hold back anymore because you're not a normal human.."

"Save your smack talk when you actually win! Dual-cast! Firey! Thunder! Crimson sky, smite my opponent to dust, Red Lightning!" yelled Thyme as he relentlessly continued his combo.

Thunderstorms raged with red lightning bolts that burn everything in their wake and shredded the ground, cutting any tree it passes.

"Hoo..dual-cast, huh? I've heard the reports..this is my first time seeing it personally" commented Eriol as he deflected any stray lightning bolts from hitting the spectators.

"Don't get cocky, kid!" yelled Spinel as he dashed full speed dodging most of the lightning bolts. His beastly speed combined with mystical power gave him a superb animal instinct. Spinel's jewel glowed brightly as he casted a spell that hasten his movement.

"Not on my watch..Erase!" responded Thyme as he aimed The Erase at Spinel to dispel his spell, but Spinel was way too fast that couldn't be targeted down. "Shit!"

As he moved, Spinel fires barrage of magic missiles blindly aimed at Thyme. Thyme couldn't pinpoint Spinel's movement trajectory thus couldn't predict the incoming missiles. "Arrgh!"

"Earthy! Ground Defence Formation!" commanded Thyme as The Earthy responded to his instructions. It looked like Thyme had leveled up his card's usage method that enable him to invoke what he wanted the card to do. Solid rocks covered Thyme and protected him from the missile impact for the time being.

"How long are you gonna turtle in there?!" taunted Spinel while he prepared a giant energy burst.

On the other hand, Thyme had seen this coming by using The Through. He thought of countering Spinel's attack with something that could turn the battle in a single fatal strike.

Once charged up, Spinel released a massive explosive beam toward the rock barrier. It was blasted in no time and everything around was turned into dust. However once again he couldn't find Thyme's body. This time he checked above to avoid making the same mistake, but still no sign of his opponent.

Eriol and Kaho noticed something of enormous power. "Eriol, this is.." blurted Nakuru. Eriol nodded as a drop of sweat fell from his chin.

"I've never felt this aura from him before.." said Kaho reminiscing Thyme's last encounter with Yue. Miaozi didn't know what they were talking about but trying to get the idea by context.

"As I feared, that dreaded Clow Book only responded to him for a reason. There's no way it responds to a normal human just like that" added Eriol.

Spinel also noticed the sudden change in the aura. It felt almost as if the surroundings turned into a world devoid of everything. Then he saw blood on the ground trailing from the rock that he blasted. His eyes followed the trail where he smelt the strong presence coming from the blood itself.

That day, Spinel made a mistake of continuing the duel after he felt that something strange had happened. Within a flash, Thyme took him down with a single strike which uses almost 10 cards simultaneously.

The Time, The Windy, The Fight, The Sword, The Light, The Dark, The Big, The Libra, The Sand, and The Freeze.

Sensing the danger, Eriol immediately casted the strongest repelling barrier he could cast to push Thyme away and saved Spinel.

Amongst the chaos, Thyme was laughing maniacally as the cards floated around him, shrouded his eyes in bright red light. The other spectators couldn't believe what just happened and weren't expecting it to turn like this.

Afterwards, only Eriol's voice could be heard in the scene:

"I was a fool. My other self keeps telling me to destroy both you and the damned book. Look what I've done. Mellusianne, if you're still here, please don't avert your eyes.

He is….the embodiment of true malice…"

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