Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

The Scattered Clow Cards

It was a chilling night, the city was painted with glow of lights and stars. A young man with straight black hair, wearing a long coat, striding through the narrow streets outside the city. He kept looking to his rear, as if looking for something around there.

After a long walk through the park, he sighed,"Why do I have to do this?"

He remembered the time when he met Helios, the proclaimed Guardian Beast, who ordered him to collect something called Clow Cards. The Clow Cards had been scattered around due to an incident which he himself had no idea what was going on. Strange phenomena had been happening ever since that incident. Feeling responsible, he set to redeem himself by recollecting the so called magical cards. He thought,"If a young girl can collect them, I don't see any reason why it should be difficult for me."

As he continued his search, he stumbled upon a rabbit-like animal.

"Strange, I've never seen a pink rabbit. It has a peculiar anatomy as well, hmm? Helios said Clow Cards could be in any form, is this one of them?" pondered him.

However, as he approached the creature from behind, it turned around, glanced at him, then suddenly disappeared.

"The hell…" responded him. He took out his phone and made a call. "Helios, I found a pink rabbit that can poof out of nowhere."

"AAAAAAaaa! That's the Jump Card!" yelled the high pitched voice coming from the phone.

He quickly lowered the volume to minimum after distancing his ear from the annoying voice. "So what can I do to get him?"

"Just do as we did yesterday, okay? I'm pretty sure you remember the chants."

"I know that! What I meant was there any tips or strategies to catch him?!" he replied while getting ready to hang up the call.

"What's tip? Is that food?" asked Helios before his call was cut off while hearing a groan on the other side.

"Pssh..ordering people around, but doesn't even know what to do." sighed him,"I guess it's up to me now. Let's see if I still remember the procedures."

He grabbed an orb shaped brooch decorated with white wings from his left chest, lifted it in front of his body. He looked around to make sure nobody was around before he closed his eyes and concentrated. Magic circle started to form below his feet.

"Key of Eternal Seal, guardian of light and darkness, reveal your true form. Lend me your strength! RELEASE!"

The brooch was engulfed with blinding light before it was transformed into a dark blue scepter, only enough to be held by one hand. On the tip, there was a glowing blue orb, encased with the scepter's frame, decorated with twin wings ornament.

He extended his hand to reach the scepter, then the light vanished along with the magic circle. He thought,"I still can't believe this kind of thing actually exists!"

He seeked out the pink creature once again, and found it on top of a tree branch deep inside the park's foliage. He smirked, then approached it from behind again. He pointed the scepter at the creature while his left hand grabbed his pocket. As the first sneak attempt failed, so did this one. The creature noticed his presence, then jumped away.

"Ugh!" he growled, then gave it a chase. His left hand took out a card, then lifted it in front his face. "The Flower..huh? What am I gonna do with you?". He tried to keep his distance not too far away from the creature, but he couldn't keep up with its speed. There was nothing else he could think of except using his one and only Clow Card.

"Flower, disperse and surround them with your petals!" he chanted while throwing the card in the air. "The Flower!" he yelled after he slashed it with his scepter.

As he chased, blooming flower petals were raining in the area. There were too many of them that they covered the rabbit's vision, limiting his jumping radius. He closed the gap, then swung his scepter to command the petals to bind the creature. "Race is over, you're mine!"

"Return to your true form, Clow Card!" he chanted while pointing the scepter toward the creature. As the magic circle appeared again, both the petals and the creature were absorbed into the scepter's orb. After a period, two cards appeared in front of the orb. He grabbed it, then slumped down upon a nearby tree while panting. He looked over the two cards in his hand then smiled.

"Heh..heh..finally got you, bugger. Whew, I don't think this Cardcaptor job is right for me. Come to think of it, how did my predecessors cope with this sort of stuff?"

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