Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

The Rise of Cardcaptor Thyme

"Return to your true form, Clow Card!" yelled the young man, pointing his dark blue scepter toward a man holding a sword. The sword dispersed into thin air then got absorbed into the scepter's orb before it returned into its card form.

"Nicee Thymee! You nailed it! I thought we were gonna die for a second there." said a floating creature shaped like a plush doll.

The guy holding the card labelled 'The Sword', Thyme replied,"Seriously, this Cardcaptor stuff is a life or death job. I don't understand how an elementary school girl you mentioned could pull this off when we were almost stabbed to death."

"Like I told you, she is a descendant of Clow Reed, while you, just a commoner with coincidental magic synchronisation. The accident the other day was the proof of that." replied Helios,"The difference is that Clow Reed never had any plans to hand over his magic to you. But on the other hand, there is no one else better for the job."

"This should be worth my time and effort, Helios. I'm skipping classes and work because of this, you know…"

"Don't worry, when you possess the complete magic of Clow Reed, there is nothing you cannot do. The only limit is your own power." replied Helios as he flew back inside Thyme's jacket's pocket.

"Still..I'm impressed that you could defeat a strong card like The Sword with just Jump and Flower cards. You basically outmanoeuvred him with constant jumping and blinding him with flower petals." continued Helios.

Thyme Macquarie, was but a regular university student, working part-time at a graphic studio. His life was pretty mundane before his fateful encounter with Helios, the Guardian Beast who appeared from the Clow Book. Unlike his thought impression that the Clow Book was supposed to be red, with a golden lion on the cover, Thyme's book where Helios came from, was a dark blue book, and Helios was supposed to be from a picture of a wyvern on the cover.

Thyme's daily life involved his study and work, with hunting cards at night. He did not get plenty of rests, thus he recuperated during his spare time. With such limited time frame, Thyme could only reach so far and slow. However, Clow Cards also appeared during his day activities such as the Power, who wreaked havoc in the campus park. Fortunately, Thyme managed to seal it using his combined magic and intelligence.

One day, he heard news that one of his classmate was beaten to almost a pulp by a person weaker than him in physical strength. The bully was beaten by the bullied, which looked strange to Thyme and Helios.

"Hmm the weak becomes strong..was this the Clow Cards?" asked Thyme in his bedroom sitting on top of a swivel chair.

"That's strange, empowering things should the Power's effect. But we got her already, so it must be another card with the similar effect." replied Helios floating above Thyme's bed.

"In that case, it might be worth testing the Power against this fellow. I happened to be acquainted with the guy's friend, I will challenge him to a duel then you can give me some tips."

"Tips? Cookie?" replied Helios followed by Thyme's sigh.

So the challenge was issued, it was a blackmail from Thyme to expose the boy's crime, and as expected, the possessed boy came to answer it. Thyme stood on the campus' empty gym's wooden floor. The frail boy came nervously, walking in and glancing with the top corner of his eyes in fear.

"Enough with the pretense, I've identified you, Clow Card." said Thyme as his right hand reached his brooch and his left hand reached his back pocket.

Surprised by Thyme's declaration, the boy suddenly showed his possessed form, with faint aura glowing from his body, getting into a fighting stance.

"That's the Fight card yaaa! Same as Power, you can only weaken her by defeating her in combat." said Helios through a headset communicator attached to Thyme's left ear connected to his phone inside the pocket.

"All right on! RELEASE!"

Thyme's left hand threw a card in front of him. As the card float, magic circle appeared below him. He spun his scepter with his right hand and pointed the orb at the card while yelling,"Sword!"

His scepter transformed into a one-handed sword with wing decorated handguard. "Haaah!" Thyme lunged forward but it was dodged easily by the master of martial art, the Fight.

Thyme launched flurry of slashes but they were all dodged. Frustrated, Thyme went for a front kick after the boy dodged. The boy dodged it again by jumping high backward.

"Tch!" Thyme's left hand grabbed his back pocket again, then brought out another card, he threw it in front of him. "JUMP!" he yelled as the sword slashes through the card.

Thyme leaped high to reach the boy in the air. Before he could swing his sword, the boy had already disappeared. "What?!"

"Behind you, Thymeeee!" yelled Helios over the earpiece.


Thyme could feel the boy's small knee smashed his back, tiny but was enough to make Thyme screamed in pain.

"Uwaaaaaaaaaah!" another scream as the boy continued serial attacks against Thyme in mid-air. The last kick sent Thyme to the ground after a loud cracking noise.

"Thyme, are you alright? Sorry, I can't do much in this form."

"Shit! That hurts!" growled Thyme as he recovered his stance, looked upward to see the boy is initiating a diving strike directly toward him.

Thyme reacted quickly with his left hand reaching his back pocket, took out another card. He intended to use Power card but drew Flower instead. A moment he realised the boy was getting closer, Thyme leaped as far as Jump's ability could to avoid the splashing impact. The diving fist cracked the wooden floor, before it completely destroyed the surroundings.

Thyme was still thrown around by the shockwave, but he regained his stance and quickly leaped forward again despite his injuries. He had to throw the Flower card on the ground to get the Power card he wanted. Blood dripped from his arm to the card.

"Cards made by Clow, grant me the superior strength to defeat my opponents! Power!"

Unfortunately, he didn't have any strength to continue. His eyes were heavy as he fell down to the ground, dropping both the scepter and the card. As the Fight was going to finish him off, Helios jumped in and erected a repulsive barrier. The boy was blown aback hitting against the wall, then Helios pushed him using a magical aura that separated the Fight and the boy. A silhouette of a woman in fancy outfit came out of the boy's body, floating in the air before she ran away. Helios exhaled deeply then turned into the bruised and bleeding master lying unconscious below.

"I guess it's too much to ask for someone with no innate magical abilities." exhaled Helios,"The least I can do is return your former life back."

Helios picked the scattered cards, then used his entire strength to pull Thyme out of the building before a security guard on patrol discovered him.

Thyme opened his eyes, it was already morning. He got up and brushed his eyes with his fingers. He realised that he was back inside his room, someone must have taken him back and tended to his injuries. He saw Helios was sitting on top of his desk facing the other way, looking at the brooch key.

"Helios, sorry I failed." said Thyme in a gentle tone.

Helios realised that Thyme had woken up, turned around and looked at him with pitiful eyes.

"No it's my fault. I shouldn't have used you in the first place."

"What?! You think I will give up after these scratch marks? Next time I'll beat that card. If only I had drawn the right card at the right time…"

"Are you serious? You're injured and almost died! I can't possibly answer to my former master if I let you die."

"Putting that aside, my life is not comparable to the world's."

"Are you talking about the catastrophe? Yes I'm aware but…" Helios paused for a moment. He had realised that Thyme suddenly developed magical talents out of nothingness. According to his knowledge, magical abilities are inherited or bestowed upon someone, but Thyme, who had no magical talent, even became able to wield the key, which surprised him as well. He wondered if this was a side effect of Clow magic.

"Don't worry, I'll be back in shape soon. Then we can chase them it, Helios?"

Helios nodded in agreement as his eyes got teary. "Thank you.."

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