Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

Unlikely Partners

Thyme had missed lots of his work shifts due to continuous sick leaves, thus his boss ordered him to work more after he recovered to cover his negligence. After the last duel with the Li sisters, Thyme collapsed and didn't wake up after 10 days. As he woke up he felt dizzy and very tired, but he used the Time Card once to fast forward his body rejuvenating process. He intended to answer his boss' call to work afterwards.

"My god, Thymey..where have you been all this time? All the clients were looking for you specifically. They said they don't want their jobs to be done by someone else. I was really going to fake your work to get by the deadline!" said Teo, the lead Graphic Designer and owner of Illusion Illustrations, also Thyme's boss.

"Please don't do that boss, you'll ruin my reputation..that aside, I'm already tired of telling you not to call me 'Thymey'."

" and the boss are always the humour we need in this studio!" said a colleague.

"But..still.. You're one of the ace illustrator here in Illusion Illustrations.. Don't neglect your job just because you're popular among clients now.. Not to mention, without you to answer the boss' joke it feels really dull here you know? Hahaha!" said another colleague.

"I wish boss would stop making fun of me.." sighed Thyme.

"Oh yeah..boss since you're here what's the progress of the new applicant? Will she be working here?" asked the colleague.

"Ahem..of all the girls that work here, does no one suit your refined taste? Young men, you need to appreciate women that are already exist in your life…." said Teo.

"Ahem..boss is still very young as well and single..still no woman in sight" interrupted Thyme mimicking Teo's speech before everyone bursted into laughter.

"Thymey, you will regret those words! For I have accepted that girl and now I will have you teach her things here."

"Nooooooo! What about my pile of jobs?"

"Have her help you. Two are better than one, right? Toodles, Thymey!" said the boss in rhyme before he dashed out to his office. Everyone bursted into laughter again. "Tomorrow, please don't come." complained Thyme.

As the next day started, Thyme started his work early in the morning. He left Helios in charge of detecting any Clow Card movement or Li sisters while he was away. He was getting ready to begin his work until Teo came in the employee's studio.

"Hey guys, I have a meeting with clients until afternoon. The new girl will come soon, someone greet her and….ten dollars bet Thymey will have crush on that girl, who's in?"

"Go away boss!" hushed Thyme as everyone was entertained first thing in the morning.

The artists got back to their work as soon as the boss left, until after a while someone rang the studio's bell. "Oh it's her!" said a colleague. People were rushing out of their desks trying to greet her, or at least take a peek of her. Thyme was pulled out of his desk by his team because he was the one assigned for responsibility.

"Ooh..she is a hottie!"

"Let me take a look! Oh wow, she looks like girls from our illustrations.."

"These lustful idiots.." Thyme sighed amongst the crowds,"Step aside folks! I need to do my job." as he forced his way to the front.

"Of all the idiocy, you just wooing every new girl, this is exactly…...GAAAAAH!" screamed Thyme in surprise.

"Aaaah!" screamed the girl in response.

"What's wrong?" asked a colleague.

"This girl..!" yelled Thyme.

There was no reason why Thyme wouldn't snap at the first glance, because the new working girl was none other than Li Yuanzi. In his mind there was only one sentence regarding her,"The rude and strong girl who took my Clow Card"

"Oh now you're chasing me up to here, huh? If you want a duel, you could've asked. I still have something to get from you, after all." said Thyme in a sinister manner.

The crowd frowned Thyme's action as the girl looked scared and nervous. Some of the words were heard such as "Bastard!" or "If you don't want her, I can teach her stuff.." or "Why are you so rude to this innocent girl?"

"Don't tell me that your sister will appear in my apartment next…"

Thyme's action again attracted hatred from his colleagues. Thyme took Yuanzi's hand and led her to an empty meeting room before he caused another uproar in the studio.

"'re not going to get anything by doing this..I won't let my guard down." said Thyme while pointing at her.


"What? Did I mishear stuff?" Thyme cleared his ear with his finger.

"I mean..I'm sorry for the other night. I think I hurt you badly…but" said Yuanzi in a cute voice.

"Wait a minute!" halted Thyme as he saw the door was not closed properly and there were shadows upon the gap hole. He walked toward the door to slam it close before the people scattered away. He turned around while scratching his head.

"Hey..did you hit your head or something?" said Thyme in a mean tone.

She shook her head, then smiled and grabbed Thyme's hand. He quickly backed away,"What did you just do? Did you cast something on my hand?! Answer me!"

Yuanzi approached him again trying to grab his hand. "I casted a spell called 'forgive me'..did it work?"

Thyme was lost in thought, he didn't move for a moment. "T-This girl, last time tried to kill me, stole my card, now is standing so fragile in front of me. This is the right time if I want to claim what's mine, yes that's what I'm gonna do" thought Thyme,"But wait a minute, what if this is all a trap? Yes, an elaborate trap that I couldn't see yet. Yes that must be it. I need to tread with caution, worst come to worst I might lose more cards to her. I need to be vigilant, I need to be strong so that it won't happen like last time."

"Uhh..yeah it works I guess." replied Thyme.

Yuanzi's expression turned into the earnest smile he has ever seen. It was almost as if she showed him the hidden side of her. Suddenly Thyme's heart was beating faster and his body heat temperature started to raise.

"'re here to work, right? Let's separate our private and professional matter.." he said as he looked away from her face. She replied with a smile.

Thyme took her to an empty desk in the corner far away from the rest of team because there were no desks left in the area. He gave her some documents to read on beforehand so that she understand the basic rules of the studio. However as he sat back on his chair, he saw his colleagues were approaching the lone corner desk.

"Hi new girl! I'm Jack, one of senior designer here. Nice to meet you."

She nodded bashfully and introduced herself.

"So I see that you're already acquainted with Thyme. If I don't interrupt your privacy, may I know what is your relationship with him?" asked him with confidence.

"Just directly ask her what does she mean by 'that night'!" yelled one colleague from behind.

Suddenly her face turned red and hid behind her long hair. Thyme was getting unsettled watching them but he didn't want to get involved either. He tried to ignore them by focusing on his work.

"I..umm..sorry it's kind of secret.." replied Yuanzi. The combinations of her gestures and words suggested something else to the other colleagues as all of them turned red, especially Thyme.

Thyme couldn't hold it anymore, he got up and walked toward the crowd surrounding Yuanzi's desk.

"Alright, this is a misleading conversation leading to a fatal misunderstanding.. You! Come with me!" said Thyme while grabbing Yuanzi's hand and went back to his desk. He also moved all her things to his desk, then made a small space on his work desk for her. His actions was not without the crowd cheering and whistling on him though.

"Thank you..umm T-Thyme.." she said embarrassedly.

"N-No problem..just doing my job..heh!" he replied awkwardly.

Thus they continued to work without talking to each other with Thyme warding off everyone who tried to get close to his desk. Luckily, Teo didn't come back in time to add another excitement in the studio for the day.

"The Li sister works in your office?!" yelled Helios after hearing Thyme's bad day rant.

Thyme jumped on his bed and stretched his body,"They infiltrated my university and my workplace. But yeah, it was strange how her attitude changes 180 degrees."

"Don't trust them, Thyme! Never! Believe me, they will betray you in the end. I, we know their objective.."

"I know..don't get me wrong, I haven't forgotten the Watery Card."

"Forget the Watery Card, did you not remember the last thing they said to us? Or were you unconscious at that time? They wanted to eliminate our Clow Cards, and me.."

Thyme's face turned sour as he heard it for the first time. "What?! Then, Watery Card…"

"No they can't do anything if it's not a complete deck with the book, however that's why they came inside your life. From what happened today, I can strongly suggest that the sister is approaching you to divide us, in other words, get your permission to cancel our pact."

"Hmm..I'll be careful, Helios." said Thyme in conviction,"Anyway, I'm so tired today, so might call it a day..good night!"

It was a dark space, filled with nothing but Thyme's body. "Huh?" he said while wondering what was going on. He recalled the same thing happened when he dreamed. "This dream..again.." he said. He was expecting the silhouettes to come but they never came. As the darkness lifted, there was the familiar scene where Thyme's standing in front of the man with the broadsword and chakram bell. This time, he could see clearer and he saw something that caught his attention, the robe the man was wearing. It had a certain symbol that Thyme had seen it somewhere, but he couldn't recall it. He looked to his sides but couldn't find Helios. "Huh that's strange, as far as I remember..Helios was.."

"So you realised…" said a woman in a soft voice.

"...who's there?!" said the alerted Thyme.

The woman showed herself, draped in a long dress with ornaments from her hair to her shoes. The pattern looked familiar as well. "Are you..Clow Card?" he asked.

"I am The Dream who controlled everything in this realm."

"I thought was an illusion." said Thyme.

"You think so? As you are not capable of prophetic dream, only through me it is possible."

"I don't understand anything you said!"

"You time. But that's not the reason of why I showed myself in front of you. I have never intended to show myself in front of someone who could seal me."

Thyme listened in without interrupting this time.

"I don't have anything else to show you..because you..changed the future. It wasn't supposed to be like this. The Clow plans were altered and you are the main reason. Regardless, I am no longer bound to Clow, and it appears that you will protect us cards when the day comes. As a token of my gratitude, I will join you and lend my power to your cause."

"Very well..I do not yet understand what's going on, but if you are going to help me in my quest, then welcome aboard. Key that holds the power of darkness. Reveal your true form. I, Thyme, under our pact command thee, RELEASE! Return to your original form, Clow Card."

Before The Dream was entirely absorbed into the card, she left her last remark,"If you wish to use my power, you might want to seek The Sleep's help. I will gladly help you envision your future, my master."

Thyme was more concerned in the missing Helios rather than the boy's identity. He woke up in the morning finding his hand holding a card labelled 'The Dream'. He was convinced that The Dream's prediction was true and told Helios everything that happened inside the dream. Helios looked sad after hearing the story.

"I in the end, I will disappear. The future changes, before you said that I was in your dream..and now the dream after the Li sisters came, I am gone. The Dream shows you the future, then the conclusion is clear now." said Helios in depression.

"Hey now..don't get emo on me.. The future can be changed.."

"How will you change the future, even the Time Card cannot do that!" yelled him while crying.

"The Dream told me that.. Were you listening to my story? You were there but then you weren't.." Thyme paused for a moment.

"Draw the conclusion with your smart head then.." insulted Helios.

"But there's still a chance. If the future has changed, then we just have to revert it..or change it again so you are there."

"None of your saying make any sense! Just give me the The Hope from Sakura Book and I will be happy!" said Helios sarcastically.

"Calm down, this is a trick to throw us into panic. I will keep monitoring the future through The Dream, but I don't know how to combine it with the Sleep."

"Overlay the cards then summon them both at the same time, idiot!" said Helios with crying voice.

Thyme tried stacking the two cards, The Dream and The Sleep in front of him and pointed them with his scepter, but nothing happened. If all, only the front card responded to the scepter, which was The Dream. But The Dream couldn't work outside dream world, thus nothing resolved from the card. He wanted to ask Helios for advice afterwards, but backed off immediately after hearing Helios' cry.

"Ha! You can't do dual-cast? It is impossible with a commoner after all. Don't worry it's my fault, shouldn't have chosen you in the first place….Cerberus' master could even dual-cast two elemental cards at her first try! Oh help me, I'm doomed"

"Tch..come on. Thyme, think, think! I have an idea!" said Thyme.

Thyme used The Mirror to copy himself and Twins to copy the scepter's image, thus enabling each to summon The Sleep and The Dream. However The Mirror went to sleep as soon as the card resolves but nothing happened to Thyme. "Huh?"

"That's just the same thing as two person doing one card at the time!" yelled Helios.

"Damn it!"

Thus the peaceful days ended. The dark future loomed for both Thyme and Helios as well as the Clow Cards. In the next few days, Thyme tried to distance himself from Yuanzi at work to avoid the predetermined future. He thought,"If Helios said he will be gone because of the Li sisters, then I shall cut any interactions so that they can't interfere with our future.". Yuanzi, on the other hand, tried her best to approach Thyme but often turned down coldly.

"Catastrophe and now this..I can't prevent any of these. I need more power!" said Thyme.

"Heyy..Thyme! I've been looking for you! Why are you separating yourself from the other students? What if you get lost in the mountain?" greeted Yuanzi as she ran toward him.

It was an outing day where the students of university took a trip to the mountain. Some preferred hiking the mountain, enjoying scenery and picnic on the green area, or observing the animals there.

"Get away from me!" hushed Thyme.

"My, how rude, after all the time she searched for you." replied Miaozi who followed Yuanzi behind.

"Your scheme, I know your schemes all along. Don't play dumb with me, you're after my cards! Do you really think by turning your attitude, you will get something out of me?!"

"But I…"

"Stop it, Yuanzi. There's no point in arguing, after that incident." halted Miaozi.

Thyme ran away from the sisters to the top of mountain, as he thought there's no way girls could climb up that high. He reached the top, looked at the scenery in front of his eyes, then lots of thoughts suddenly came inside his head. The scenery was perfect for one to contemplate with mind issues. However, he had forgotten that the Li sisters were not ordinary girls.

"Ah-ha..there you are!" cheered Yuanzi from below.


Yuanzi jumped quickly to Thyme's position. Thyme sighed and looked at her with pale eyes. "Hey, what's wrong? Are you sick?" said Yuanzi as she held Thyme's hand and leaned her face close to his forehead.

"W-whoa don't get close to me!" responded Thyme as he backed away, but didn't notice that he stepped on an uneven ground. He fell while Yuanzi's hand was still holding onto him, so they fell together with Yuanzi on top of him.

"Yaah! Are you okay?" she said while breathing close to his face.

"Ungggh.." growled Thyme as he was left speechless due to his suddenly raised body temperature and dilated pupils that couldn't find anywhere to look at.

The wind got stronger and there was a familiar feeling coming to them. "...This is.." "Clow Card!"

Thyme regained his self and pushed Yuanzi off his body to get up. "You won't get past me this time!" warned him.

Yuanzi stood up and took her sword that was put in a long telescope bag. Thyme immediately put his earpiece on and called Helios through the line, but the reception was too weak on top of a mountain that he couldn't get it through. "Damn it!"

"Looks like I have to make due with this.."

" better be careful! This is a strong one." said Yuanzi with a tone similar to the first time they met.

Thyme paused for a moment, glanced at her, thinking,"She's back to normal! This is her self during that time..Hiding from me won't be that easy as I thought."

With only the two of them in the middle of the gust, both Thyme and Yuanzi had to stood back to back, like it or not. They tried to locate the Clow Card form where the presence is the most intense, but the presence was not focused at all. As the cloudy sky gave a darker and nearer sight to those two, a huge shadow casted itself upon them. Realising something, they both looked up to see what was blocking the sunlight. It was a giant creature, soaring high in the sky, of the shape of a massive bird. Both of them were shocked and trembling at the same time.

"I-It can't be..that huge creature, C-Clow Card?" said Thyme nervously.

"It's giant!" continued Yuanzi.

"'s almost as's a legendary monster. What is that card?"

"The Fly"

After overcoming themselves of nervousness, they stood firm taking a stance to fight the card. "Key that holds the power of darkness. Reveal your true form. I, Thyme, under our pact command thee, RELEASE!" Thyme took his scepter while Yuanzi readied her sword stance and leaped off to chase the beast.

"VOICE..MOVE..this one's on us!" said Thyme as he initiated the Voice Move combo. "DASH and JUMP..let's chase after them!" Thyme leaped off after the two.

"Shin Raitei Shourai!" chanted Yuanzi while shooting lightning at the giant bird. Strangely, each lightning strike was deflected for some reason. According to the Li archives, The Fly is vulnerable to wind based attack. Thunder was indeed a wind based element.

"I can only reach him from long range..then ARROW, let's do some bird hunting!" said Thyme as the Arrow Card came in front of him to be summoned. It turned Thyme's scepter into a longbow, with a tiny blue orb tip and wing shaped feathered quill. Thyme tried to aim properly but he missed the shot despite the size of the target. "Damn, I can't aim and run at the same time! SHOT! Assist Arrow, volley shots!" he said as he detached Arrow from his scepter. However, each projectile was either blown away by the wind or deflected.

"It can't be shot down?! Then how am I supposed to get it? It's far too high for the Jump card's reach." said Thyme.

"Shin Fuuka Shourai!" Yuanzi gained higher jump and floated higher to reach the bird but it was still as far as The Jump's reach. Looking at Yuanzi, Thyme got an idea. "Cards made by Clow, grant me your power. Take me to the height of the sky! Go FLOAT!" yelled him as the Float Card ejected from his holster and activated by the scepter.

"Shin Kashin Shourai! [Divine Fire God Summoning]" Yuanzi dished out fireballs to try reaching the bird from long range again, but Thyme used Shield to deflect them all. Yuanzi saw it and saddened,"Why?"

"He's mine! Don't you dare lay a finger on it!" yelled Thyme from above as he flew slowly chasing the bird. "Alright, now that I'm in better range, let's try my options.. THUNDER!" he summoned The Thunder to burn the bird, but again, lightning was deflected back and hit Thyme. "Gwaaaah!"

Yuanzi turned around to get to Thyme's falling body. She dispelled her wind spell and casted another one to cushion Thyme's landing. "Are you alright?"

"Ugh.." moaned Thyme as his body was still generating electricity. Yuanzi was too afraid to touch him because of it.

"We can't hit it from long range, we must attack it directly." advised her.

"I know that..guh!" scowled Thyme as he stood up after the electricity vanished. "If I can't chase it, then I'll just trap it for now. LOOP!"

The Fly flew in a circular motion due to The Loop distorting dimensional space, but it gained speed over time and created a whirlwind instead.

"Oh crap! Now I can't approach it even more. I was going to use Shadow to bind it, but now that there's the whirlwind, I don't know what to do. The wind breaks the shadow." he thought.

"Cancel the Loop now!" ordered Yuanzi.

For once, Thyme agreed with her and cancelled The Loop before it created bigger cyclone. As the bird freed from the circular motion, it soared high and released the cyclone toward Thyme and Yuanzi.

"Uh oh! Not good..FREEZE!" said Thyme as he released icy particles from his scepter toward the incoming cyclone.

"No don't use Freeze! Yaaah!" she said but it was too late as the particles were easily blown back at them.

"Come..SHIELD! Hold on, we'll still be blown away, in that case, WOODY, use your roots and tie us to the ground." he ordered.

The cyclone sucked the two inside and went past them. The two closed their eyes as the wind grazed the Shield and opened their eyes after it passed.

"Phew..that was close..wait a minute! Why did I save you too?" said Thyme.

Yuanzi giggled before she replied,"You talk all high and mighty, but subconsciously, you care for me."

"Nevermind! Consider us even then..Moreover, the bird..and where's your sister?"

"Uhh..she went back to the cottage. I don't think she can sense Clow Card this far."

"Abandoned by our partners I see, how sad. Might not hurt sharing battle tactics with you though, but I will still be the one to capture it first." said Thyme lowering his tone.

"The Fly should be weak to projectiles, I don't know why he's immune to it."

"No he's not's just that our attacks never make it. It's like something redirect and blow them. Some kind of shield..but invisible.." analysed Thyme.

"Hmm if it's physical objects, then air pressure could play a part. I mean, The Fly could create huge gust and air pressure with its flapping wings. But somehow it works for energy projectiles such as lightning and frozen particle..I wonder what that means.." pondered Yuanzi.

"Air pressure, huh? Then let's see the true form of this shield. FLOWER!" casted Thyme as The Flower spread her petals toward the flying bird. The petals started to move in a flowing circular motion surrounding the bird. Some of them were blown away but the others remained in the spinning motion. It looked as if the flowers was rotating around the bird for a certain radius.

"Hmph..I see. The invisible shield of the bird is none other than wind itself. But what I don't get is how wind can deflect lightning.." continued Thyme.

"The Fly is not capable of creating shield for itself..unless there is another card doing the job. And the card that has the ability to deflect lightning, either The Shield or the ruler of the wind elemental itself, The Windy Card." explained Yuanzi.

"So it's two cards in one elemental card even..fine by me. All more the reason for me to catch it before you do!" said Thyme as he tailed the bird again from below again.

"Ah..hey..!" Yuanzi wasn't able to stop him, thus only followed him behind.

Thyme jumped as high as he could. The wind shield should be close to his distance. "Let's go Shield!" Thyme forcefully entered the barrier by grazing his own shield. There was sound of friction between the shield against the sharp wind. He knew that he could only enter half of his body through. "I'm counting on you, SAND! Go!" He threw in sand to block The Fly's vision, however as some of the sand that went inside the wind shield spun around it, even sand could become a sharp spinning particles. The Fly let out a screeching noise as it was hurt and blinded by the sand. Thyme pushed himself out of the wind shield to land.

The Fly finally noticed the two humans' presence below it and turned its body around toward them. It flew lower and accelerating itself as if it was going for a dive attack. "Brace for impact..or not. THROUGH! Grant me a chance to get past the gale!" Along with The Through's help, Thyme managed to get past the wind. There was only the bird and him one on one. "SWORD!"

"Cards made by Clow, lend me your strength! POWER!" chanted Thyme as he increased the sword's strength. "Take this! Hyaaaah!" yelled him. A loud crashing noise between the two colliding forces was heard before Thyme and The Fly were pushed back. Luckily, The Woody was still active thus bound Thyme's feet so he didn't fall. The Fly, on the other hand, crashed to the ground.

" stay there.." he said as he reverted his scepter and prepared the magic circle to capture the card. "Return to your true fo...arrrgh!"

The Fly flapped its wings again and caused Thyme's balance to waver. It stood up and started to fly away from him. "No..not again.." groaned Thyme.

"Shin Raitei Shourai!" chanted Yuanzi quickly before the bird could reach the sky. The lightning went through and hit The Fly. Both Thyme and Yuanzi were shocked as this time the lightning was not repelled. "Huh? The wind shield's gone..?"

However the bird endured the pain and fled from the two. "Open fire! Shot, Arrow, Thunder!" ordered him to his active cards floating in the area. This time they successfully took the bird down, but it was still struggling on the ground. Yuanzi leaped on top of it and put her sword right on top of its feather. The sword emitted an aura that binds the bird's movement. "Now seal it quick!" she yelled.

Without hesitation Thyme quickly sealed the card. "Don't relax just yet..The Windy is still around!" said Yuanzi.

"I know.. but hey..thanks.." replied him awkwardly.

"If they fight as two, why don't we fight as two as well?" she answered without looking at him.


"Still..I don't know how can we stop the wind? We can barely see it.." she added.

"The main body, huh? If we can't see it, we just have to feel it..I have something in mind..SNOW!"

As the snow poured from above, whenever there was wind, the snow would be blown in that direction, creating a pattern to locate the wind's flow. Thyme and Yuanzi followed the direction after the snow piled for a while. "Hmm this is where the wind is strongest, it seems."

"In that case, there's only one more thing to do before it reveals its main body. MIST, create a layer in the air!" chanted Thyme.

Through the mist, they could see there was a small space in the air not affected by the mist. "Found it!" said Thyme. "The Windy!" called Yuanzi. The Windy responded when her name was called. She showed herself in the air, the figure of a tall woman surrounded by gales. After she saw the two, she turned around and flew away. "Hey..she's running away!"

"Wind cannot go past solid objects..I'll call MAZE!" called Thyme as the maze walls were blocking the wind from passing through. The Windy went in anyway and drove her way inside to find an exit. Thyme and Yuanzi could see the trails of snow went inside the maze then followed it. They followed the snow trail and eventually cornered her in a dead end.

"Even though we cornered her, I can't capture it." said Thyme as the Windy kept moving around in the corner.

"I know what to do.." said Yuanzi as she took out The Watery card,"Only an elemental card can defeat elemental card."

"..." Thyme didn't know what to say..

"Here goes.. WATERY!" yelled Yuanzi as she threw the card in front of her and pointed her sword to it. The water formed a spherical liquid that enveloped The Windy, preventing her from moving around. "Now's your chance..Thyme."

"... I don't like where this is going.." said Thyme as he hesitated and glanced at Yuanzi.

Yuanzi's serious expression turned into a smile when Thyme looked at her. Thyme let out a long sigh. "Fine, here we go.." he said in a despair.

"LOCK..seal her powers.." ordered him to seal The Windy's power to weaken her.

"Return to your original form. Clow Card.."

The Windy was absorbed, and obviously the card went straight to Yuanzi's hand afterwards. Thyme was very quiet after Yuanzi held the two elemental cards in her hand. She saw Thyme's displeased expression. She must've thought that after all his hard work, the card ended up in her hands after all. She walked closer to him.

"Here…" she said while laying out her hand which held The Windy Card.

Thyme raised his hanged head, slowly turning his face toward her hand. "What's this? A consolation?" he said in a flat tone.

"You keep it.."

"I don't understand your intention.."

"Me neither.." she said that with a giggle.

"You can't realise your plan if I have the cards, you know that right?"

"I know.." she said without any hesitation.

"I...I can't.." replied him after letting out a long sigh.

She didn't answer, but still offering the card to him. Thyme reluctantly raised his hand to pick it up many times, but he couldn't do it. "I..I already got The Fly.. it's not fair if I take everything."

"It's okay.." she said.

" least..we can swap them.."

"No..I don't want it. Here.." she shook her head and offered her hand holding the card again in front of him.

There was so much going on in Thyme's mind. "This could be a trap..but even though it's trap, it's a good one to be baited in, I mean it's The Windy Card. What can go worse if I have this card in my hand? Nevermind that, the problem is I can't read her motivations. This is a good opportunity to get ahead of her after all, with a single elemental card, I could stand on par with them in the next hunt. I..I don't know what to do…" he thought.

Thyme gripped his scepter hard and slowly raised his left hand to pick the card. As he touched the card, Yuanzi could feel the weight of Thyme's hand almost as if his hand was touching her hand directly. She staggered a bit, but held her hand still. Time felt very slow as Thyme slowly slipped the card out of her hand. He stared at the card and made a depressed look on his face. Yuanzi stole a glance at his face.

Thyme realised that she looked at him. "Ah..umm..sorry..I mean, thanks.." he said without daring to look her in the eye.

"N-No..I didn't do anything..I-It was purely your effort.."

"No!" he denied loudly. "Ah..sorry..didn't mean to raise my voice."

Yuanzi waved her hand to tell him that there was no need to apologise.

"Without you, I wouldn't be able to make it. It's because you're helping me.."

"Ssh.." she raised her finger in front of her lips,"Don't tell my sister, okay?"

Thyme nodded reluctantly. Yuanzi looked at Thyme's thankful smile, before she bashfully turned her face against him, sheathed her sword, ran away and left a goodbye,"I had fun..until next time!"

" too"

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