Cardcaptor Thyme: The Second Tome

Fantasy World of Earthy

It was a rainy night, Thyme had just gotten back from his work and had a long warm shower. Helios was watching the news on TV when suddenly he poked at Thyme on a rather strange news report.

"The victim believed he saw a dragon and a giant on the other side of the world. We believe that hallucination could be caused by drowsiness or drunkenness.." said the reporter.

"No! I saw it and can feel the warm fire breath of the dragon. I was completely sober I tell you! You can ask the other person who walked here the other night, he saw the same thing. See? It's consistent, you can't be telling me that it's just my imagination if other people can attest to my story." rebuked the interviewee.

"Mind checking this out, Thyme?" asked Helios as he pulled Thyme's arm.

"Mm.." Thyme brushed his wet hair with his towel while thinking, then said,"Seriously it can be anything. ET, aliens, or even Clow Cards."

"I can't think of any card that is capable of this. But it wouldn't hurt to take a peek on the location for a while, right?"

"Right. I need to test out my new dual-cast techniques as well. We'll wait until the rain stops." answered Thyme as he walked back to his room to get changed.

Ever since Thyme mastered the dual-cast, he had been visiting the prophetic dream using The Sleep and The Dream. He reassured Helios that everything was alright and this changed back Helios' attitude towards him. He promised that he will obtain the rest of the cards and not let the Li sisters get their hands on them as he had acquired the new power to fight them.

As the rain stopped around midnight, the duo headed out to the location that was in the news. They could see police officers walking by along with other civilians, which were attracted to the news story and wanted to prove it themselves.

"Okay, we can't move around carelessly with this many crowd here. Hide inside my pocket." said Thyme to Helios.

They set up a waiting spot with a clear view of the surrounding hills. It was a chilly night after the rain, Thyme was wearing a long tailcoat with a dark red scarf. After they waited for almost three hours, Thyme was about to fell asleep when a yelling voice from afar woke him up. He set out quickly to locate the source of the sound. He saw someone was yelling and waving to the sky below the hill, with the other people cheering around him.

"Are they part of the truth seeker, or just a drunk party people?" asked Helios as his head popped out of Thyme's coat pocket.

"No idea. Let's keep on a lookout for a while." replied Thyme. He looked at the sky where the man was waving at. There was nothing except bright starry sky. He squinted his eyes to make sure he didn't miss anything. Still he couldn't find anything interesting, so he turned around to get back to his waiting post. But as he turned around, the crowd noise got louder, Thyme had to turn back to check what was going on. He was surprised of what he saw with his own eyes this time.

"W-what the hell is that?" asked Thyme prompting Helios to pop out of his pocket.

"A-aaaaahh..! It's the moon, so close to us."

"The moon's up there" pointed Thyme.

"It's not moon? Wait a minute, I can see things on the surface, are they...plants?"

"Can't be sure seeing from here, let's go closer! RELEASE! Fly!"

"Hold on Thyme! Are you trying to reveal yourself flying above those people?" asked Helios.

"A flying man is nothing compared to that thing." answered Thyme as he set in flight with Helios following him behind.

As Thyme got closer, the shape of the object started to become clearer. It was a giant sphere made of soil, trees growing on its surface, complete with terrains and water bodies. It almost looked like a miniature version of the Earth itself. Thyme planned to land on it before he was hit by a flying creature about ten times his size. The creature resembled a giant lizard with scales and wide membrane wings.

"Oh crap! That's...the dragon!" said Thyme.

"Now see that?! My true form is much more cooler than that!" cheered Helios.

"This is no time to be admiring it! It's coming for us again! Spread out!"

Thyme accelerated his winged scepter as fast as possible because the dragon was following him. But then he saw Helios right behind him flying in the same direction. "Why you?! No wonder it chases me all along!" grunted Thyme.

"You're telling me to outmanoeuvre that thing? No way! Gimme the communicator!" replied Helios.

Thyme sighed as he threw the communicator earpiece to Helios,"You're hopeless. Now, fly low and let me handle this."

Thyme's left hand reached his card holster and started his Voice Move combo. He turned around as soon as Helios left him with the dragon alone. Thyme saw the crowd were still cheering down below. "Man, this could turn into a messy newspaper article in the next morning."

"Alright then, it's time for dragon slaying! I call upon the Shot and the Firey, unite your power under me! Dual-cast, everlasting fires of doom, Napalm Fire!" said Thyme as he dual-casted The Firey and The Shot.

A barrage of fire missiles bombarded the giant dragon creating explosive flame, but it didn't seem affected at all. However the dragon sensed hostility and breathed fire to retaliate. Thyme was caught by surprise that his cards did not work at all and the sudden counter attack. He flew away from the fire wave as fast as he could, but the fire caught up to him. He turned around facing the fire instead.

"The Shield, The Windy, unite your strength under me! Dual-cast, whirling barrier of gale, Air Shield!"

A spherical whirlwind appeared enveloping Thyme, but again the fire went through the shield as if it didn't exist. Thyme was engulfed in the fire and was screaming in agony that could be heard from Helios' earpiece.

"Thymeeee!" yelled Helios.

As the fire subsided, Thyme emerged from the blazing wave. However, he didn't have any burn marks or any sign of burn. Both Thyme and Helios were confused and trying to comprehend the situation.

"Thyme, are you alright?" asked Helios over the earpiece.

"Uhh..yeah I guess. That's weird, I wasn't even burned. My body is intact."

"I could hear you agonising though."

"The pain was real, it felt like a real burning sensation. Was that..a hallucination?"

"Can't tell. Your Clow Cards are not working against it too, I don't know what's going on here."

"Could this be not related to Clow Cards? Then we should step out of scene quickly." suggested Thyme.

"No..don't be hasty Thyme. I have a hunch, that this is The Create's doing. The Create's power is creating something out of nothing, however they can't interfere with something that already exists."

"Are you suggesting that, the world and the dragon are merely animated objects? Let's cut the chase then, what is its weakness?"

"I'm not sure yet, but if it's truly The Create then you 'erase' it."

"But of course, how could I not see that coming? Worth a try. Come, The Sword, The Erase! Let your power be united under my hand, dual-cast, the blade of the void, Rift Edge!"

Thyme had to cancel the Fly in order to turn his scepter into the sword, thus he was free falling above the dragon with his sword readied. Using the gravity momentum and speed, the sword quickly lunged and cut the dragon clean in half.

"FLOAT!" yelled Thyme as he summoned The Float to prevent him from falling to the ground and brought him back to the altitude. "Bedtime story's over. Return to your original form, Clow Card!"

"'re too late!" yelled Helios.

The dragon that was cut in half disappeared into thin air before Thyme could seal it, preventing them from capturing the Create altogether.


Thyme let out a long sigh,"Now what?"

"We need to find another one, of course. I think the dragon's one of a kind, so you won't be getting anything out here." replied Helios.

"Great, we need to explore that floating land for more of The Create's creations. Man, what a drag!" complained Thyme as he slowly flew toward the tiny planet.

"What? You're tired already? You've been dual-casting too much, you know yourself that it drains your energy multiple times than a normal summon. You should restrain your advanced technique and not spam it right at the beginning of a battle!" said Helios.

"Yeah yeah, let's just get this over with."

The duo landed on the floating land, and to their surprise the world scenery was full of tall trees, flowery gardens, waterfalls and mystical creatures inhabiting the place. Thyme saw a spectacular rainbow followed by an aurora, then he realised that something was wrong.

"Now hold on a sec, why is everything here bigger? I don't remember it was this big when I see it from above. Helios, what's going on here? Huh, Helios?"

Thyme couldn't find Helios that was supposed to be with him when they landed. He tried to call him over the communicator but Helios did not answer.

"Well well..this is going to be interesting." mumbled Thyme as he still wondered all the giant objects around him. "I better start somewhere." he thought as he strode throughout the dense grassy field, climbed a rock to take a good view of the surroundings.

"Mm..there aren't any point of interest except...that strange looking castle. I suppose I should look for some clues there." he thought.

Thyme rustled his pockets but couldn't find either the scepter or the brooch, along with his card holster. "Alright now I'm sure this is Clow Card's doing too." he thought. He chose to head over to the castle firsthand instead of searching for the key in order to get food because he was both hungry and exhausted. The extensive use of dual-cast in the beginning was one of the contributing factor, along with the fact that it was midnight in the outside world where Thyme should be sleeping made his body overburdened. However as he got out of the foliages, he was welcomed by a giant reptile looking at him with hungry eyes and salivating tongue.

"Uh oh..bad luck!" he said while running away from it as fast as he could.

The reptile easily trapped him due to its bigger size and better reflexes. Every time Thyme changed his directions, the reptile jumped to block his path. Thyme was running out of ideas as he couldn't use his magic nor fight with his tiny body against a monster twenty times his size.

Thyme ran back inside the tall grass field and took out his long tailcoat, hung it over one of the grass as a distraction, then he made his way back to where the reptile was coming from. As expected, the reptile was tricked as it only remembered Thyme's colour by his coat. Thyme successfully escaped the reptile and made his way toward the castle.

"Heh..heh.." panted Thyme as he reached the castle gate and trying to catch his breath.

"I hope the creator of this world doesn't imagine me meeting a Gulliver." said Thyme sarcastically. He walked inside the castle courtyard and found giant dogs and cats running around. However as he was sneaking past them, the dog picked up his scent and approached him.

"Oh gimme a break here! I just escaped a monster lizard and now this massive mutt?! But hey, I'm such a fool. I almost forgot that they can't touch me because of The Create's effect. I just need to rush them over and endure the pain." he thought.

Thyme prepared to dash past the dog's legs, but the dog immediately caught him under its paw. Thyme was confused as how the dog can physically interact with him when it was supposed to be The Create's object,"How could this happen? I don't get it!"

Thyme extended his hand to pick some of the dog's fur out. He was able to touch it with his hand and he pulled it out. "Is it, not part of The Create?" he mumbled. However this was also a chance to escape as the dog whimpered because Thyme pulled its hair out and lift its paw.

Thyme knew he could not outrun a giant dog, thus he jumped inside the courtyard pond and proceeded underwater. He saw water creatures which was much bigger than his size. Finally he concluded that it was his body that got shrunk. Thyme got out of the waters after knowing that he was right in front of the main doors of the castle. He climbed the vine roots that was attached to the castle walls to reach the door knocker with a lion head. He jumped from the vines and swung his body back and forth to make a knock. After a while, Thyme could hear a loud footstep noise coming his way.

The door was opened while Thyme still hanging unto the door knocker ring. With his body balance shaken, he fell to the carpet inside the castle interior. In front of him, was a giant man which appeared to be a butler. He looked around and saw nobody thus closed the door again after Thyme slipped inside.

"Uhh..okay now let's hope this guy is not a cannibal and eat me the first thing he sees me." thought Thyme.


"Huh?!" Thyme heard another voice coming from the door he came from. He turned around to find the source of the strange voice and found a girl of his size, dressed in fluffy clothes and a double pointy hat.

"Hey! Who are you?!" asked Thyme while raising his voice and pointing at her with his finger.

The girl didn't answer but was trembled after hearing Thyme's high voice.

"Oops..didn't mean to scare you. No hard feelings, okay?" apologised Thyme as he offered a handshake.

The girl was bashful, she almost touched Thyme's hand but pulled it back and ran away to the other direction.

"Uh hey! Wait up.. I just want to ask you why are you the only one that is as small as me!" yelled Thyme while giving a chase.

Thyme chased her to the kitchen area, then he lost track of her and gave up. He decided to look for food instead before continuing the search. However no matter where he looked, there was no food to be found. He climbed the chair and jumped to climb the table. There he found another girl his size with much fluffier outfit carrying a wand. He thought there were more people with the same size as him.

Thyme approached the girl and greeted her. Unlike the other one, this girl wasn't scared and smiled while accepting Thyme's handshake. "Let's start with a brief introduction, shall we? My name's Thyme."

"Sweet!" she said while smiling.

"Thanks..what's your name then?" asked Thyme as he got embarrassed.

"It's Sweet!"

"Huh? What? Sorry I didn't quite catch it very well." said Thyme in confusion.

"Me Sweet!"

Thyme scratched his head figuring out what she was trying to say. "Yeah okay whatever, I suppose a girl like you shouldn't be trusting a random stranger either. But I will need your help around here, will you help me?"

The girl nodded and smiled as she tilted her head cutely. As they shook hands, Thyme's stomach started to grumble. They both looked at his stomach, Thyme smiled wryly as the girl seemed more excited. The girl used her magic wand which left sparkling dust when shaken, she did it several times to create something out of the particles. Thyme could make out the shape resembling a small white fluffy sphere that she held in her left hand, then she offered it to Thyme.

Thyme took it hesitantly but later he smelt something out of it. "Hmm..this is..vanilla smell!" he said. He immediately examined it closely before decided that it was an edible food. He took a single bite and his cautious expression suddenly changed. "Hey..this is..sweet!"

Thyme thanked the girl for giving him what he needed the most at the time. After finishing his quick snack while the girl watched him, Thyme decided to call her Sweet. "Alright then Sweet, so did you see a girl about our size waltzed in here?"

Sweet shook her head, but then took Thyme's hand after seeing his long sigh. "Where are we going?" asked him. Sweet brought him down under the table, then they heard giant footstep noise. Thyme realised it was the giant butler from before looking from his shoes and pants.

"Thanks Sweet. I almost got myself caught up there." said Thyme.

Sweet didn't say anything but smiled at him. After the butler went away, Sweet dragged Thyme into another room. In this room, there was a small house made of cookies and candies. "Is this your house?" asked him.

Sweet nodded and brought him inside. "Wow..the smell and the look is very appetising. I've never imagined something like this before. But I have no time to play around, I need to look around for clues to return" said Thyme.

Sweet looked sad as she led Thyme out of her house. "Sorry about this after you fed me and all, but I'll definitely repay you some day. I promise I'll come back here after I finish with my business here." apologised Thyme.

Thyme climbed a desk to reach a big window above. He looked through the window to see if there was any clue to help his situation. It wasn't long until he saw the girl from before running outside the building away to the forest nearby. Thyme immediately set in to track her down. He got out of the building through an open window, jumped straight back into the courtyard pond. But then as he dove, Thyme heard another splashing sound right after he surfaced. He turned around and found Sweet was following him. He looked at her lonely face for a brief moment, then smiled," whatever you like". Sweet's expression turned into a delightful smile then followed Thyme.

Thyme and Sweet went to the forest and started looking around for clues. "Listen Sweet, the girl is about your size, she wears lesser fluffier outfit than yours. She has long shoulder length hair…now wait a minute. I've seen that outfit somewhere before in the past but I can't remember where." said Thyme.

Sweet nodded and looked around for the girl as Thyme continued his explanations. Eventually, they came back to Thyme's landing site. They found the card holster and the brooch key lying on the grass. " do I do this when the key is five times bigger than me?" he pondered.

Thyme noticed someone hiding behind the card holster box. He called and the girl from before showed her face with a frightened expression. Suddenly Thyme recalled where he saw her outfit in the past after relating it with Clow Cards as he saw the cards popping out of the box. "Now I see.. I knew that I've seen your outfit somewhere before, you look exactly like The Big. Connecting the dots, you must be the opposite of big. Playtime's over, time to seal you in!" said Thyme.

"Key that holds the power of darkness! Reveal your true form! I, Thyme, under our pact command thee, Release!" he chanted.


"...okay, now what's wrong?! I can't even release the goddamn key! Does this mean I have to revert back before using it? Grrr..fine! Sweet, let's catch her!" yelled Thyme. The two jumped in to catch the girl. Eventually they caught her successfully, Sweet was holding the girl's arms as Thyme shook the girl's hand and said,"You'll join your big sister."

Thyme's body growed back as he took the brooch and the card holster. The two girls were looking up to his giant posture overshadowing them.

"Key that holds the power of darkness! Reveal your true form! I, Thyme, under our pact command thee, RELEASE! Return to your original form, Clow Card!"

Two cards appeared after both girls were absorbed into them, labelled The Sweet and The Little. "Now you won't be lonely anymore, Sweet. Both the other cards and I will always be with you..and thanks for the food" he smiled as he put both cards into his holster. " I need to find whether Helios had already found The Create's main body"

With his power returned, Thyme casted the Fly to sweep the area faster. He thought of stopping by the butler from the castle before to ask for more clues. He landed in front of the courtyard, but not as a small man anymore. He knocked at the door, then waited as he smirked at the dog that used to step on him before and gave it a deep glare. The dog whimpered and ran away as Thyme laughed in joy.

"Yes, who might you be, sire?" asked the butler as he greeted Thyme.

"Hi there, just wanna ask a question whether you saw a flying creature about this big, kinda dark bluish…" said Thyme as he described Helios' appearance.

"My apologies, sire. I have not witnessed such creature. There are various creatures around here, it is difficult to match your description."

"All good. Well then, I shall be off." said Thyme.

"Perhaps my lady the princess of this castle could help. Would you like me to prepare a tea for you inside while we wait?" offered the butler.

Thyme was tempted to the alternative option due to his sleepiness and exhaust, but rejected the offer,"Nah it's alright. I don't fancy meeting such beautiful princess. I'm just an alien in this world.". Thyme left the castle as the butler bid him farewell and closed the door. After walking away from the castle not too far, Thyme heard an echo of a loud roaring noise. The direction was from behind the castle he came from. He turned around and saw a giant flying creature flying toward the castle.

Upon a closer look, it looked like a reptile with wide membrane wings, almost looked like a dragon except it only had two legs. It had a shining dark blue scale and massive claws. The creature flew at very high speed and smashed the castle's sturdy walls with one single swoop as it landed on top of the now roofless castle. Thyme took his scepter immediately and casted Voice Move combo to prepare himself for combat. The creature hadn't noticed Thyme's presence yet so Thyme decided to observe it longer. The creature let out a deafening roar and then looked at below its feet where the castle interior was burned with its fire breath. Thyme clenched his teeth as he realised that the butler and the supposed princess were killed by the creature.

With his active Fly card, Thyme revealed himself in the air as he held the scepter high with a magic circle forming around him.

"I call upon the power of The Mist and The Sword. Mordant air, decay my enemies to death! Unite under my hand, dual-cast! The sword of the blight, Blade of Corrosion!" chanted Thyme as the he went for a jumping slash from high above. "Hyaaaaah!"

The creature noticed and flapped its giant wings to create air pressure around it that disrupt Thyme's momentum, but Thyme still managed to graze the outer scale of the creature. The scales which got slashed melted as the creature screeched in pain. The creature saw Thyme falling to the ground and immediately gave chase. Thyme saw the creature coming for him fast and casted Dash to keep the distance away. The creature threw a fireball out of its mouth ahead in the direction Thyme was fleeing. Thyme had to turn back and figure out other strategies. But then the creature opened its mouth slowly and spoke in a speech manner that Thyme knew the best.

"What are you...doing you fool?!" said the creature in a very deep and hard voice.

"H-Holy shit! Helios?! What happened to you?" replied Thyme as he dispelled the sword and stood before the giant creature.

"This true form.." said Helios while he stuttered with each phrase.

"H-huh? What are you talking about? I haven't even gotten your key cards yet, all I met were The Sweet and The Little. You said yourself that your true form can only be attained once The Light and Dark cards are captured." asked Thyme.

"I don't know..myself. Ever since..we entered this body reverted to my original form. were gone too."

"Mm..well I wasn't exactly 'gone', my body got shrunk because I bumped with The Little in the air but your body grows bigger, so we kinda missed each other. By the way, why do you pause every mid sentence?"

"That's...your fault! The corrosion…aaagh!"

"Uhh...oops. Sorry about that Helios, I wouldn't hurt you if I knew it was you. I thought you were another part of The Create's body." apologised Thyme.

"You...will pay afterwards..Thyme." threatened Helios.

"For some reason, when you speak like that in that form, it's very intimidating. I'd rather you do it in your small form. Yeah I know..hehe my bad. I'll buy you ten cans of Royal Candycane when we get back."

Helios lifted his head, looked high up to the sky. "The Create, is not responsible of this world." he said.

"But it definitely reacts to The Erase like you said. What's happening here?"

"The Create….does not create…a global presence like this, as far as my memory serves, it only creates...animated objects...with focused presence, and they are unreal." explained Helios

"Indeed, the aura presence is very thick. It's almost as if the whole world is the main body. Then again some objects are definitely real. I mean I saw the dog and fought it. Hmm..this is confusing. Ah! What about the people you burnt there? Don't tell me they're real?!" said Thyme.

"No..all the not real..except you. I tore them..with my claws...and they..didn't bleed."

"Mm..good to know we are going somewhere with this clue. We need to solve this quick, I'm getting weaker as time goes by." suggested Thyme.

"Hop on my back, Thyme. I can travel faster in the sky." said Helios.

Helios lowered his body as Thyme climbed onto his back. Then he flapped his massive wide wings taking off the ground as gust of wind blew the trees away. Helios started to regenerate his wound as they travel.

"Remember this Thyme, my real power hasn't returned yet. My abilities remain the same as my previous form. So I deduce that The Create turned me into this form but couldn't recreate my original power" said Helios.

"Don't worry, I will dismount if any danger should approach us."

Thyme and Helios flew off to search for a more focused Clow Card presence. By combining their visions and magical awareness, they eliminated the possibilities to certainties and pinpointed one certain location.

Helios landed upon a volcano base, where there was an underground old ruin entrance. Thyme dismounted and looked around the surroundings. "This is definitely the place. The only problem is, your body is too big to fit inside." said Thyme while looking at Helios' huge body.

"How unfortunate. I am at my best form but still cannot do anything to help you. Looks like it's Cardcaptor Thyme is on solo mission once again."

"No big deal. Hasn't it always been this way?" replied Thyme while taking off his communicator earpiece and put it on Helios' head,"I'm using loudspeaker. I'll call you when I encounter anything inside."

"Thyme..just a sec. Deep inside the ruin could be the core of this planet, you might find other thing aside from The Create."

"I got you. Well then, I'm off!"

Thyme walked inside the ruin entrance stairs that led deep underground. As Thyme descended deeper, the temperature rose and the walls were burning hot. After reaching a long passage leading to a massive cave, Thyme could see lava flowing from the walls of the cave. He started to perspirate more and summoned The Freeze to stabilise his body temperature. He continued his expedition into the deep abyss and finally reached a place where the strong global presence and the focused presence of Clow Cards could be distinguished. Thyme was certain that the global presence came from the ground, but now as he is underground, he could feel that the ceiling produced the same aura. However, there was a more focused presence right in front of him. It was room with giant tall pillars and an altar at the end of the room. There was a pedestal in the middle of the altar, with a shining opened book on top of it.

A silhouette of a hand holding a quill pen was writing on the book pages. Thyme couldn't catch a glimpse of the person holding the pen, so he summoned The Firey to lit the torches around the room. There was the least expected figure which stunned Thyme as his eyes couldn't avert.

"Kaho..!" called Thyme.

Kaho smiled and said,"Did you enjoy your adventures up above, my young student?"

"So you're the one behind this! I demand you explain to me what's going on here."

"It's full moon outside. What do you think will happen if you capture all the Clow Cards?" she asked with a smile.

"I have no time for riddles! You've been using The Create to cause panic. I am here to stop you!" yelled Thyme while pointing his scepter at her.

"Such a shame. Your temper is as high as one boy's I know in the past." she closed the book and took out her bell chakram from her back.

"The Voice, The Move..I'm counting on you." said Thyme in a low voice as he casted Voice Move combo.

Kaho elegantly lifted the chakram bell in front of her facing Thyme,"I'm sorry, but this has to be done. Your time is running short."

"Then let's make this short. Arrow!" called Thyme as he summoned The Arrow to attack her from distance. Kaho didn't even move, rather pointed the chakram bell to the direction the arrows were coming. All the arrows were deflected as if they hit something in the air.

"Barrier, huh? I call forth The Power and The Fight. Let my fist shouts and shatters the realm, dual-cast! Absolute Strength!" chanted Thyme as he leaped in to break the barrier. A very loud impact sound deafened both Thyme and Kaho's ears, however Kaho maintained her posture and her barrier stood still. Moreover, it ignored Thyme's magic as if it didn't exist in the first place.

As Kaho's bell rang, one by one, Thyme's Clow Cards reverted to their card forms along with Thyme's scepter. "H-huh? What's happening here?" he thought.

"This tool has the ability to dispel all Clow magic. It is the weapon of the Moon Guardian Yue." she explained.

"...!" Thyme couldn't believe what just happened. "This is absurd! I can't use Clow Cards to fight her, heck even dual-cast doesn't work! How am I supposed to win?" he thought.

"Why are you so surprised? You, of all people, should know that only the true cardcaptor can overcome the moon's power." she said.

"!" Thyme was appalled after hearing Kaho's statement,"Y-You knew?"

"Hm I wonder what are you talking about?" asked Kaho playing dumb.

"We both know who are we referring to. Who are you, really? How did you know about that person?"

"I have travelled to various countries, Japan, Hong Kong, England. I have wide range of network and access to the secluded magical society's knowledge. Did you really think I would miss the connection between you and the rogue witch?"

"She is not a witch!" denied Thyme strongly.

"Do you want to know what kind of calamity that will happen if you don't collect all the cards?"

"Stop! Shut up! You're trying to manipulate me!" yelled Thyme as he wavered and reminiscing his past.

"Very well. I am not here to judge you on that. I am merely here to test your mettle. Let me tell you something, your Clow Book is the real deal. The Li claims are incorrect."

Thyme raised his head, mustering every courage he could. "I promise I will collect all the Clow Cards, for her sake, Helios' sake, this world's sake, and my own." he lowered his head staring directly at Kaho,"You can try to stop me, but I will not falter."

"Key that holds the power of darkness! Reveal your true form! I, Thyme, under our pact command thee, Release!"

"I told you it's useless.." interrupted Kaho as she rang the bell again. Thyme's brooch didn't transform, but Thyme used this opportunity to run away from the room. Kaho looked at him fleeing with a confused expression. Thyme immediately took his phone out to call his communicator attached to Helios outside.

"Helios I need your help! This Kaho woman sealed my power with some sort of a magical instrument." he said over the activated speaker phone as he described the tool's shape.

"What did you say? Did she use the Lunar Heaven's Shell of Judgment? That piece of weapon is created from a moonstone. It dispels magic, especially known for neutralising Clow's. Yue is the original owner of it, I don't know how she takes possession of it." replied Helios.


"Sadly, the only strategy is to get away from its sound radius where your magic will respond."

"That's more than enough. We shall play a very long distance combat." said Thyme as he hung up and ran toward the ruin exit. "RELEASE! Voice, Move, game on!"

"Silent, protect me! Now, the battle of wit begins. Shadow, Illusion, relay reconnaissance for me!" said Thyme as he hid himself to wait for an opportunity.

"That boy, he actually uses his brain to fight. I guess he is very different than our previous generation's cardcaptor." said Kaho as she focused her mind to locate Thyme. "There.." she yelled as she sensed a magical presence in the form of a shadow with an eyeball, then directed her bell chakram. The Illusion and The Shadow reverted back to their card form.

"Forgive me, Illusion, Shadow. I shall not waste your sacrifice. Now I know her exact location. I call forth the power of The Arrow and The Shot. May the guided arrow shines my path to victory, dual-cast! Searing sharpshooting ray, Luminous Bolt!" yelled Thyme as he released a beam of light at the wall to Kaho's position. "Through, clear our way!" he said right after the light was released. The beam went through the walls directly straight aimed at Kaho.

Caught by surprise, Kaho didn't see that the missile would be coming through the walls. Unprepared, Kaho quickly raised the bell to block the beam, but the impact was so strong that the barrier vibrated and Kaho pushed back. "Ahh..!" Regardless, Kaho remained unharmed.

"I can feel it, it's working! One more time, fire!" commanded Thyme. Another scream was heard, this time he could hear a thumping noise, signaling him to move in for the finisher.

"Hyaaaah!" he leaped forward with his sword high aimed at Kaho. Kaho immediately rang the bell again to dispel the magic, however now a thick fog covered the area as the magic being dispelled. "W-what's going on?" she wondered. She summoned a gust of wind to clear the fog, but then he saw two cards lying on the ground where she pointed her chakram before, labelled The Mirror and The Twins. Kaho quickly caught what happened, immediately turned over to the altar where The Create laid on. The book wasn't there anymore, rather behind the altar now appeared Thyme's figure, holding a card called The Create.

Kaho stood up after picking all the Clow Cards scattered around her. She walked toward Thyme and gave him all the cards back,"I wasn't expecting this to happen, but a win is a win. An elaborate bait, you had me completely fooled and lured me away from the book." she complemented.

"You were the one who taught me to cling to desperation power."

"Fair enough. Let me figure out how you manage to sneak up on me..Hmm..first you fired the light bolt through the walls to catch me off guard. Then you used The Dash to rush back to this room while firing the second bolt, making me believe that you will be coming from that wall's direction. You dual-casted The Mirror and The Twins to create your double, then you used The Maze to block yourself from my vision while your double distracting me. The Windy was summoned to fly the book closer to you while you conceal your own presence with The Lock. Finally when I was busy clearing the steam fog out of The Rain and The Firey's, you sealed the book." she explained.

"As expected of a Kinomoto, you truly are the member of the great sorceress' legion. Now I see why you even get to know that person." replied Thyme as he felt delighted having someone discussing his tactics.

"Great minds think alike. Even before becoming a Kinomoto, I was testing Sakura-chan too." she responded with a smile.

"I don't suppose you can join me in my remaining search?" he offered.

"Sadly, I have other things to attend to. Someone from overseas is waiting for me, so I don't have any spare time left."

"Hmph very well. Helios and I are capable enough to handle ourselves so far. I'll be on my way then." he said as he left the ruins.

"Hold on. Do you really think this is finished?" said Kaho while pointing to the ground.

"What do you mean?"

The ground started to rumble as the ruins collapsed. "Ergh, since The Create is sealed, the ruin is going down." said Thyme. "Not necessarily." replied Kaho.

"From now on, it's your own fight. I'll be watching you, and until we meet again at the Judgment Day" she said as she rang the bell to command mist covering her then she disappeared leaving her last remark,"Learn to use your willpower and not over relying on the cards."

Thyme wondered what did she mean, but prioritised his escape from the collapsing ruins and ground first. "Fly!" casted Thyme. He steered through falling bricks and narrow corridors, but then his exit was blocked by the rocks. Thyme looked around for another exit but he couldn't find it. Eventually one of the falling bricks toppled his balance and he fell down to the crevice of the cave. He could see himself that he was falling from the fantasy world to the real world. The fantasy world crumbled apart taking the trees, buildings, and mountains down. Thyme accidentally let go of his flying scepter due to the falling rocks. "Crap, I'm gonna die!"

Helios came to Thyme's rescue as he caught Thyme on his back. "Hey, how come you're not back to normal, I captured The Create already." said Thyme.

"Apparently there are some residues left inside my body. Other than that, where is that woman?" replied Helios.

"She left."

"Then whose presence is this? The global presence is still strong, coming from the core of the planet."

"!" Thyme realised that he could still feel the strong presence. If Kaho had already left and there was still a strong aura, he guessed that it belonged to someone else. "Could this be, another Clow Card?" asked Thyme.

"A Clow Card with this strong presence can only be…"

"An elemental card…"

"There is only one remaining elemental card…."

"The Earthy…"

A woman figure appeared from the holes between the collapsing rocks. "It's definitely her." confirmed Helios. "So she's one responsible of making the floating world.." continued Thyme.

"It's impossible to approach her with these obstacles in the way!" said Thyme.

"Regardless, we can't have her fall to the ground. Use The Through!" ordered Helios.

"And why is that?"

"If she ever connects with the earth, her power will amplify and even Woody cannot hold her. We must stop her while she's in midair."

"Point taken. Full speed ahead, Helios!" commanded Thyme as he stood on top of Helios' back. "The Through!"

However, The Earthy increased her weight so that she fell faster to the gravity. "Nooo we won't make it!"

The Earthy submerged into the soil and the ground started to shake. The crowd were panicked and ran away clearing the scene. "Thyme, we must fight her from the sky. If you ever land your foot on the ground, it's over for us! She has everything she needs to utilise her power. Make haste! We must capture her before The Create's power on me wears off, otherwise you will have to hang on The Fly."

"Yeah..I can't use the scepter while I have The Fly active." concurred Thyme,"Well then, let's start off with its weakness."

"If you had asked that Kaho Mizuki, she'd definitely suggest The Woody to trap Earthy. However, that rule only applies to the Mistress' former Clow Book. This one, to put it simply, more primitive in terms of rules. So Woody alone cannot defeat her." explained Helios.

"Let's give it a shot. I call upon the strength of The Woody and The Flower. Tangling thorns of the nature, set into bloom! Dual-cast, gardens of ivy vines, Strangleroots!"

Thyme summoned a growing plant deep rooted to the earth, consequently binding The Earthy's movement underground. "Hey it works!"

"Except now we can't flush her out to capture her. I'd suggest you wait for her to emerge, but meh it's done. Any other ideas?" said Helios.

"Heh..heh let me catch my breath first. I think I'm running out of time here." said Thyme while panting.

"!" Helios realised Thyme used something on his body,"Hey Thyme, what card did you use?"

"Huh?" Thyme played dumb but then realised that Helios figured it out,"I used The Time to accelerate my recovery and heartbeat rate."

"You...are committing suicide there!" yelled Helios.

"Spare me the lecture..heh heh otherwise I would've collapsed long time ago."

"Hmph..reckless as usual. I guess that's what you're made of." said Helios as he soared high.

"In the end, it's the result that matters." Thyme calmed himself as he breathed slower,"but I'm reaching my limit."

"Heh..limit, huh? Then I suggest you finish it in one single decisive strike." said Helios.

"Something just came in my mind. I want to try something, which I think will be the answer to this long night battle. Willpower.." mumbled Thyme.

"Another fancy trick, nice Thymeee!" cheered Helios.

"Say, if I believe that not only two cards can be summoned simultaneously." he said to himself while gathering his focus,"I will surpass my seniors and carve my own name as the first cardcaptor to summon three cards at once!"

Helios was a bit startled hearing Thyme's statement, but he didn't say any word. He believed in Thyme that he would stay by his side to the very end, even if he failed.

Thyme inhaled deeply then said,"I call forth the strength of The Thunder, The Storm and The Rain. Rumbling heavens, shatter the very earth!" he saw the three cards in front of him as the magic circle glowed brighter. "I can do this!" he kept telling himself in his mind. He closed his eyes and imagined a pattern that would connect the three cards. As dual-cast uses a circular pattern that connects the two cards, similar pattern must be used for three nodes connecting three cards. Lines connecting the three cards started to surfaced in Thyme's imagination, forming a triangle. Thyme opened his eyes as the cards were aligned in triangular nodes. "This ends now! Delta-cast, set the sky ablaze, Lightning Vortex!"

The darkened sky rumbled as heavy thunderstorm was summoned. Torrents of lightning stroke the surface and eventually creating a vortex around where The Woody entangled The Earthy. Thyme pulled The Woody out to avoid collateral damage beforehand. The thunders made shrieking sound as they surged the earth.

"Alright, time to seal it! Let's go in, Helios!" ordered Thyme.

"I got your back!"

Helios dove at full speed as Thyme summoned The Storm to form a barrier that protected them from the Lightning Vortex. They could see The Earthy had emerged from the ground. "Remember the rule, elemental card can only be beaten by elemental card!" warned Helios.

"I call upon the power of The Firey and The Sword. Unite under my hand, blazing steel of hell, smite my opponent! Dual-cast, flaming blades of rage, Flamberge!"

With one swift finishing slash, The Earthy was ready to be sealed. "Return to your original form, Clow Card!"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield. Kaho was standing with a young man, about the same age as Thyme. He was carrying a broadsword on his back, wearing a strange robe outfit with a yin yang symbol in the center. "Three cards at once, first time I've ever seen. Impressive." he said in a mocking manner.

"He is my favourite. I foresee that he will even surpass Sakura-chan some day." said Kaho.

"You must be joking. No one can surpass Mistress Sakura nor Master Shaoran...not even Clow Reed himself." he replied.

"Ask your twin cousins, I'm sure they will endorse him as well." she replied.

"Hmph..I will be the judge of that"

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