Traces of Narnia

Chapter 4 - Peter’s Journey: A Mother’s Advice

Miranda Treed re-read the letter from her daughter April. She was happy that April had made such good friends. She laughed at the fishing incident and was interested in the names and descriptions of the Pevensies. And Peter...he seemed to be more than a friend. He certainly looked to be at the performance. She smiled, she would love to see her daughter in love, what a wonderful time of life that was.

It was time to dry and put away the dishes before cooking dinner. As she absentmindedly wiped a coffee mug the thought struck her like lightening! She gasped. The mug fell to the floor and shattered. She started to tremble. Could it be? No! She ran into the living area of the cottage, dropped to her knees and tried to unlock the secret drawer in the bookshelves. She was shaking so badly, she almost dropped the key that was kept in its own hiding place. Drawer unlocked, she withdrew a very large book that looked to be ages old and it was. She blew the dust off the front and flipped through the pages, quickly finding the illustration she was looking for. It showed four children standing before four thrones and underneath their names read. King Edmund, the Just, King Peter, the Magnificent, Queen Susan, the Gentle, Queen Lucy, the Valiant. Oh my, they looked just like the Peter and Lucy she met at the performance.

Did April know? However would she handle the news? She was always more interested and immersed in the stories due to her grandmother's influence. Amazing, since the subject of Narnia was forbidden by April's Father to be spoken of in their home. She thought for a moment and with a look of resolve, carefully placed the book in its hiding spot and left the cottage. Looking around to be sure her husband hadn't returned from work yet, she went quickly to the neighbors' who just had a telephone installed and knocked on the door.

April was miserable. She couldn’t concentrate and left the library quickly. She had seen Peter hit the tree from the window and shook with self-reproach and loathing. She could she have hurt him like that? What was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she accept him as he was? He was wonderful, kind, caring, and tender. So thoughtful and careful with her, he was also strong, a true leader, and very smart. What more did she want? She left the library and took the long way to her room. She sat on the bed and cried. She thought she didn’t have any tears left after all that she had cried this past week. She heard someone calling her name from down the hall. She looked out of the door.

“April, telephone call for you.”

A telephone call? Only her mother would call her and only if something terrible had happened! They didn't have any extra money to be spent on random telephone calls. With her heart in her throat she headed down the hall.

“Hello? Mother? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong." Miranda was relieved to hear her daughter’s voice. "We are all fine. I'm calling to make sure you are all right.”

April was dumbfounded, how on earth did her mother know? “Mom, I’ve really messed up. Please help me.”

She explained quickly what had happened in the code that she and her mom had developed in order to speak of Narnian things around her father. When she relayed what she said to Peter that morning, there was a pause.

“April, dear, every girl dreams of the man she is going to marry, be it a prince charming or King, in your case. When I was small I did my share of dreaming as well, although I tended to favor Edmund." She chuckled at April’s gasp.

“But, honey, those are just dreams, ideas in our imaginations. Part of growing older is to realize they are just dreams. We have to look at the person in front of us and choose to love them for who they are, not who we want them to be. It is easy to fall in love, but staying in love is hard work. Peter was a wonderful king in the stories, he can’t be that much different in real life.

“Mom, I’m just so confused, what if I always want him to be different? That’s not fair to him or to me.”

“April, you have to take that chance. Your dream king is real and he wants you in his life! You have the unique opportunity to be with him. That doesn't happen for the rest of us. Follow your heart dearest. Don’t sacrifice your dreams, but don’t let them keep from your destiny. Your grandmother would tell you to trust the spirit that is inside of you. I too, believe it is strong in you. Go now, dance and listen to your heart, not to your head.”

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