Chapter 11: Grimm initiation challenge

The tree’s violently were ripped from the ground as a huge foot crushed a group of them and out lumbered a Grimm that easily dwarfed the Ursa’s and Beowolf’s the group had previously fought. It was the size of a 10 story building with thick black leathery skin covering its body and a pure white shell covering its back and underbelly, spikes protruded from the tip of the shell, various plant life and flowers were growing from the sides and top while red markings were scrawled all across it. At the end of a long thick neck was the white mask with those orange eyes glaring at them, the creature had no fangs but the tip of its mouth ended in a razor sharp beak and a tiny tail was poking out the back.

“Okay that has to be the biggest Tortoise I have ever seen in my life” Mitch exclaimed as the creature glared down at them bringing a giant foot up and crashing onto the ground causing everyone to scatter as it slammed into the earth. “That would happen to be a Rikugame I’ve only read about them in books though” Alan mentioned while Mitch simply grinned “Who cares what it’s called all that matters is that I’ll crush the life from it”.

Unsheathing Ashura from his back with flames dancing around the blade Mitch leapt towards the tortoise swinging his sword down as it bounced feebly off its armoured shell a loud ching erupting around the forest. “Huh so has some defence well how about this” slashing his katana down a huge fireball burst out hitting the Rikugame only for the flames to subside. It’s tail came lashing around slamming into Mitch as he was sent flying back landing hard against a tree as he dropped to the ground grunting “Tough son of a bitch”.

Ania while not exactly charging in head first like Mitch had pulled out her spear the tip glowing a bright pink before she fired off a spike like harpoon from the tip that flew towards the Grimm slamming into its neck as it bounced harmlessly off. “Is that thing armoured everywhere?” she thought to herself as she became a blur dashing around to the back of the creature leaping through the air and landing on its tail as she climbed a top of it’s shell.

“Hmmm so from what I’ve heard about the Rikugame’s is that they’re armoured practically everywhere, their leathery skin can deflect most attacks while that shell is impenetrable to any explosion or blow” Tom said as both Alan and himself stared at the creature “Surely it has to have some weak spot on its body?” Alan mused attaching his bladed tonfa’s while Tom unsheathed his dual katana’s “Only way to find out is to test” he said light emerging from the soles of his shoes as they propelled him towards the giant tortoise with Alan racing behind.

Pressing the button on his katana’s handle Tom’s blade opened into a fork as three explosives were launched becoming attached to the creatures face as they exploded causing no real damage except angering the Grimm as it turned its head towards Tom and opened its mouth as a barrage of what looked like giant green plant seeds came flying out. The armour on Tom’s body began to glow as a yellow square appeared in front of him deflecting the attacks before vines burst forth from his katana wrapping around the Rikugame’s legs. “I’ll try and flip him over then you move in to attack” Tom yelled behind to Alan who leapt forward as Tom attempted to yank the vines but found the creature had more strength than he anticipated as it tugged at the vines dragging Tom towards it.

Alan was still in momentum as he saw Tom fly straight past him and the creatures tail come lashing around as he quickly changed his direction darting in front raising both tonfa’s as the tail slammed into them knocking him back only slightly but causing the tail to stop in motion and drop suddenly. Turning back around he quickly aimed his tonfa’s down at the vines flipping them around as a barrage of bullets tore all four free allowing Tom to regain his composure as his feet glowed white again and he pushed off in mid air in the opposite direction just narrowly avoiding crashing into the creatures shell.

Climbing across the beast’s rock hard shell Ania darted between the giant towering spikes attempting to climb onto its head. Just as she passed by a tiny tree a shadowy blur raced towards her as she quickly turned around to avoid a tiny black bird like Grimm that had been hiding in the branches. As it landed on top of a spike it ushered out a call which was followed by a multitude more as at least 6 more flapped out of the outlying tree’s eyes all glaring down at Ania.

They all dive bombed down straight towards her as Ania fired off three harpoons in quick succession, the pink spears raced at a blinding speed impaling the birds but still three lunged towards her just before she raced past them at a blinding speed the sound of cleaving being heard as the creatures dropped to the ground. Turning around she saw the head bird cry angrily down at her before flapping off as Ania went to resume her trek towards the creatures head only to suddenly feel the entire ground beneath her start spinning rapidly as the world around her became a blur and she was violently thrown off and sent crashing into a pile of shrubs.

“Yeah I think I managed to piss it off” Mitch said watching as the Grimm had retreated inside its shell before rapidly spinning around turning into big huge blur. Leaping high into the air the Rikugame hurtled towards him as Mitch rolled to the side avoiding the creature which barrelled into a group of tree’s tearing them to shreds before crashing into the ground and slowly coming to a halt.

Standing back up he grinned “I’ll find a way to crack through that defence of yours” launching a multitude of fireballs Mitch raced behind them his entire body on fire as the fireballs bounced off Rikugame’s body and the giant Grimm turned around roaring just as a giant flaming body crashed into its face.

“I think I know how to defeat it” Tom whispered to Alan as they both stood high in the tree tops watching as Mitch was sent flying away by the creature. “Alright lay it on me” “We’ll need everyone gathered though as they all have a part to play” “This is going to hurt...” they heard a voice below as the tree violently shook and Mitch was seen laying on the ground groaning as Alan grinned “Well there’s one only one more to go”.

Ania slowly dragged herself up from the bushes glancing across where the Rikugame was going on a rampage firing bullet seeds everyone causing tree’s to explode sending branches scattering everywhere. “ANIA” Tom’s voice was heard as Alan and Mitch were next to him and running over “Thank god we found you Tom has formulated a plan to defeat this creature and it’ll require everyone to work together” Alan said as Mitch groaned “I really do hate working as a team player...”

After his strategy had been fully explained in detail everyone had moved into their designated position waiting for their chance. Ania stood at the front as the Rikugame instantly recognised her and let out an ear piercing roar before charging straight towards her. Closing her eyes the air around everyone started to become colder and tiny blue particles danced around her body as Tom’s instructions rang clearly in her mind.

“Ania can you repeat that ice ability you used earlier?” “Ermm yeah I’m pretty sure I can” “Alright well you’re first up then I need you to utilise that ability and freeze his legs in place and hold him still”. Opening her eyes which were a bright sky blue she raised her hand up as a stream of ice flew forward freezing the Rikugame’s legs directly in place as it stopped it’s momentum and let out an angered roar.

Tom leapt forward as vines flew out from his katana’s entangling themselves around the Grimm’s legs and neck locking it even more in place. “Next it’ll be my job to secure the Rikugame in even more so I’ll use my vines to further entangle it”.

“Looks like I’m up next” Mitch said a roaring torrent of flames circling around his hand as he stepped forward clicking his fingers aiming at a fixed point on its underbelly as a violent explosion caused the Rikugame to topple over onto its side the softer underbelly being exposed. “While we ensnare it in place Mitch I’ll need you to power up and utilise your explosion ability on a select point of its underbelly so it’ll flip over”.

The second it had toppled over shattering the ice and vines Alan, Tom and Ania utilised their ranged attacks targeting one specific point of the soft leathery part of its underbelly. Ania’s pink harpoon blades shattered against the stomach while Alan’s barrage of bullets and Tom’s explosions started to weaken the armour ever so slightly as Mitch stood behind them his entire body encased in fire. “Its stomach is still heavily armoured so Ania, Alan and myself will commence a barrage of ranged attacks to weaken the armour and then it’ll be Mitch who will deal the decisive blow with Ania’s help”

“Alright here we go” Mitch yelled pushing himself as he raced forward passing Ania who placed a hand to his back which caused his entire body to propel forward at an even faster rate. Swinging Ashura down his blade shattered through the armour a soft pink skin seen underneath as all the flames from his body were transferred into his blade which had been stabbed inside its stomach. There was a violent eruption as flames burst out of the creatures eyes, mouth and parts of its body before it came crashing to the ground smoke rising from it along with the smell of burnt charred flesh.

“I have to admit that plan worked out incredibly well” Alan said impressed as Tom shrugged his shoulders “It was all fairly simple after analysing its weaknesses and our strength’s I found the best way to win”. “Well whatever let’s hurry up and get to this cliff so we can climb up and complete this damn initiation challenge”

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