Chapter 2: Tom Sai Leng

Another girl walked past giggling as she stared at Tom who stepped off the plane looking around at the huge academy right in front of him, of course it wasn’t nearly as big as his home but still was rather impressive. “Hey there” a random girl said passing by as he idly waved at her “Hello” hearing his reply the girl giggled and frantically began talking with her friend as they walked off, a lot of the females had been doing that ever since they first saw him.

Tom Sai Leng was another first year academy student and even though he came from a wealthy family looking at his casual clothes one wouldn’t think so. Daggy ripped jeans a casual white looking shirt was all he wore adorned with shoulder guards and wrist guards as well but despite his clothing attire it was his looks that attracted the females to him despite how oblivious he was. His light brown hair was spiked up and his main feature girls were drawn to was his sky blue eyes, there was a slight tan to his skin which housed a muscular frame from all the years of constant rigorous training by his family.

“So this is where I’ll be spending my years studying and becoming a top class hunter” he said striding forward staring ahead as he bumped into something only to hear a young females voice reprimanding him. “Hey watch where you are going” looking down he saw a short and slender female with bright white hair pulled back in an off centre ponytail and piercing light blue eyes much the same colour as his. She had a pale complexion to her skin which was matched by the pale blue jacket she wore over the top of a similarly coloured thigh length dress. On the back of her jacket there was a crest that beared a resemblance to a snowflake while the inside of it was lined with red.

A pair of white wedge boots completed her outfit along with a necklace containing a single jewel and rectangular earrings. “I said watch where you are going are you deaf or perhaps dumb?” she snapped again “Neither I was just distracted looking at the academy and didn’t see you sorry” was all Tom said as he walked passed her leaving the girl standing there fuming at his response.

“I wonder why she was so angry with me?” he said before shrugging his shoulders and continued walking down towards the meeting area looking around at all the new students in his year. Since he had spent so much time training back at his home Tom never really got out socialising and making friends so the concept of small talk to make friends was foreign to him even more so the concept of females as the only interaction he had with any was his mother.

As he was busy standing around looking at everyone a guy passed by him who had a particularly dark and cold aura to him. The attitude was made more apparent by the fact he wore nothing but black and had a katana slung over his back while everyone else had at least concealed their weapons or shrunk them down. It seems the girls would stare at this guy as well but instead of giggling they simply stared like they were trying to figure out something about him but he didn’t even take any notice of anyone. Stopping for a second the guy pulled out what appeared to be a silver flask looking thing that Tom had seen his father use quiet a few times. Popping the top off he took a swig before screwing the top back on and continued walking along still ignoring the fact everyone had stopped to stare at him.

“Hurry up sis or we’ll miss the headmasters speech” a young girl with black hair wearing a red hood called back “Alright, alright sheesh I’m coming” her sisters voice called as a golden hair girl darted past narrowly missing Tom “Sorry in a rush” she yelled back as he simply held up a hand “No worries at all”.

“There sure are some interesting people attending” Tom said to himself as he suddenly heard a voice from behind him yelling out “Why hello there my name is Alan Lee we should be friends” an Asian boy was busy darting through the crowd frantically shaking hands as the people stared in a strange way but he oblivious to everything busy shaking hands and making friends “Huh so that’s how you make friends?”

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