Chapter 3: Alan Lee

So many people so little time to get to know everyone Alan thought to himself as he darted in between crowds shaking hands and introducing himself, some smiled pleasantly back while others just stared at him in a strange way but either way he seemed oblivious to it. The young 18 year old Asian boy was smaller than most of the students here at 5’5 but had a toned body for his height, jet black straight hair hung down his forehead while even darker brown eyes were scouting out potential friends to be introduced to.

He wore a black long sleeved short rolled up to his elbows with a necklace hanging down in front and blue jeans with black sneakers while his weapon which were a pair of tonfa’s were strapped to his back. “I have a feeling this will be an awesome year” he said to himself before spotting another potential friend who was standing by himself vacantly staring about in the crows, he wore pretty shabby looking clothes but that didn’t matter to Alan as he stepped in front of the man placing his hand in front “Hey there I’m Alan Lee”.

Looking down at him the man stood there for a few moments staring at the hand and then back to Alan before grasping it firmly giving a shake “Hey I’m Tom” “It’s a pleasure to meet you Tom so are you looking forward to attending Beacon Academy?” “I don’t know really it’s a whole new experience for me” Tom said as they started walking along with the crowd towards the front of the academy where a giant stage was set up with the teachers all sitting down and one man who looked to be the headmaster was standing.

“So why are you attending?” Alan asked as Tom mused over the question for a moment “Ever since the age of 5 I was trained to become a hunter to combat the grimm and by going to the academy I can further my knowledge and skills to help my family out” “Hey that’s kind of a similar story to my own although ever since I was born I was destined to become a hunter. My family comes from a long line of powerful and famous hunters so it was expected of me to become one”. Just as they were about to approach the stage to listen to the headmaster give his speech Alan spotted the guy Tom saw earlier taking a swig from that silver canister “Ohh I haven’t said hello to that guy yet” he said looking back at Tom before he ran off “It was a pleasure meeting you Tom hopefully we’ll see each other again”.

“Hi there I’m Alan” he said placing his hand out as the guy stared down at him with cold piercing blue eyes not even bothering to give a response or raise his hand as he scoffed and looked away. Resolved to win him over though Alan stood there with his hand outstretched as the guy looked back again seeing him still standing there “What do you want exactly?” “I want to introduce myself and to learn your name then we can be friends” “Tsk what’s with people being friendly I just want to get to my dorm and sleep” the guy said pulling out a flask and taking a swig from it.

Still Alan stood there as he scoffed “Oh fine my name is Mitch” growling he grasped Alan’s hand roughly and shook it as Alan grinned triumphant. “So what brings you to the academy” “Oh god he has follow up questions” Mitch yelled taking another swig “Fine I guess you won’t leave me alone until I answer”. “I’m attending the academy because apparently I have the talent for combat and I enjoy fighting” “Well I wouldn’t mind sparring against you some time” Alan said as Mitch eyed him up and down “Despite being annoying and friendly you do look tough” “That’s because I’ve been trained since birth to become a top shadow hunter like all my family” “Alright I’m going to stop your life story there” Mitch said raising up a hand as he sighed “I hope I get assigned to a team by myself that way I’ll get peace and quiet.”

“I have a feeling we’ll be good friends before the end of this year” placing a hand on Mitch’s shoulder as he grunted “Perhaps but I do aim to make as few friends as possible it’s too much effort”. Seeing another potential friend candidate Alan left Mitch who let out a loud cheer at being left alone only for a female to approach to him which he screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOO”.

“Wow are those your weapons” a young girls voice came from behind as Alan turned around to see a girl with short black hair and a bright red cape staring at his tonfa’s in awe. “Oh these yeah my family are world renown for their use of the bladed tonfa’s as a weapon” “Woah I love family heirloom weapons they’re so awesome, may I have a look?” “Sure go ahead the names Alan by the way” “Mines Ruby so what is your weapon called?” “Doragon Strike”.

Turning the tonfa in her hands Ruby was amazed at the craftsmanship of the weapon, instead of being a wooden tonfa they were made of a dark black metal inlaid with various rune writings and the design of a dragon splayed in the middle. “You really are interested in weapons aren’t you?” Alan said as Ruby’s eyes lit up “Of course it fascinates me to see all kinds of various crafted hunter weapons they’re all different and unique”.

“Hey Ruby where did you run off to the Head Master is about to start his speech” a blonde haired female said as she spotted her holding Alan’s weapons “Not again did you take this man’s weapon” “No, no it’s fine I let her look at it” Alan said “I’m Alan by the way” “Yang and Ruby is my little sister” “Oh that’s pretty cool you’re both attending the academy together maybe we’ll see each other around”.

Yang led her sister off as they waved goodbye to Alan who spied a young bright blonde haired girl leaning against a tree glaring at everyone that walked past her “Another challenging person to make friends with they’re always the best” he thought to himself racing off to add another friend to his already long growing list.

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