Chapter 4: Ania Zochowski

“Soooo you’re going to be studying at the academy as well eyy gurl” a guy said leaning against a tree as he eyed the blonde haired beauty up. She was totally his type small and yet had a curves in all the right places, then there was her white blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that completed the package. She wore a leather jacket and underneath a black low cut shirt with a pink panther emblazed on her stomach with leather pants and thigh high black boots. Slung over her back was a compacted spear that had a pink handle while the shaft had been folded in and the same panther emblem was on the handle but black this time while intricate patterns of thorns wove their way up to the tip.

“What’s your name ey babe?” the guy said leaning in closely as the girl turned and glared at him “The names Ania but you’ll forget it soon enough” she said in a cold dark tone as the guy stared at her confused only for a palm to slam into his face as he stumbled backwards crashing onto the ground out cold. “Woah that was ice cold... but kinda hot” his mates said as Ania glared at them causing the boys to scatter as she sighed “......boys”. Just as she turned to walk away another man appeared in front of her smiling as her muscles tensed and she clenched her fist together ready to hit him if something sleazy left his mouth.

“Why hello there my name is Alan Lee” he said extending his hand out as she unclenched her fist trying to figure out this guys angle. Grasping his hand she shook it “Ania Zochowski” “Wow that’s a pretty cool name, so why are you attending the academy?” “What is this 20 questions” she coldly said as Alan seemed oblivious to her comment and continued looking at her. “I’m attending the academy to become a hunter so I can deal with a few personal problems” she said sighing before starting to walk away from Alan “Look it was a pleasure meeting you but I just want to be left alone” “Hey you kind of sound like that other guy I met named Mitch you two would really hit it off” “I doubt that” she grunted and walked off into the crowd as a boy nudged his friend “Woah she’s so hot” hearing their comment she glared at them as they backed off and quickly looked away.

Looking around she saw everyone staring at her and muttering things as she grit her teeth “Damn it I came here hoping to escape having to socialise with people and just study” “Psh I just came here to escape socialising as well but mine was more to fight” a voice came from the tree tops behind her as Ania turned around to see a guy with piercing blue eyes and blonde spiky hair laying there with his head resting against his hands. “I’m guessing you’re Mitch?” “Oh you’ve heard of me I’m flattered” he sarcastically said as Ania rolled her eyes “Some guy named Alan said I was like you and we’d be friends” “Well if you’re anything like me we wouldn’t want to make friends so we wouldn’t be friends” he said jumping out of the tree and landing perfectly next to her.

“You do make a pretty convincing point” Ania said grinning as Mitch grinned back and started walking “Anyway I suppose we should head over to the headmasters speech or something”. “So what do you think of the place so far” Mitch yelled back over his shoulder “It’s much bigger than I imagined of course growing up I lived in a small house so anything would seem big” “Yeah this place is ginormous compared to where I grew up” done with their question they both walked along silently aware more people were staring but choosing to ignore that.

“So what you go for the dark bad boy looking types” a males voice came from behind the both of them as Ania and Mitch turned around to see the guy she had punched out earlier standing there with his friends glaring at Mitch who sighed “Look buddy there isn’t anything going on here can’t someone walk with another person without it being a ‘thing’” “Save your words he’s a meat head” Ania sighed as the guy pulled out his weapon a short sword and raised it up at Mitch “Shut up maybe if I kick his ass you’ll go on a date with me for being tough”.

Charging towards Mitch he heard Ania sigh “Boys and their testosterone” “Hey buddy look I don’t want to fight” Mitch said dodging a slash as he jumped back avoiding another swing “SHUT UP AND FIGHT” he roared slashing again and again as Mitch easily dodged the strikes. After a few steps Mitch glared at him “Alright ENOUGH!!” he yelled ducking past a slash and leapt forward his hand clamping around the guys head as he pinned him to the floor “Cut this crap out I’d rather not get in trouble on the first day for fighting”.

As Mitch stood up and went to walk back towards Ania he heard the guy laugh “What are you to weak to win or maybe you’re a coward” stopping suddenly Ania saw Mitch’s muscles tense up as his fists were balled together “.....what did you say” he growled as the guy started laughing “You heard me I called you weak and a coward”. “YOU MOTHERFU...” Mitch roared turning around as a pink blur raced past him slamming into the guy as he hit the ground hard eyes wide open before he collapsed out cold while the image of Ania kneeling on his chest with the butt of her spear pressed against his forehead became visible.

“Don’t call anybody weak or a coward EVER” she yelled kicking his side as she stood up, collapsing her spear she placed it on her back and continued walking through the crowd who had all stopped to watch the fight but as she passed by them they all parted to the side none wanting to feel her wrath after that display. “Well sheesh that was something” Mitch scoffed staring at the guy laying out cold and groaning “Remind me never to get on her bad side” he muttered before walking through the crowd who parted even more after seeing what he could do as well.

So there everyone stood around the giant podium where the headmaster a middle aged man with tousled grey hair and light brown eyes hidden behind shaded spectacles had risen to address everyone. He wore a black unzipped suit over a black buttoned vest with a green shirt underneath and long green pants with black trouser shoes. A green scarf was wrapped around with his neck with a small purple cross shaped emblem on it, clearing his throat he began his speech.

“I’ll keep this brief you've traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills and when you've finished you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people, but I look among you and all I see is wasted energy, need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that your knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step”.

Done with his speech he walked off to the side as a woman walked forward and began addressing all the students but after hearing the headmasters speech Ania had zoned out looking around at the academy and the words he had spoken “I have to achieve my goal otherwise all my sacrifices will be for nothing” she thought to herself clenching her fists together.

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