Chapter 5: First night at Beacon

So after the speech from Headmaster Ozpin, Glynda one of the teachers instructed everyone to gather in the ballroom as they would be sleeping there tonight where upon the initiation ceremony would be conducted tomorrow.

“Wow this place is pretty huge” Mitch said gazing around at the giant vast room, red silk curtains draped the windows which had been closed shut cutting out the dark night time sky while chandeliers hung from the roof above their bright glaring light easily illuminating the entire hall. “This could easily fit all of the first year students and then some” he thought to himself as everyone went about finding their spot to sleep for the night “Hmmm that place looks rather nice” spying an empty space right at the far end of the room in the very corner where at least he could use a curtain to hide himself from people talking to him.

Striding across the room he heard Ruby and Yang busy having a conversation just a few feet away from him “It’s like one big slumber party” Yang happily exclaimed leaping onto her bed spread in her pyjamas as Ruby sighed “I don’t think Dad would approve of all the boys” “I know I do” Yang growled staring at all the shirtless men standing around their bedding as she spotted Mitch walking past “Yo Mitch over here!!” she yelled out as he froze like ice had surrounded him before slumping his shoulders forward “God I’ve been found” he groaned before turning to face the two sisters “Huh well fancy running into each other” “I know right come and take a seat we didn’t get to know each other much on the ride over” “I was kind of glad about that...” grumbling to himself he took a seat before spotting a guy sitting by himself reading a book “Lucky bastard....”

Everyone was busy sitting around and talking to each other Tom noticed as he leant against one of the walls a book on tactics and fighting open in front of him while his eyes scanned across the page. His parents had encouraged him to read books that would help with his training and skills but Tom also found he enjoyed reading novels which is where he assumed social interactions would happen like in the book, of course these attempts tended to end in awkward situations and the person would walk away incredibly quickly.

“Soooo what are you reading” Alan’s voice could be heard as Tom lowered the book to see his face staring down at him “Just a copy of the art of war” “Ohhh my parents have a copy of that at home you know funnily enough the author was my great, great, great, great grandfather”. “That’s pretty cool I don’t even know my families lineage that far back really” Tom said musing as he only knew to his grandfather and that was about it, family history wasn’t much of his families thing especially since he started training to become a hunter. “How come you aren’t sitting around socialising like everyone else? I’ve already been to 3 different groups I can’t decide where I should sleep!!” “I dunno normally around this time I spend it reading different book” “Psh there will be plenty of time to read when everyone is asleep” Alan said grabbing the book and tossing it aside “AHH I didn’t get to put my book mark in...” Tom’s hand shook as he saw the pages splay open “Ehehe whoops my bad”.

Later after re finding his place and putting a bookmark in Tom decided to attempt this ‘socializing’ thing with Alan “So tell me a bit about yourself and your family?” Alan asked flopping onto his mattress as he decided he’d camp out with Tom tonight “Where to begin really my family run an incredibly successful dust distribution and as a result we were incredibly wealthy, of course with the success came the fact my parents wanted nothing more than perfection from everyone.” “Sounds about the same for me as my family is particularly wealthy and I was brought up to be the best of the best but at the same time they encouraged me to have a social life”.

Tom seemed amazed that someone who had a similar upbringing to be the best would be allowed to socialise and have friends his parents had been incredibly strict on the fact he only trained as having friends and social life was a distraction and time he could be training or learning to be a better hunter. “My family thought having friends was a distraction and after a particular incident they came down incredibly hard on my training stating I was only to learn how to be the best hunter, I rarely left our manor and talked to other people besides my family and trainers”. “Wow sounds a pretty harsh life but at least here you can make some friends and learn to be social” “Well I’ve tried with a few people already and well it didn’t end up going so great”.

Thinking back to his first attempt Tom emulated what Alan did and walked up to a random guy placing his hand out “Hey there I’m Tom” “Hi Mark” the guy said shaking back as Tom continued shaking his hand staring at him as the guy looked around seeming to be a bit uncomfortable. Eventually he pulled his hand away as Tom looked down at his hand “So we must be friends now” Mark didn’t really answer and sort of stalked away as Tom smiled “I’ve made my first real friend”.

“Huh interesting approach but that’s not quiet how you make friends” Alan said as Tom seemed confused “But you did that and everyone is your friend now” “There’s more to making friends than just introducing yourself and shaking their hand” sighing Alan lay back staring at the ceiling “I suppose I could help teach you how to make friends” “Really you’d do that for me?” “Sure that’s what friends do they help each other” “So we’re friends?” laughing Alan sat up “Yes Tom I’m your first official friend” “Wow I have a real friend”.

Meanwhile back across the room Yang was trying to convince Ruby to make more friends as she dragged her towards a young girl reading a novel. The girl was the same age as Yang with long black hair flowing down her back and a black bow tied across the top of her head while she wore a black yukata for her pyjamas.

Glancing down from her book Yang waved her hand “Hellooo I think you two know each other” and with that threw Ruby in front of her as the girl who had amber coloured eyes raised an eyebrow. “Hey aren’t you that blew up” “Ehe yeah you can call me Ruby” “Okay” uninterested she looked down “So I’m Yang, Ruby’s older sister and you are?” “Call me Blake” “Nice night huh?” Yang said trying to keep the conversation going as Blake glared up “Yes almost as nice as this book which I will read.... when you two leave”. “Alright she’s a lost cause” Yang said as they both walked away back towards their bed’s where Mitch was doing a set of push up’s shirtless and wearing only shorts as sweat dripped off his torso and face.

“Well that isn’t a bad sight” Yang said as Mitch’s concentration slipped and he face planted onto the ground causing both girls to giggle “Yeah well I work out every night to stay in shape” “That I can tell” she said eyeing his muscular torso as Mitch seemed to ignore the beautiful girl perving on him and went to doing sit ups.

“So why exactly did you want me sleeping next to you guys anyway” he grunted between each set as both Ruby and Yang flopped onto their beds “Just figured you might want some company near when you’re sleeping” Yang said stretching “You aren’t weirded out by a guy being near you sleeping?” “Nope and my sisters too young to even care about boys” “Hey just because I’m interested in weapons doesn’t mean I don’t care about guys” Ruby said leaping across her bed as Yang and her suddenly got into a fist fight rolling about their beds as Mitch stopped doing his work out and sat there staring as a bead of sweat rolled down his head “I should’ve taken the spot in the corner it’d be more peaceful” he said with a sigh.

Ania meanwhile had occupied that exact corner Mitch was thinking as she glanced over towards where Yang and Ruby were busy causing a ruckus yelling and punching as she rolled her eyes “I wish they’d keep it down some of us are trying to study” she groaned placing her text book on her bed before leaning back against the wall to stare up at the bright moon in the sky.

“Sooo does the pretty lady want someone to snuggle in bed with” a voice came from behind as Ania glared over towards where one of the guys idiotic friends from earlier sat with a lecherous grin on his face as he eyed her sleepwear which consisted of only a long shirt that rested at her knee’s and nothing else. “Hmmm perhaps you’re right” she suddenly said smiling as the guy blushed while Ania began to slowly pull her shirt up as a trickle of blood formed at the edge of his nose. “Ehehe” he giggled leaning even closer before Ania’s knee came flying up slamming into his nose as he was sent sprawling across the ground where he lay body twitching out cold. “Bloody perverts” she huffed laying on her side and tossing a cover over her as a group of students near to her suddenly stepped back a few metres scared they might get beaten to death in their sleep.

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