Chapter 6: Midnight stroll

The entire hall was deathly quiet besides the noise of the students fast asleep while Mitch lay in his bed staring up at the ceiling sleep unable to find him. “This isn’t going to work” he sighed pushing the covers off and standing up as he glanced around at everyone fast asleep then down at Ruby and Yang “Must be nice to be able to sleep so peacefully” he thought quietly stepping over everyone before pushing open a door leading to a balcony as the cool night time air washed over his body and the pale moonlight illuminated the grounds down below.

In his hand he held a silver flask as he popped the top off and took a swig from the liquid inside “That hits the spot” he sighed in satisfaction before propping himself up against a window sill placing his head against his hands staring up at the star lit night sky. “Can’t sleep” a voice spoke from the shadows as Mitch looked down to see Ania walking out “Haven’t been able to sleep properly for years now” “Same here” sitting down she leant against the wall just below Mitch and stared up at the sky.

They sat in complete silence for a few minutes before Mitch leapt down off the ledge “Want to take a midnight stroll?” “I think we’re meant to stay around the hall” “Suit yourself I never was one to follow rules” shrugging her shoulders Ania tagged behind.

Heading into the main courtyard they found a bench sitting underneath a huge oak tree as Mitch slumped into it “So why exactly are you attending this place?” “I didn’t take you for a caring type” “I’m not just merely curious” “There’s something I need to do and it requires me to become a powerful hunter”. “What about you?” “Nothing overly special apparently I was naturally talented for being a hunter despite having no training so they sent me along to nurture the gift, that I enjoy fighting” Ania rolled her eyes “Boy’s and their fighting”.

Jumping up Mitch stretched his arms out “Guess we should be heading back and attempt that thing called sleep since we’ll be up early tomorrow for the initiation”. As they were walking back Ania spotted Mitch drinking from his flask “So what’s with the flask does it have contain some special elixir?” holding it out he grinned “See for yourself”. Taking a sip Ania felt a burning sensation spreading down her throat as she started coughing and spluttering “Argh oh god that’s vodka” “Yep a special elixir alright” “Why the hell are you drinking that stuff are you even of legal age” “Not really and it’s to kill what I want to forget” and with that he took another swig and would speak no more on the matter.

Arriving back at the hall Mitch stood in the doorway as Ania walked inside “Aren’t you going to try and sleep” “I would but I’m pretty sure I’d just wake everyone up” shrugging her shoulders Ania turned to walk away “Suit yourself but you’ll be tired and lethargic for tomorrow”. Turning back around he glanced up at the night sky “I’d rather be tired and lethargic than face what I see in my nightmares every night” walking out over to the railing Mitch leaned against it as a voice echoed in his ears “RUN”. Shaking his head violently he took another sip from his flask “Stay buried deep down where you belong...” he grunted while his knuckles had turned bright white from the force he was holding onto the railing.

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