Chapter 7: Initiation

“Hey Mitch wake up or you’ll miss the start of the initiation” Alan said standing outside on the balcony staring down at Mitch who was laying against the glass panel asleep yet his face was scrunched up like he was in agony while his body was thrashing about and he was mumbling something. “Dude wake up” placing a hand on his shoulder Mitch’s eyes darted open as a fist clamped around Alan’s throat and he was lifted high into the air while flames roared to life inside Mitch’s cold blue eyes.

Snapping out of his sleeping stupor Mitch suddenly realised what he was doing and dropped Alan who fell onto the ground coughing and rubbing his neck “Man you really aren’t a morning person” “I just don’t like people waking me unexpectedly”. “Must’ve been a bad dream you were having” Alan said following Mitch inside as he noticed nearly half the people had already packed their gear up and were heading to their lockers “Yeah it was but I’d rather not talk about it”.

“So where’d you vanish off to last night?” Yang said as both of them had their gear already packed up “Went for a midnight stroll” “Couldn’t sleep?” Ruby asked as Mitch chuckled “I haven’t been able to sleep for years” throwing a black shirt on and jeans he flung his sleeping bag over his shoulder and started walking towards the cafeteria for breakfast leaving the girls wondering what he meant by that comment.

A hand was placed over Tom’s shoulder as he immediately grabbed a hold of it and flipped Alan over his back onto the ground. “What’s with everyone and hurting me today” he coughed standing up “Oh sorry I thought you were trying to grab me in a choke hold” Tom bluntly said as Alan laughed “No that’s a thing friends do they place their arms over a person’s it’s a friendly sort of gesture” “Ah I’ll take note of that”.

Both of them stepped into the cafeteria as everyone was sitting around at tables enjoying their pancake breakfast. Tom looked across and spotted a young orange haired girl with turquoise eyes frantically talking to a young black haired guy with magenta eyes. The girl was waving her arms about and speaking at a rapid pace while the guy was busy eating his pancakes apparently listening to her but not responding. “Do friends also do this?” Tom asked pointing to them as Alan watched and laughed “Well sometimes people who get excited talk really fast but close friends are able to understand what they’re saying regardless” “I see, fascinating”.

“Yo Mitch” Alan yelled waving his arms about as the blonde haired boy Tom saw a few times earlier on looked up from his 4 plates of pancakes and groaned but waved back. Grabbing a plate each they slid in to the table next to him as Alan clasped his hands together “Thanks for the meal!!” he yelled before chowing down. “Hi I’m Tom” a hand was placed across the table as Mitch looked up from his food half a pancake hanging from his mouth as he watched the young guy chucking an Alan. Sighing he reached across and shook his hand “Mitch” was all he said before eating again as Tom leaned across to Alan “Are we friends yet?” he whispered “No with him it’ll take more than a handshake”.

When everyone had finished their breakfast which was mostly Tom and Alan waiting for Mitch to finish his extra 3 plates he had they all started walking off towards their lockers to get dressed for initiation. Stepping into the giant open room Mitch noticed there wasn’t a boys or girls locker it was simply for everyone as he walked away from Alan and Tom without saying a word “Guess we’ll see you later” Alan called out as Mitch simply placed a hand up in response.

“Man initiation should be awesome, I’ve heard stories it’s something that requires a lot of battle knowledge” Alan said excitedly as he opened the door to his locker tossing his sleeping gear inside and pulling out his combat gear. He wore a skin tight black long sleeved shirt with a dark brown leather like cuirass over the top with square like patches interlocking into each other similar to ancient Chinese armour while a giant golden dragon was emblazed in the middle. Leather gauntlets were attached to his wrist while a belt was wrapped around his waist holding up the dark brown leather skirt and long black tights he wore underneath. Thick dark brown boots completed his gear with a red headband as he strapped his tonfa’s to his back and stretched “Man it feels good to get back into my battle armour”.

“Hey your battle gear is pretty awesome as well” Alan looked across at Tom who was adorned in his armour that his family had helped him craft. Most of the armour was a light hard black metal, the chest plate was white with what appeared to be his family arms on it. It looked like a grimm which was on the left with a sword piercing through its chest coming from the right inside of a black shield emblem. A leather belt held up the black close fitting leather pants while he wore lightweight shoes with metal infused into the soles. Metal wrist guards covered his hands while his weapon was strapped to his back.

“I wonder whose team I will be put on” Alan thought as Tom considered the idea for a moment “Ultimately I’d like to have a team that each bring different strength’s to the table so we’ll be versatile” he said as Alan laughed “I personally just hope it’s a bunch of friendly people so we can all get along”. “Wait what we get put into teams!!!” Mitch’s voice yelled out as they both turned to face him “Of course it’s common fact all students at the academy get grouped into a team of 4” “Oh god I’m going to have to interact with people” he groaned.

“By the way Mitch is that what you wear into battle?” Tom bluntly said pointing as Mitch looked himself up and down “He practically was wearing what he wore yesterday except he removed the black leather jacket and had a pair of fingerless black gloves on” “Of course I always fight like this?” he said as Alan sighed “Whatever works for you I guess”. “Say what’s the tattoo’s all about?” he then asked pointing to them. On Mitch’s right bicep arm was a giant broken and bleeding heart with a rose covered in thorns underneath and on the left bicep was the head of a huge black wolf with blood red eyes and strange runic markings underneath.

“No real meaning just thought they looked cool” was all he said before looking down at a strange triangle shaped pendant hanging from his neck as he tucked it away underneath his shirt. “I highly doubt that generally tattoo’s have some form of meaning behind them especially the way they’ve been placed and designed” Ania’s voice came from behind a locker as she stepped out evoking a response of “Woah” from Alan and Mitch while Tom simply stared wondering what they were commenting on.

She wore a full bodied black leather suit that clung tightly to her body while there was an open V formed from her neck down to her cleavage. Black leather gloves covered her fingers while a belt full with throwing knives was around her waist, thigh high black boots completed the image with her spear across her back. “What?” was all she said as both Alan and Mitch snapped from their gawking “Huh...oh right my tattoo’s mean nothing that’s all” Mitch said taking another look at Ania before shaking his head and walking off “Fine if that’s what you say...”

“Would all first year students report to Beacon Cliff’s for their initiation” Glynda’s voice announced over the intercom as Alan turned to face Tom “I wonder why they want us to meet up at the cliff’s for the initiation?”

Later every first year student stood in a line upon the top of the cliff overlooking a giant vast forest below as Headmaster Ozpin addressed everyone. “The partnerships you make here will last the entire duration that you spend at this academy so it is incredibly important that you pick partners you work well with. Your partner shall be decided upon the first person you lay eye contact upon inside the Emerald Forest, also since there will be opposition destroying everything that stands in your way is a must. The object that you seek is a relic located deep inside a temple within the forest, upon obtaining it you must guard the object along with your standing”.

Done with his speech a young blonde haired boy asked Ozpin how everyone will be arriving inside the forest only to see a catapult launching people deep into the forest. “HOW CAN WE LAND!!!” he yelled as Ozpin chuckled “You’ll have to figure that out on your own”.

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