Chapter 9: Deep in the Emerald Forest

“You know while fighting this horde of Grimm isn't really that difficult some assistance wouldn't go astray” Alan called out to Mitch who was sitting high atop a branch arms placed behind his head as he watched his ‘team mate’ swatting away a particularly nasty swarm of wasp like grimm. The insects had the black colouring all grimm possessed with tiny razor like barbs on their wings and bright red markings that appeared to be veins while a giant stinger twice the size of Alan was protruding from its back, a white mask with red markings and blood orange eyes completed the deadly picture. “One sting from a Vespa can be particularly deadly” he yelled out “Make sure not to get stung then” was all Mitch replied with.

One darted in stinger raised as Alan rolled to the side strapping his bladed tonfa’s “Doragon Strike” on to his wrists before hacking through another one that had darted past as it’s body went crumbling to the ground in two. Twirling them around so the back was facing the horde Alan pressed down on a button located on the handle as a barrage of machine gun fire was reigned down upon the wasps causing them all to scatter angrily. Following a particular trail two of the creatures were shredded to pieces from the bullets before he flipped the tonfa’s back over to hack apart another three that had flew to close.

A loud buzzing sound could be heard heading towards Mitch as he opened one eye to see two of the creatures deciding on a new target as he sighed “I can’t be bothered unsheathing Ashura for this”. Reaching into his pocket a zippo lighter was pulled out as he flicked it on creating a tiny flame which moved towards his hand as he launched it towards the Vespa incinerating one before hurling another fireball finishing the second one off.

Flicking it shut he leapt down out of the tree to find Alan still rapidly firing upon the swarm trying to separate them as he sighed “Alright I’ve grown bored of watching let’s move on” unsheathing Ashura it began to glow a searing red colour as he launched a giant fireball towards Alan and the swarm.

“Hmmm is it me or did the temperature increase” Alan said wiping sweat from his forehead before he looked over his shoulder and spotted a huge fireball racing towards him. “HOLY CRAP” he yelled rolling to the side as the remaining Vespa were engulfed in the flames becoming nothing more than charcoal. “A LITTLE WARNING PERHAPS NEXT TIME” “....darn I was hoping you’d get caught in the crossfire” Mitch grumbled “Ermm no I mean look out I’m launching a fireball” “You know you make it hard for people to like you” “That’s generally the point” Mitch scoffed walking past “I won’t give up on you though!!” Alan happily exclaimed falling in behind as they resumed their search for the temple.

Professor Ozpin and Glynda stood a top the cliff overwatching Emerald Forest as a screen in front of them flashed across to the different teams making their way through the forest. “Hmm with Ren and Nora forming a team that makes everyone to have a partner” Glynda said as the screen flashed to Alan and Mitch trudging through the forest “I don’t think Mitch works to well on a team which is a pity since Alan seems to do rather well” it then flashed to Ania running alone and Tom casually walking trying to find her “Same goes for these two I really wonder who they’ll all be compatible with to form a proper team”.

“At the current rate everyone is moving they all should reach the temple in a matter of minutes. Say what did you make as the relics this year?” Glynda asked only to receive no response as she looked up to see the Professor entrance in his screen watching both Ruby and Weiss attempting to ‘work’ together.

Pushing past a low hanging branch Ania stopped walking for a moment to regain her composure after completely losing it back there. “Just had to ask about my past...” she muttered flashes of her child hood racing through her mind as she punched a nearby tree “ARGH JUST STAY BURIED DAMN YOU” she yelled only to hear a roar in response and looked up to see an Ursa staggering out interested in all the loud racket she had been making.

For a split second seeing the blood red eyes of the creature Ania was paralysed with complete and total fear as flashes of a giant towering bear from when she was little came flooding back.

The huge black shaggy bear towered over her as she was cowering underneath the snow hoping it wouldn’t see her. “Why had he thrown her to this monster, why did she have to defeat it at the age of 4 to prove how strong she was, why couldn’t he accept that she wasn’t some strong son like he wanted!!!”

“WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME BE” she yelled as a bright blue aura began to surround her. The Ursa took a swipe towards Ania as a giant sheet of ice burst forth from the ground blocking the strike, recoiling back the Ursa roared in anger as Ania opened her eyes which were even brighter and bluer than before as she simply pointed a finger tip towards the creature and a stream of ice raced forward engulfing the bear who was encased inside a huge block of ice.

The aura suddenly completely disappeared from around Ania as her eyes stopped glowing while she swayed and staggered back before dropping down to her knee’s exhausted. A loud shattering could be heard as the Ursa encased in ice was broken into hundreds of tiny pieces while Tom stood a few feet away his katana opened from firing an explosive that finished the creature off.

“What the hell was that weird light surrounding you it looked like dust?” he asked helping Ania to stand up as she simply stared at the ground refusing to answer. “But I mean you didn’t use your weapon to fire the dust and I can’t see any visible signs of dust infused into your armour” “...look if you want to be friends there are some things you need to learn, when someone doesn’t want to talk about their past you leave it buried” “But why?” “Because sometimes people want the past to stay buried and don’t like bringing up....... it’s to painful”.

Tom seemed to somehow grasp what Ania was talking about as he remembered after that one fateful day long ago he had asked his parents about it but time and time again they refused to speak on the subject and he never fully understood until now. “I understand I’ll leave it dropped then” Ania looked up at him and for the first time since he had seen her she actually smiled “Thank you Tom” “Now let’s go get that relic I spot the top of the temple just past these tree’s”.

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