The Chosen One

Chapter 10: My Baby Might Be What???

Sam’s POV

We started our tracking last night. Half of the pack went to the West side of the Reservation and the other half went to the East side. The West side led by Paul and the East side led by me. We were all on our way to the Canadian border but before we started our hunt we did a perimeter search of the Reservation. The scent was the strongest in the woods closest to Jacob’s house but we didn’t find anything. So we ran, ran all the way to the Canadian border where we lost the scent. We all phased and got dressed.

S: How could I not have noticed the scent before?

P: We didn’t even notice it until we walked in the forest.

S: I was walking in the forest with Jacob earlier, what if something had happened?

P: Nothing did and if it happened you would have protected him after all you are our Alpha.

S: (Deep breath) Uhm, we have to get back. The others are on their way.

Pack: Okay.

They all phased into werewolf form and started running back towards Forks, towards LaPush.

Edwards POV

This morning when we were getting ready to move Alice had a vision. She saw the wolves running but she couldn’t see where too or why because she was just beginning to see the wolves but somehow she couldn’t see Jacob anymore. Since it didn’t look like anyone was chasing them, we just assumed that they were just taking a run.

C: Okay, I’m pretty sure Alice’s vision didn’t mean anything because if it did Sam would have informed us already. Besides we’re on our way to LaPush if there is anything going on they will tell us about it there.

E: Okay let’s go!

Es: Someone’s and eager beaver.

E: I just want to get out of these mountains.

R: To do what exactly?

Em: I bet it’s to go see a “Very Sexy” werewolf.

E: Hey? (Offended) why do you say it like that?

Em: Coz I’m not gay.

E: Are you sure? Remember I can hear your thoughts.

R: What?

Em: Nothing, he’s just messing with me.

E: Sure I am. Can we go now?

C: Sure we can go.

~~~At LaPush~~~

Edward’s POV

Since we didn’t take our cars we ran. We arrived at the LaPush border in a mere two hours which is four hours faster than driving here from there. Edward saw the border line and came to an abrupt stop. The rest of the family quickly followed suit.

C: Edward what’s wrong?

E: Something’s not right.

C: What!? Edward talk to us!

E: I don’t know something just feels off.

Es: Now let’s go. I’m sure they will clear it up for us.

E: I haven’t told you yet but there’s something that I need to tell you. I’m not allowed to cross here.

C: Why not?

E: They said… (He didn’t get to finish). The wolves are on their way.

C: Good morning Sam.

S: (…)

E: It will be easier if I phase back. We have a few things to discuss before you can go to the house.

C: Good, because there’s also a few things that I would like to discuss with you.

E: Okay give us a minute.


S: What is it that you need to discuss with us?

C: For starters can you tell us why Edward may not cross the border?

S: Actually after what I was told, I’m pretty sure Edward has to pass.

E: My patience is running really low so you better spit it out and where is Jacob, you promised that you’d take care of him.

S: And I did. He is with Seth and Jared at the moment they are at Bill’s house.

Es: Edward you need to calm down. Getting angry with Sam won’t help anything.

S: It’s okay now listen. The elders have said that you and Jacob should have gotten married before the baby was conceived.

R: Do they know that it is the 21st century?

E: What did you just say? (He all but shouted)

R: Ed I just…

A: Not you Rose.

R: Oh than whom?

E: What did you just say about my baby?

S: The elders said that if a baby from two different species is born out of wedlock that it will come out cursed.

E: What! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this earlier?

S: We didn’t know either Edward.

E: How’s Jake taking all of this?

S: He was stressing a lot about it yesterday and …

E: Yesterday! You’ve known this since yesterday but none of you bothered to call and tell us?

S: Because we had more important matters to handle.

E: I don’t care. Jacob is my partner. I have the right to know how he’s handling things.

P: Hey you may be all vampiry and shit but you have no right to talk to him like that, he is our Alpha and you WILL respect him.

(Sam got a phone call from Billy)

S: Doc, Edward we need to get you to Jacob something is wrong with him Billy just called.

The wolves phased and with Sam and Billy’s permission Edward and his family followed them to the Black.

~~~Black House~~~

Se: We tried everything and nothing wants to work. He’s been screaming like that for the last 15 min. we tried cooling him down coz he’s sweating and burning up but it didn’t work so we decided to call you.

S: Okay, let Dr. Cullen through.

Elder #1: Cullen?

S: Don’t start with that now, Jacob needs help and Carlisle can help him.

Jasper was hunched over as if he were in pain.

A: Carlisle all the emotions in the room are too much for Jasper, so I’m going to take him back to the house.

C: Okay and if you get there get the room ready, we’ll be on our way over there once I’ve stabilized Jacob.

A: Yes Carlisle, let’s go Jas.

Elder #2: And where is it that you’re taking Jacob?

C: I’m taking him to my house.

E: Carlisle has everything he needs to help Jacob over there and Yes Jacob imprinted on me.

Elder #2: How did you know what I was thinking?

S: He can read minds but all that isn’t important right now.

C: Right. Everyone wait outside, Edward you too. I don’t want you seeing him like that.

E: Under no circumstances Carlisle.

C: Edward I have spoken. Sam I need your help please.

R: Come let’s wait outside. You can even go back to the house if you want to.

E: No I’ll stay here.

R: Okay now let’s go.


Elder #1: So we would like to know: Edward do you love Edward?

E: More than anything else in the world and yes I would die for him but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t allow me too.


Elder #2: Just as stubborn as his father and grandfather.

Jacob started screaming again.

R: Edward please I know it’s difficult but Carlisle and Sam are busy helping him, give them time.

Elder #1: The curse is starting to take its toll on Jacob.

E: What can we do? I’ll do anything for him to stop paining.

Elder #1: There is one way but for that to even remotely work which it might not the two of you should be sharing true love.

E: It is. I love him and he loves me.

Elder #2: How sure are you of that?

E: I can read minds I know what he is thinking.

Elder#1: Do you love him enough to marry him?

E: Yes, but I’m not marrying him until he is okay.

Elder #1: If you want him to be better you will have to marry him.

E: What!?

Elder #1: That is what you have to do and it might not even work.

E: Why?

Elder #1: The curse. Didn’t Sam tell you?

E: So it might not work because the baby is already on its way?

Elder #1: Yes.

Just then Billy came rolling out of the house.

E: Dad what’s wrong? Is it Jacob?

~~~Earlier Inside~~~

C: Sam I need you to hold him down, I need to check his vitals.

S: Do you think it’s the baby doing this to him?

C: Well from what I’m hearing from outside I think so.

S: Jake, its okay we’re here to help you.

J: mmmmmmmmmmmm

C: His heartbeat is somewhat off track and I’m afraid the baby that the baby might be affected.

S: What do you mean?

C: He’s stress levels are raising and it could be dangerous for the baby.

B: Now what can you do?

C: I can’t give him and medication, he’s high metabolism will just use it up immediately.

B: Can’t you just try?

C: I could but I would be in high doses, will that be okay with you?

B: Yes anything to help him.

C: Then we’ll have to take him home.

S: Are you going to take one of the cars or will one of you carry him?

C: It’ll be better if Edward carries him he’s fast.

B: Okay I’ll go get Edward.

~~~Back To Present~~~

B: Carlisle needs you to take Jacob home fast.

Elder #2: Can’t he be treated here?

Edward just rushed by him without giving him an answer.

E: Jake, Jake I‘m here. We’re gonna help you. You’ll get better now now.

C: Edward you can take him now.

E: Okay. Meet you all at the house.

~~~Alice’s POV~~~

A: I hope Jasper gets home quick.

I sent Jas to go get something in town. It’s my own little surprise for the happy couple. Being able to see the future has its perks but having a mind reader as a brother is terrible. It’s very hard keeping secrets from him.

A: Finally I thought you’d never get back.

Ja: It’s very difficult finding a place that’s buried so deep behind millions of other stores.

A: I told you exactly where to find the store. (She said smiling)

Ja: You knew I wouldn’t find it didn’t you?

A: Like I said being able to the future has its perks. (I know you’re not mad)

Ja: I can’t stay mad at you and you know it.

A: Okay I need to ask one more favor.

Ja: And that would be?

A: Hide this and don’t think about it?

Ja: And why would that be madam?

A: Hm. It’s for the happy couple.

Ja: Why?

A: Because it is a surprise and it’s super secret.

Ja; So what you mean is that you had a vision.

A: I saw into the future.

Ja: If you say so.

A: Now hurry up they’re on their way.

Ja: I’ll only move if I get a kiss.

A: Fine if I have too.

Ja: Enjoy your scheming.

A: I will my love.

Ja: I am with a happy go lucky.

A: Go they’re almost here.

A: Do through I’ve set up everything up all the monitors are on.

C: Thank you.

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