The Chosen One

Chapter 11: Is It True Love???

Edward’s POV

Jacob wasn’t reacting to the medication as fast as Carlisle hoped but it’s slowly starting to work. He thinks that because of the pregnancy his metabolism is low and that’s why the medication is working. His fever broke last night but he is still in a lot of pain.

S: Is there anything we can do?

E: I need you to find out anything about the wedding, what we have to do, what makes it so special that it can break the curse.

S: Okay please call us if anything changes.

E: Okay and Sam.

S: Yes.

E: Thank you.

E: I don’t want to feed right now!

R: It’s not for you it’s for Jake and since you don’t want anyone else in that room you have to give it to him.

E: OF COURSE!!! This could work. Why can’t I remember any of the important things?

R: That’s why you have perfect sisters like me.

E: You’re full of yourself but thank you for this.

E: Why don’t we try this he hasn’t had any for the last couple of days.

B: What’s that?

C: It’s the blood.

B: Oh yes. We could try it.

C: Jacob I need you to drink this it might help for the pain.

J: …

E: Please Jake, our baby’s hungry and it needs your help.

Jacob takes a sip from the blood and closes he’s eyes and lays he’s head down on the bed.

E: I think it’s working.

Just as he said that Jacob’s face turned an awry shade of green and he started puking and spitting out the blood he just drank.

B: Son!

C: It seems like he’s body or the baby is rejecting the blood.

B: But why he’s been drinking that gunk for the last four months and… (He was cut off)

E: Carlisle look the baby’s heart monitor. There’s nothing. There’s no heartbeat.

J: What’s that sound? My baby, save my baby, don’t make me lose my baby please.

C: Edward, Jacob you both need to calm down. The baby’s heartbeat has been doing that since yesterday.

E: Yesterday! And you didn’t think that it was important to tell either one of us!

C: Edward, Billy and I thought that since you don’t have a heartbeat that that is the reason it is doing that.

J: So my baby’s trying to decide whether it’s a human or a vampire?

B: Yes we think so.

J: (Faint smile) even though I’m lying here in pain I’m happy for my little baby.

E: If it continues hurting you than I might just remove it myself.

J: I will kill you if you try.

E: Then you’ll die too coz you can’t live without me.

J: Stay outta my head.

E: Stop thinking about me then.

B: (Laughing) I think we should give you a minute Carlisle?

C: I’ll be outside. Call if you need me.

E: Okay thank you dads.

Dads: Our pleasure.

J: So “boyfriend” how’s your life been?

E: You scared the living shit out of me yesterday.

J: “Shit” I’m starting to rub off on you.

E: You’re a very bad influence on me.

J: I’m gonna be the fun daddy. (He said sadly)

E: And I’m going to be the strict buzz killing one.

J: You might have to be both.

E: And what will you be?

J: …

E: Tell me what’s going on in that head of yours?

J: Kiss me before I tell you.

E: Sure.

Edward leaned down and gave Jacob a kiss on the lips. A kiss that said everything from I love you to I’ll always protect you.

J: Thank you.

E: Anytime, now can you please tell me what you’re blocking from your mind.

J: Ed I know what’s going on. I’ve heard the elders, my dad, your dad and Sam talking.

E: Yes.

J: We need to try everything and anything we can to keep this baby safe.

E: I agree anything and everything.

J: Thank you.

E: Is it okay if I leave for a while I need to go do something very important.

J: Even more important than me and our baby?

E: Not at all, but it’s important.

J: Okay go I’m kinda tired.

E: Okay bye.

They kissed and Edward left.

Edward’s POV

I had two things to do. Firstly I needed to find Sam and find out what the elders said then I need to go get something for my love regardless of what the elders have to say.

E: Sam what did they say?

S: After lecturing me about responsibilities and the rules they told me that you and Jacob both have to believe that the marriage will work. You have to have the utmost faith in the ceremony.

E: Ceremony?

S: Yes they said it has to be a ceremony with family only. You both have to read a separate set of vows. Jacob has to say his in his native language.

E: Quileute.

S: Yes. You have to do yours in English.

E: Okay and when can all of this be done?

S: Next full moon which is… (HE was cut off)

A: (All chirpy) Which is on Friday. Tomorrow.

E: Tomorrow! Whoa I have a lot to do.

A: Uhm not actually.

E: What do you mean?

R: Your little pixie sister finally told us what she was up too.

Em: Only because she needed our help.

P: We’re like hired help for her.

R: Remember all the calls and arrangements she was making?

E: Yes.

R: She was planning your wedding.

E: You knew.

A: I said being able to see the future has it’s perks.

E: Huh?

P: You’re pretty confused for a mind reading leech.

S: Paul!

P: Sorry force of habit.

E: It’s okay.

A: Just go look outside.

When Edward went outside towards the backyard, he couldn’t stop smiling. From outside the door there were fairy lights hung on the trees, a beautiful pathway was cleared leading to the backyard. There the rest of the pack and Edward siblings minus Alice were setting up make-shift seating places for the guest. There were flowers being delivered at the front door for decorations. Even their parents were helping.

E: This is… wonderful.

A: I know.

E: Now I just need to get a ring.

A: (Smiling)

E: You didn’t. You did, didn’t you?

A: I did, Jas bring it.

Ja: Here you go Mr. Cullen.

E: Thank you sir.

E: Alice it’s, it’s beautiful.

A: It’s the same ring you would have picked out.

E: Exactly it’s wow. Thank you so much pixie sister. I love you so much.

He kissed her on the cheek and hugged Jacob.

C: You sure do look happy.

E: I am. Very much. So so much.

C: That’s all we ever wanted for you Edward.

B: What do you think Jacob will say?

E: I know he’ll say yes.

Em: Quite confident huh?

E: Very. Thank you very much everyone. I really appreciate it.

No problem.

~~~Moment of Truth~~~

E: Jacob, love u awake?

J: Yeah just woke up.

E: Good I need to talk to you.

J: About?

E: It’s really important.

J: Okay I can’t actually move from here so come sit with me.

E: It’s okay I’d rather stand.

J: You’re starting to scare me, what’s up?

E: Jake, you know I love you right?

Yeah. (He said sounding unsure)

E: And you love me right?

J: Undeniably. I love you with all my heart.

E: Okay. (He took the deepest breath known to men, even though he obviously didn’t need it.) Jacob you went from being my biggest enemy to my greatest love now you’re even carrying my baby, our baby. I can’t imagine my life without you, I thought I’d be alone for a long time but then you came around and completed everything, you complete me. What I’m trying to say is: Jacob Ephraim Black will you mary me and make me even happier then I am.

J: …

A: Oops. Wait and see

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