The Chosen One

Chapter 12: So Will You???

J: No.

E: (Utterly shocked)

J: What?

E: (Edward actually wished he could cry right now. Jacobs mind was too scrambled for him to understand anything) Why?

J: Huh? No I mean yeah I do. Yes, yes. Edward I’ll marry you.

There was loud cheering from outside the room from their family.

E: You do?

J: I do Ed. Always.

E: Then will you except this ring.

J: Sure thing.

E: You have a VERY WEIRD mind.

J: What? I just thought that you’re no longer my baby daddy but my fiancé’.

E: Not for long. We have to do this otherwise we might just lose our opportunity.

J: Ed please tell me that you’re not only doing this so the baby doesn’t come out cursed.

E: That’s.. that’s not true Jake.

J: Are you lying to me?

E: No Jakes, I promise.

The door opened and the family led by Alice barged in.

A: Jake he’s not lying believe me.

Jacob just looked at her trying to figure out whether or not she was lying.

R: Jake if you don’t believe them, believe me, believe your dad he’s not only doing this for because of the baby.

J: No I believe him. I believe you all it’s just I felt the baby kick.

E: It’s amazing. (He said smiling)

Es & A: Oooo can we feel please.

J: Sure.

They all felt the baby kicking inside of Jacob.

P: It feels weird.

Em: Only you would say that it feels weird.

E: Emmett you were thinking the same thing.

Everyone: Hahahahahaha

Em: So what, it does.

R: No it doesn’t.

Es: It feels amazing.

A: It feels perfect.

Se: It feels good.

Everyone turned and looked at him. Shock clear in their faces.

Se: What it’s true.

J: It’s okay bud. I have a bone to pick with the two people who called my baby weird.

P: Hm.

Em: Hm.

J: You don’t want to mess with a pregnant male werewolf.

P: We’ll just whoosh outta here before you get your lazy butt up.

Em: Dude run.

Like that Edward tackled Paul to the ground playfully and said: Not if his fiancé” is the fastest vampire here.

Family: Hahahaahahahah.

J: Okay so when is it?

Everyone started smiling mischievously.

J: Why’s everyone smiling?

P: Because young, stupid, little Jacob toady is the last day that you are a free man.

J: Huh?

S: Jacob the wedding is tomorrow.

J: What?

E: It’s a full moon tomorrow night and it’s the only time the ceremony can be done.

J: And what will happen if we don’t do it tomorrow.

B: Then your little monkey over there will be cursed soon.

J: Ookkkaayy sooo?

Se: So what?

B: I think I know.

C: Care to share?

J: Dad, no it’s embarrassing.

B: Jacob being the young man that he is always dreamed of having a big wedding with decorations, festivities and his whole family.

E: Awww my baby.

J: Aaah shut up.

P & Em: Awwww (They teased)

E: Leave him alone I think it’s sweet.

Es: So do I.

P: Guys (He said referring to the wolves) how didn’t we ever notice that Jacob was gay?

Jar: I think of that every day.

J: Maybe coz I wasn’t gay.

S: Maybe you still aren’t.

J: I’m pregnant with the baby of another guy, how much more convincing do you need?

S: Okay, but I thought if one of you would be pregnant that it would be Edward.

J: Why?

E: Oh Sam’s being funny now.

Ja: Let me guess he thought that you have more feminine features didn’t he.

E: Yes he did.

Em: It’s sorta true.

C: Boy’s. (He warned)

A: Anyway Jake I already have everything set up according to your taste.

J: Really can I see it?

E: No!

J: Why not?

C: What Edward means is that if you want to be okay for your wedding, you still need a lot of rest.

J: FINE!!!


E: Don’t worry I’ll stay with you tonight.

Em: No little bro. groom can’t see his br… groom before the wedding.

E: I don’t think tradition applies to us.

B: It might be a good idea to spend a night away from each other.

J: No it’s not.

A: Yes it is. Then we can pamper you and your baby tonight.

Wolves: We’re game.

Em & Ja: Us too.

E: Carlisle, Billy?

C: Nah, I think I’ll stay here with Jacob and the girls.

B: I’m staying with my son.

J: So I’ll be here with the girls, my dad and Carlisle while you go out with the guys and go do things.

E: Jake we don’t… {Reading thought} What?

J: I get to stay with them. Awesome.

P: Dude you’re weird.

J: I’m pregnant.

P: You’re abnormal.

J: I imprinted on a vampire.

P: Fine you win. It’s getting late we should leave.

E: Can we have a moment alone?

P: “Can we have a moment alone?” You guys are insufferable.

S: Let’s leave them.

Ja: 10 minutes then we’re leaving.

E: Thank you.

E: Don’t have too much fun without me okay?

J: I cannot promise that.

E: I can live with that.

J: So what are you guys doing?

E: They’re taking me to a strip club in Seattle.


E: Just kidding love. We’re going hunting.

J: Oh and do you know what the girls are going to do with me?

E: I do but I promised Alice I wouldn’t say.

J: Just tell me if it’s good or bad.

E: It’s actually really good.

J: Oh okay then.

E: They’re on their way. Good bye kiss?

J: Always.

They kissed and only stopped when Paul pushed the door open.

P: Time to go lover boy.

Ja: Don’t worry we’ll take good care of him.

J: Bye.

E: Bye.

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