The Chosen One

Chapter 13: Last Night Single??? Part #1

Jacob’s POV

Even though Edward said it was something good I was a little afraid of what these girls had planned for me at least Carlisle and my father are here.

C: Jake I need to check the vitals of you and the baby before the masses come in.

J: Okay.

C: What’s on your mind son?

J: Just wondering would you mind if I uhm called you…

C: Dad?

J: Uhm yes. (He said looking everywhere but Carlisle)

C: Sure you’re like a son to me already and after tomorrow it will be official.

J: Thank you… uhm dad.

C: (Smiling) everything seems fine but can you please drink a little of this?

J: Okay. (He drank from the foam cup and surprisingly didn’t throw up.) Uhm it has a unique taste doesn’t it?

C: You’ll get use to it.

J: Hopefully not. I only have 5 months left.

C: For now. (He said smiling)

J: (Clearly embarrassed) Oh my word I never expected that from you.

C: Edward always told me that he didn’t want only one child.

J: My poor body.

C: It’ll go back easily. I hope.

J: How do you know?

C: You’re a werewolf.

J: Yeah let’s hope it does.

C: You have to have more children at least two more because you and Edward are the only way Billy and I will ever have biological grandchildren.

J: I never thought of it that way.

C: Well I on the other hand it’s all that I can think off.

J: Don’t worry we’ll make you proud.

C: I don’t doubt that one bit. 3..2..1

A: Carlisle are you done with Jakey?

J: Jakey?

A: Yes Jakey.

C: We’re done you can have him.

A: The first thing we’re going to do is show a surprise so let’s go it’s upstairs.

J: Are you going to help me coz I don’t see myself getting up there by myself.

A: Of course we’ll help you.

Jacob pulled his shirt down and slowly got off the examination table. Then with Rosalie’s help coz Alice had something quick to do he got to the bathroom.


J: The bathroom? What’s so special about the bathroom?

R: (She shouted over through the door) Is it ready, can I bring him in?

Es: Yes you can.

R: Close your eyes and hold out your hands. We’re coming in!!

Jacob put her hands around Jacob’s eyes and waited until Alice opened the door. When she did she pulled Jacob inside, Rosalie removed her hand.

Girls: Surprise!!!

J: You guys it’s beautiful. Wow.

Es: We knew you’d like it dear.

J: Did you guys do this for me?

Es: Yes. We want you to be as comfortable as humanly pregnant while being pregnant.

J: You didn’t have to waste your money.

Es: It’s not a waste dear.

J: I don’t know what to say.

Es: Say “thank you” and let’s continue.

J: Thanks guys I really appreciate it.

R: If you don’t like it the rest of us will still be using it. I’m sure Emmett and I can…

J: Nope don’t want that picture or thought in my head.

R: Yeah, yeah.

Es: Okay so we put relaxing in scents in the water. The tub has jets in many different places just to help you relax.

R: Stay in for as long as you want but not for too long we have another thing still planned for you.

J: Okay.

A: Okay so just call us to come and help you out of the bathtub if you are done.

J: What?

A: We wouldn’t want you to slip and fall and possibly lose the baby now would we?

R: And we’ve all seen you naked before.

J: Than was before I was pregnant.

E: Girls I get what he means, I know a lot of women that get insecure about their bodies while pregnant to an extent that they wouldn’t ever do certain things with their husband while pregnant.

R: Esme’ believe me they do things while he’s pregnant.

A: Rose! (She exclaimed smiling)

R: What we all know they do it.

J: But I don’t need to know that you know.

Es: And me as apparent would rather not think about what my son and soon to be son-in-law are doing.

J: Okay can we please stop talking about what Edward and I do.

A: Esme what was the point to what you were saying?

Es: Uhm Jake since Carlisle has seen you uhm naked while you’re pregnant will it be okay if he helps you?

J: Uhm yes please.

Es: Okay I’ll go and tell Carlisle, just shout when you’re done.

J: Thank you… And you two?

R: Should we help you undress?

J: No it’s okay I can still kinda undress myself.

R: I’m pretty sure Edward been helping you with that a lot.

A: Rose! (Smiling)

R: I like seeing him blush like that.

J: Uhm anyways I just need your help with my pants I cannot bend down.

A: Why didn’t you just ask Esme’?

R: Duh, it’s embarrassing asking you’re soon to be mother-in-law to undress you.

J: Yeah kind of.

A: Okay enjoy yourself.

R: But not too much.

They helped Jacob with his pants, then into the bathtub then they left.

~~~After A While~~~

Knock knock…

J: I’m not done yet!

B: Son it’s me can I come in?

J: Yeah dad.

B: Someone’s looking comfy.

J: and it’s relaxing. No more back pain.

B: Oh.

J: So what’s u?

B: Just want to talk to my son.

J: Before you do how did you get up here?

B: Rosalie helped me.

J: h okay.

B: Why?

J: Yes, so, so much.

B: I can’t believe my only son is getting married and is almost 5 months pregnant.

J: Me neither. I just wish Rachel and Rebecca could be here.

B: Your sisters don’t care about us Jacob.

J: Yeah I know. Do you know which priest they’re using?

B: It’s a traditional ceremony, I’m going to officiate.

J: That mean you’re the priest?

B: Yes.

J: But then you won’t be able to walk down the aisle with me.

B: Son even if wasn’t the priest I still wouldn’t be able to walk down the aisle with you.

J: Dad, I don’t care that you’re in a wheelchair, I would walk down the aisle and you’d roll next to me. That is always how I imagined it.

B: So you’ve always imagined walking down the aisle.

J: (Smiling) Dad! I didn’t mean it like that.

B: If you say so. Anyways you need someone to hold you while you walk. Your little monkey is still unstable.

J: Yeah I know. I’ll ask uhm Sam and Seth to walk with me.

B: You really like that kid don’t you?

J: He’s like a bother to me.

B: That’s good, are you done, should I go call Carlisle?

J: Yes please.

C: I hear you need my help.

J: Yes please. I need to get out and I’m not allowing anyone else to see me naked.

C: Hahaha I heard about Rosalie and Alice.

J: They still scare me.

C: Ah. Can I ask you something?

J: Yeah sure.

C: What would you think about building a ramp at the front door and maybe putting in an elevator to make the house more convenient for your father?

J: That would be amazing but it’s all up to you.

C: That’s why I want to do it.

J: But you’re changing so much for me and my family.

C: Soon to be our family.

J: Thank you.

Jacob got dressed then with the help of Carlisle went downstairs.

R: Finally. You sure take your time.

J: (Teeth showing smile) It was nice.

A: Come sit down here.

They sat in front of the fire place and Esme’ brought in a food platter.

Es: This is for you.

J: Thank you I’m starving.

A: Jake this is for you.

J: Oh my, the tux is beautiful.

A: It’s for the wedding.

J: I totally forgot about that thank you.

R: We have Edwards one too.

J: Can I see it?

A: Fine.

J: It looks so good. He’ll look so handsome in it.

Es: So will you.

J: Not with this tummy.

Es: Having the baby makes you look even more handsome honey.

J: Thank you.

R: Jake, what do you see in Edward?

J: Why?

R: I just want to know. When you talk about him you just glow.

J: I thought pregnant people had a certain glow to them.

R: Okay now tell me.

J: Edward is great. I can’t explain it.

A: He’s blushing.

J: Edward makes me feel special. The way he puts everyone else’s feelings above his own. You guys might not know this but Edward once told me that he loves endlessly and I understand what he meant now. Once you have a place in Edward’s heart… sorry, I’m pregnant I get to be emotional. (He said wiping the fallen tears off of his face)

Es: Awww

J: As I was saying, once you have a place in Edward’s heart he will always be there for you. I love Edward and nothing anybody says will ever change my mind and heart about him.

A: That’s sweet.

R: And mushy.

J: I know.

Es: Jacob, I love you just as much as I love the rest of my family.

Family: All of us do.

J: I love you all too.

They spent the rest of the night talking, bonding and having fun until Jacob eventually fell asleep. Rosalie and Alice did a perimeter search before settling in.

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