The Chosen One

Chapter 14: Last Night Single??? Part #2

Edward’s POV

I was kind of afraid to leave Jacob with so little protection. I’m not saying that Carlisle, Esme’, Alice and Rosalie can’t protect him because they can but what if there are a lot of them and they can’t fight them all off? I backed out at the last minute but Carlisle promised me that they’d protect Jacob to the max and that they’d call as soon as something happens. So here I was having a bachelors party that I thought would never happen with my brothers and former enemies the wolves. Never thought that would happen. They’re really wild but I have to get use to it because after tomorrow they will be my brother-in-law even though they aren’t related.

P: Yo Cullen stop brooding and come here.

E: I’m coming I was just thinking.

Se: Are you thinking about Jakey? (He said in a teasing voice)

E: No!

Em: Liar!

E: Whatever are we going to hunt or talk?

Ja: Apparently we’ll be doing both.

Jared: Bonfire.

S: Quileute tradition.

P: And since you’re joining the family it’s mandatory.

Em: We’re not joining your family, you’re joining our family.

P: No, you’re joining our family.

Em: No.

P: No.

Ja: We’re merging now can we please go I’m thirsty.

Se: And we’re hungry.

So like that they went hunting, the vampires drinking blood and the werewolves eating the animals. Paul and Emmett were trying to out run and out hunt each other. If Emmett jumped Paul would jump higher. If Paul tackled an animal Emmett would tackle a bigger one and so they went on the whole night. The rest of the guys just ran together not speaking only hunting. As they were getting closer to the clearing where they were going to have their bonfire they started slowing down. Seth slowly walked over to Edward’s side and started talking to him through his thoughts.

Se: So are you thinking about backing out yet?

E: Why?

Se: You’ll have to deal with Paul and Emmett for the rest of your life.

E: I can handle them you on the other hand have to get use to Alice.

Se: She terrifies me.

E: Jacob too.

Se: Edward can I ask you, no sort of request something from you?

E: Sure, anything, what is it?

Se: Edward please don’t hurt him… I mean please just don’t hurt him.

As he said that his big werewolf eyes were filled with sincere emotion. Edward stoped Seth with his hand and said:

E: Seth, I would never ever hurt him, never.

Se: You’ll protect him but what about… loving him?

E: I love Jacob. He is my life, my reason for living. I wouldn’t be able to continue without him.

Se: That’s sweet.

E: What sweet is how much you care about him.

Se: He’s like a brother to me.

E: I know he thinks the same about you and he cares about you.

Se: J

P: Hey, this looks like a good place, come along love birds.

Se: One day Paul, one day. (He warned)

P: Come and get me.


The wolves went behind the trees, phased and got dressed, well semi-dressed actually.

P: Here’s the wood we’ll need and extra.

S: Do you have the matches?

Em: I do.

P: I do too.

Jared: Not again.

S: Please just give me one so we can start the fire.

Em: Take mine.

P: No take mine.

S: (Face palm)

E: Sam you can use mine.

S: Thank you.

~~~Later On~~~

P: Why do you guys always have matches on you?

Em: You also have matches on you.

P: It was for the bonfire, now spill.

Em: We use it to BURN vampires we kill.

P: Ahhggg.

Em: You wanted to know.

P: …

S: Guys I’m seriously tired. The two of you are worse than little babies.

P: How would you know what it’s like?

Em: He’ll soon know dude.

P: Yeah. As soon as the baby is born Jacob and this one will be dumping the baby at Sam and Emily’s house to babysit while they go do THINGS.

Em: Esme’ will be all too happy to take care of it.

E: Whoa. Firstly don’t call my baby an “it” and secondly Jacob and I will be taking care of our child together.

Em: We don’t know what it is yet.

Ja: But you’ll need time alone, then what?

E: But then we’ll have very wiling family members to help us.

P: So Cullen are you ready for tomorrow?

E: When will you stop calling me that?

P: Let me think… Never. Now answer me.

E: As ready as I’ll ever be but I’m really nervous.

S: Don’t worry you’ll be fine, I’m sure Jacob’s just as nervous as you are.

Se: Nope, Jacob has it worse than him.

Ja: I think we should stop talking about Jacob, the vibes I’m getting from Edward tells me that he’s ready to jump up and run back to Forks.

Em: Do that and we’ll hunt you down.

E: Have you forgotten that I’m faster than you all.

P: Definitely not faster than me.

E: Is that a challenge?

P: I guess it is.

E: You’re on.

Edward waited while Paul went behind the trees to undress and phase, then they were off. Paul was a mere 3 feet behind Edward. They raced for four miles. Two miles to their destination and two miles back. Edward won Paul but not really by that much.

P: Good run Cullen, mad respect.

E: You weren’t too bad yourself.

P: Thank you.

E: But you’re a bit slower than Jacob. He’s always only a foot behind me when we run.


Em: Edward have you hunted with Jacob before?

E: Yes, we went once in Canada.

Em: Was that before or after you made the baby?

E: None of your business.

Ja: You know I think it was before because after Jacob couldn’t and can’t phase.

E: Jasper? I expected you to be more mature.

Ja: Can’t I mess with my brother at his bachelors?

P: You know I think Cullen damaged Jacobs genes with his…

S: Paul please don’t continue that thought.

P: Whatever.

E: Sam do you think he’ll be able to phase after he has the baby?

S: Yes he will.

E: Okay and thank you.

Ja: Tomorrow will be a big day.

E: Yep.

The wolves drank for half the night and just like medication their high temperatures burned away the alcohol in their system. They spent the rest of the night by the bonfire sharing stories and talking about the wedding but not in a girly fashion like the people at their house.

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