The Chosen One

Chapter 15: Wedding Charms???

Alice’s POV

Jacob was a big ball of worry because when he woke up Edward and the other guys still haven’t returned from their party. I tried assuring him that Edward would be here anytime soon but he didn’t want to believe me.

J: Edward won’t come he doesn’t want to marry me anymore.

Es: Jake calm down. Edward’s on his way.

J: No, no he’s not.

B: Son. Calm down it’s not good for the baby.

J: I don’t care, I don’t care anymore.

C: Jacob if you do not try to stay calm I will be forced to sedate you.

A: No need they’re here.

J: Really?

A: Yes.

Sam and Paul walked in first and immediately went over to Jacob.

S: So where are we setting up?

R: The guest room. Everything’s in there already.

P: Thanks let’s go.

J: Where too I want to see Edward.

S: No can do you can’t see your groom before the wedding.

A: Sorry Jake but it’s a tradition.

J: Really? What does Edward say?

P: He can’t do anything. Jasper, Emmett and Seth are keeping him from coming in until you go up. So we can go the easy way or the hard way.

J: Fine let’ go.

S: Seth we’re going up. Come up if you’re done down here.


E: Why can’t I see Jacob, just for 5 minutes at least?

R: Brother Edward you’re not going to see him.

E: Fine.

Se: Can I go now I want to see Jacob.

A: Yes we’ll take care of him.

R: We’re going to set up in your room. All of our and your things are in there.

C: We’re a family and we need to get ready for the wedding together.

Edward’s POV

My family was all getting ready in my bedroom. Alice, Rosalie and Esme’ all had on matching white, knee length feathered dresses. Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I all had matching midnight black designer tuxedos, courtesy of Alice. There was still a lot of preparation left before the wedding. There was still 3 hours left before the wedding. Alice wanted me to do my hair in a different way but I refused. I wanted to see Jacob but I couldn’t. Last night I really had fun with the guys last night but my place is with Jacob and possibly very soon with our child.

C: So Edward, only one hour left.

E: Yes.

E: Having cold feet yet?

E: Nope.

J: This guy is a big ball of nervousness, happiness, excitement and the biggest one LOVE.

R: Edward you’re a guy man up for once.

Es: Rose dear, will you come help Alice and I with the flower arrangements.

R: But I like messing with Edward.

Es: I see that and I also see how close Edward is from doing something to you.

R: Fine, let me go show you people how to make AMAZING flower arrangements.

Es: Just come along Rosalie.

E: Can’t I just… (He was cut off)

C: No son. Even if you get past me, Sam , Paul, Billy and the rest if them won’t allow you to get past that door.

Em: Don’t worry it’s just an hour Eddie.

E: Actually it’s only 54 min and 36 seconds, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30…

Em: No. Just shut up already.

E: I miss my wolf so don’t tell me to do anything.

Em: Soon it’s going to be our wolf.

E: Dare it and I will kill you.

Ja: Okay now. Let’s all calm down and relax the ceremony is starting soon.

C: I like that idea.

Em: Me too.

E: Me three.

Jacob’s POV

Since we still had three hours before the wedding and the baby was acting up I decided to lie down for a while even though I didn’t sleep. I just couldn’t sleep and it felt like the closer the wedding got the wilder the baby got. Sam, Paul, Seth, Jared, Embry, my dad and Mrs. Clearwater were all with me right now. Sam kept coming in and out of the room along with Paul they said that they needed to help the rest of the Cullen's prepare things for the wedding. They still wouldn’t allow me to see Edward. Mrs. Clearwater was busy with our tuxedos and my dad was sitting next to me rubbing my back. Jared, Embry and Seth were on clean up duty. After about an hour they all came back into the room.

Se: Jake I forgot to tell you something. Edward said that he heard you talk and that he would never ever leave you and he loves you more than anything.

J: Thank you Seth.

S: Sure thing.

J: Guys please don’t be offended but Sam, Seth will you please walk down the aisle with me?

B: He needs to be held otherwise he won’t make it to the altar.

S: I would be honored too.

Se: Me too.

P: I’m hurt.

J: Get over it.

P: My day will come. At least I won’t have to carry your fat ass.

J: L Why would you say something like that? (He asked with tear stained eyes)

P: Jake, I’m sorry. Please forgive me I was just kidding.

J: Okay.

Clearwater: He’s just like his mother was when she was pregnant with him.

J: Was she also fat?

CW: No honey, she was also very emotional.

B: Like mother like son. You really remind me of her son,.

J: Do I really?

CW: Yes, there really are similarities between the two of you.

J: Thank you.

~~~1 Hour Left~~~

CW: Okay so guys listen. Seth! Jared!

Se & Jar: We’re listening.

B: You better.

CW: Okay this is how you’ll go. Sam and Seth will be walking with Jacob. Carlisle and Esme’ will be walking with Edward. Paul the grooms have in trusted you with the task of keeping the rings but I’ll only give it to you once the time comes, I don’t trust you. Jared, you Jasper and Alice will be walking first. Alice in between the two of you and lastly Embry, you Emmett and Rosalie will be the last ones and Rosalie will be in between you just before Jacob, Sam and Seth. Everyone got that.

All: Yes.

~~~Suit Up~~~


E: The girls came in. They wore their white dresses and started on their make-up. We put on our tuxedos and we were done, at least that what we thought.

A: Here are your roses now put them on.

They were white.

E: Thank you.

E: (Minutes before I could see Jacob)


J: Mrs. Clearwater was wearing beautiful white, knee length feathered dress and she looked amazing. My dad wore a black suit with a red rose and he look quite handsome If I may say so myself. The guys helped me into my tuxedo it was really difficult. After that I had to sit down coz my baby was too wild for its own good. We had to wear white roses and I was still seated. I was grabbing onto Paul’s hand like there was no tomorrow but he volunteered. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*~*Wedding Time*~*

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