The Chosen One

Chapter 17: Are You Happy???

It has been a month after the wedding. Jacob is now 6 months pregnant. The bigger he gets the more uncomfortable he is. His pack mates are always over at the Cullen’s whether they are patrolling or just hanging out with their new family. The Cullen’s and the Quileute’s have formed one powerful coven. All of them are still on high alert of the person or person’s watching them. Alice hasn’t had another vision about any of it. Sam has his pack on extra high alert because he has this strange feeling that somebody is watching them. Just the other day he and Edward followed that feeling up to a mountain close to their house where they found several dead animals with their blood sucked out and half of their body eaten. So since there wasn’t a threat on the Quileute land he put the pack on patrol by the Cullen’s. Esme’, Alice and Rosalie were constantly taking food for them. The teams patrolling were a mixture of vampires and wolves. Jacob wasn’t allowed to go anywhere if a team wasn’t following him even if he was with Edward. Billy moved into the Cullen house because he wanted to be close to Jacob and his grandchild who was going to be born in three months. The married couple decided that they were not going to find out the gender of the baby before it is born. No one knows why.

Edward’s POV

Jacob was currently asleep. He looked so adorable in his uncomfortable state. He was holding on to Paul’s hand. I offered to let him hold my hand but he didn’t want to. He said he has nothing against my hand but he just wanted to hold Paul’s hand but I didn’t mind as long as he was happy I was happy. Being married to Jacob is classical. Being with Jacob is amazing. Even his pack mates are loving our romance like Seth said.

E: Hey there sleepy head.

J: Hi.

P: Can I go?

J: Yes, thank you.

P: Bye, bye Cullen.

E: Not going to say anything.

J: Have you been here all this time?

E: Yes I have. I love watching my Husband sleep.

J: I have the most protective Husband in the world.

E: And I won’t let anything happen to you. Promise.

J: You can come lay down here if you want too.

E: You asking me to come lay with you?

J: Yes please.

E: I guess my manners are starting to rub off on you.

J: No their not.

E: A few months ago you would have said “Heck yeah”, now you’re saying “Yes please”.

J: I love it when you hold me like this.

E: I’ll do anything to make you happy.

J: No matter how heinous it is?

E: As long as it’s your wish and it makes you happy.

J: I love you.

E: I love you too now can you tell me what’s on your mind.

J: I need to be looking into your eyes when I tell you this, so please help me up.

E: Here you go. (They were now seated on the bed facing each other.)

J: Here goes nothing.

E: Don’t be nervous. You can tell me anything.

J: I know but before I start I need you to promise me you’ll consider it.

E: Okay now you’re scarring me.

J: Ed, please.

E: Okay, Love I’ll consider it.

J: Thank you.

E: Now Love can you please tell me.

J: I love how you call me “Love” instead of something cliché’ like “Babe”.

E: Firstly there’s nothing cliché’ about our relationship and secondly I know you hate “Babe” “Baby” so I will never call you that.

J: Oh my word.

E: It’s serious and I need to know.

J: Okay.

E: Love you need to calm down first.

J: Fine. If something goes wrong and they have to choose between me and the baby, I need you to save the baby.

E: WHAT!!!

J: Ed, if it comes down to it, you need to promise me that you will save our baby.

E: NO!

J: You have too.

E: You are my Husband the love of my life and if it comes down to it I am saving you, not the thing that will kill you.

J: (Shouting) Ed, that thing as you so happily call it, is OUR baby, whom we both love.

E: Jake, I love you, I’m not going to love it if it is what kills you.

J: (Sincerely) If it kills me then you’ll still have a reminder of me through the baby.

E: If it kills you it will have no place in my heart what so ever.

J: You don’t mean that.

E: I do.

J: Ed I NEED you to promise.

E: Jake, please don’t do this to me.

J: Ed, please.

E: I said no. if it comes down to it, it will be my decision no one else’s and I won’t allow it.

J: Ed, it’s my wish.

E: I’m not talking about this anymore. I’m leaving.



Es: Edward!

E: No Esme’. It’s my decision and I’m not going to lose him.

A: Edward you didn’t have to be so harsh.

E: You don’t know anything. So leave me the HELL alone.

R: Are you leaving!!!

E: Yes! And don’t follow me.

Edward left while everyone stood there and watched the spot he was standing at.

S: I’ll go after him.

Es: Thank you, Sam. We’ll do check on Jacob.

S: Thank you.

Jacob was in their bedroom crying while Edward was running trying to get far away from their house and hoping he could cry.

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