The Chosen One

Chapter 19: You Promised!!!

Edward’s POV

Oh, no, no, no.

R: Ed, we’ll find him.

E: The last time we were together I shouted on him.

Es: Edward, don’t do this.

R: We need to call Carlisle.

B: No need I called him he’s on his way.

A: Sam and the guys went tracking just to see if they can get anything.

E: No! I have to go. He’s my Husband.

Es: Edward I don’t think that’s a good idea. Let’s wait for Carlisle.

E: Esme’ I’m not going to lose him.

Es: You won’t. Come here dear. (She said holding her hands out)

C: Okay so I’ve been brought up to speed so let’s talk.

Sam and the pack came back from their mini hunt.

E: It’s my fault.

C: No it’s not.

S: Okay we followed Jacob’s scent for at least four miles then we just lost it.

R: Lost it?

S: Yes it just vanishes after four miles and it’s about four miles old.

Alice froze and Jasper was behind her fast and the rest of the room turned towards her. Edward read what she saw and started pacing around the room angrily. Rosalie moved away from the family and went to whisper with Edward.

R: Edward, you need to calm down.

E: Rose, how am I suppose to do that?

R: Ed, I’m you’re my brother and I want to help, I’ll do anything.

E: I know this is out of character for me but can you please hug me?

R: It’s not. With what you’re going through its totally okay, come here.

E: It feels like a piece of me is missing. (He said while crying without any tears coming out)

R: Don’t worry, we’ll get him back.

E: I just can’t deal with knowing that he could be hurting.

R: So what did Alice see?

E: Look, she’s coming out.

R: Let’s go.

E: I already saw what she did.

R: Edward, we’re a family. We all want to support you.

E: Okay. Thank you. (He said hugging her one more time)

R: So what did you see Alice?

A: The same thing I’ve been seeing these last couple of months.

Em: The room with blood.

A: Yes and also a new thing. Sorry Edward. I heard Jacob screaming.

E: We will get him back.

C: Yes we will now ladies did you see who Jacob left with?

Es: Yes he left with Edward and Sam.

E: But that’s impossible are you sure?

A: Hundred percent.

E: How is that possible?

P: Shape shifters. (He joked)

Billy made a grimace and cleared his throat.

C: Do you know something?

B: Legends state that there was a certain breed of mythical creatures. They would take the form of another person in order to deceive and trick them into doing the things they wanted them to do.

E: So you think they took the form to lure Jacob out without alerting anyone?

B: Yes.

E: This is worse than I thought.

P: We need to go find him.

S: First we need a plan…

~~~Meanwhile~~~ ***Jacob’s POV***

J: Edward I’m pregnant I can’t go faster.

E: Not for long.

J: What?

E: You’re not going to be pregnant for long.

J: Oh yeah. Oh and Edward?

E: Yes?

J: I kinda already told the girls about the C-Section.

E: Babe.

J: (That name makes me flinch)

E: Oh as I was saying, once I’m done with what I’m told to do that won’t be a problem anymore.

J: I love you so much Ed.

E: Well I don’t, now get in!

J: What do you mean?

E: You heard what I said, so stop yapping and get in.

J: You’re not Edward.

E: I said Get In!

J: I’m not going anywhere further with you. I’m leaving.

E: If you don’t get in voluntarily then I’ll have to drug you babe.

J: That’s bad for my baby and don’t call me that.

E: Exactly, now get in. So what, does Eddie call you that?

J: I’ll do what you want please just don’t hurt my baby. (He said getting in)

S: You’re really whinny, Chosen One.

J: That’s why you took? (He asked infuriated)

S: Sure, Chosen One.

J: You’re not Sam! (He said accusingly)And don’t call me that!

E: He likes being called Jakey.

J: Only my HUSBAND and family WILL call me that not some low life kidnappers. (He spat)

E: You know Benny (Sam) I don’t quite get what’s all the hype with being gay.

B: Maybe you should find out.

E: Maybe I should.

J: What are you guys talking about?

E: Shut up and watch. (He said moving closer and kissing Jacob on the lips and only stopping when the need for air came)

B: So Darren (Edward) how was it?

D: Try it and see for yourself.

J: No! Please don’t. (He pleaded with tears running down his face)

B: Oh let me kiss those tears away for you.

J: Please. J (He said full on crying)

B: Oh baby, I don’t really care if you’re crying or not. (He stated grabbing Jacob’s face and kissing him forcefully)

D: Good isn’t it?

B: Amazing.

D: Wanna try again?

B: I would love to but we’re here.

J: Where are we?

D: Your personal piece of hell and our little piece of Heaven.

J: Edward will find me and when he does you’ll be sorry.

B: Don’t count on that after all lover boy shouted on you and left.

J: Doesn’t matter. He loves me for better or for worse.

D: Those dang wedding vows. That was the longest ceremony I had to sit through.

B: Tell me about it.

J: You were at my wedding!? (He shouted angrily but immediately regretted it as his baby started kicking vigorously) Sorry baby, daddy won’t shout anymore. (He whimpered)

D: We’ll be getting rid of that soon.

J: NO! You won’t.

B: So don’t you recognize us? (They turned into two of Edward’s cousins)

J: What?, you congratulated us, you kissed our cheeks and you gave us gifts.

D: We had to stay in character.

B: We’ve been following you all the way ad we knew which of his family weren’t coming.

J: That feeling that Sam had about there being something out of the ordinary was you!

D: He was the only one who caught on.

B: Maybe coz he’s the Alpha.

J: I’m an Alpha too.

D: Yeah, one who doesn’t have any wolf powers just like the first one.

J: You’re not going to get away with this.

B: Look around Jakey, we already have.

J: Not for long.

B: I’m tired of your whining Chosen One.

J: Stop calling me that!

D: Shut Up!

They pushed Jacob into a room and handcuffed him to a wall.

B: Have to make sure that you don’t go anywhere.

D: Let’s go call the Elders.

B: Don’t try anything, there’s a guard outside.

~~~Finally Alone~~~

J: Edward you promised. You promised that this wouldn’t happen to me and I believed you so please come. I need you to come and save our baby.

You promised. (Was the last thing he said)

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