The Chosen One

Chapter 2: You Did What?

Edward’s POV

That evening the werewolves arrived. Sam looked all too serious but I couldn’t read his mind. He blocked me out. The rest of the werewolves hadn’t blocked me out but it was hopeless because they knew as much as I did and that was NOTHING. But one of them was missing.

E: Where’s the other mutt? (Before Sam could answer his mind block went off briefly and this was all Edward got before it went up again: “Really Him?”)

S: Jacob! Will be joining us shortly he had something important to do first.

Es: That’s okay, come through to the kitchen if any of you are hungry.

E: When aren’t they ever hungry? “Stupid Mutts”

S: (“Why Him?”)

E: Why me what?!

A: Ed what are you talking about?

E: (Edward started shouting) First, he thought: really him, now he’s thinking : why him and I want to know why he’s thinking it!!?

S: Stop reading my mind! Leec-Edward!

E: Then tell m e what I need to know!

S: I’m afraid I will not say anything until Jacob get’s here.

E: FINE! Then I’ll go get him.

S: Under no circumstances, shall you go onto our land we will KILL you, even if it hurts him.

E: Hurts who? Who will killing me hurt?

S: I’ve already said too much, no more till Jacob gets here.

E: No!

C: Let’s go have dinner.


Jacob’s POV

I can’t believe what I’m about to tell my dad. He’s gonna be so disappointed in me. Me, the great Ephraim Black’s great grandson has imprinted on a leech, I’m sure Ephraim’s turning in his grave right now. I found him in the kitchen.

J: Dad can I tell you something but you have to promise not to get mad.

B: Why. What did you do this time?

J: (Deep Breath) DadIveimprinted. (He said all at once)

B: Okay, now son it would be so lovely if you repeated what you just said, but slower.

J: Dad I’ve imprinted on.. on a vampire. (Billy started smiling)

B” Okay, tell me how did it happen? (Jacob told his father about what happened in the clearing, but still couldn’t understand why he was smiling)

B: Aaahhh! So where are you going and where’s Sam?

J: I’m going to the Cullen’s and Sam’s already there. (He said sadly)

B: Hey don’t be sad. I’ll explain everything when we get there.

J: Okay.

Billy’s POV

I knew what was going on. I knew why it happened. Now all I had to do was to somehow convince the Cullen’s to go with it. Especially young… (His thought were interrupted)

J: Dad, we’re here.

Es: Hi there Jacob, this must be your father…

B: Billy, Billy Black.

Es: Nice to meet you Mr. Black.

B: No, no call me Billy.

E: What there’s more?

B: (“It’s him isn't?”)


C: You will not lose anything Edward. Now lets go in and talk about this in a civil matter.

J: I’ll join you shortly, just need to grad something. (“I hope my imprint accepts me”)


B: I’m pretty sure you all want to know what happened and why it happened right. So please don’t interrupt me… Ephraim Black said… (He was interrupted)

E: Wait up, who’s Ephraim Black?

C: So Ephraim Black was the first leader of the Quileute tribe. He was also the one who created the treaty that was acquitted this morning.

E: So what do we have to do with a dead man.

B: That dead man happens to be my grandfather. Now let me continue.


So, Ephraim’s grandfather told him about the legend of the “Chosen Wolf”. The werewolves and vampires were total enemies, didn’t and couldn’t live together in harmony. There was a war irrupting between the two species, a war that would wipe out both species. Most probably also killing the rest of the werewolves and vampires. The ancestors of the werewolves and vampires saw it was heading for a disaster and they knew they had to do something. So they decided to find the “Chosen Wolf” and made him imprint on HIS biggest enemy and not the werewolves biggest enemy but HIS. So he imprinted on his biggest enemy. Imprinting is a werewolves most sacred law; the wolves couldn’t hurt the vampires because it will kill the “Chosen One” and the vampires couldn’t attack because the”Chosen One’s” imprint stopped them. At first the two hated the whole thing but they learned to love each other. There were also stories that they would have two direct descendent's that would find their way to each other before another war irrupted between the two groups.

S: So that means that you two are direct descendent's of the “Chosen Wolf” and his partner.

E: Hello? Anyone gonna tell me who the descendent's are?

B: (Still smiling) Well I’m guessing by the things that happened today that the descendent's are my son and young Edward.

J: WHAT!!!!!!!!

E: Why would we be the descendent's? (He shouted)

S: Because Jacob imprinted.

Es: (Happily, enthusiastically) Jacob imprinted on Edward.

E: What!!!! You imprinted on ME!?

J: Hey hold up! I didn’t choose to imprint on YOU. (He said with disgust)

E: Hey what’s wrong with me?

J: Nothing… I mean… aaaggg Shut Up!

E: No you shut up!

J: No you!

E: No you!

J: No you!

E: Gosh you’re so childish.

J: Not as childish as you.

E: Guess the person I’m supposed to be in love with is an idiot.

J: (Sticking out his tongue)

What the guys didn’t notice was that both their families had smiles on their faces.

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