The Chosen One

Chapter 20: We're Gonna Get You Back!!!

Edward’s POV

E: I’m hearing this voice in my head saying: (You promised) over and over again.

A: Do you know whose voice it is?

E: Oh my goodness. It’s Jacob’s. I told him that I’d take care of him and that this wouldn’t happen to him.

B: Son, Jacob will never blame you for this.

S: And if he does which I doubt then he’ll forgive you coz he loves you.

E: No I’m a horrible Husband who shouts on his pregnant Husband and then storms out if he forgives me then it will be because of the imprint. I’ll do anything to get him to love me again.

Es: He’ll always love you dear.

E: I hope so. Now let’s go.

B: I’m going to be staying here and getting everything ready.

P: What do you mean?

B: Alice saw blood so once you get Jacob back Carlisle will have to rush over to assess the damages.

P: Okay. Let’s go.

All this time Jasper was sending out calming emotions over everyone.

Billy did a small prayer, praying to bring his family, his son and his unborn grandchild back home safe before going into the medical room and fixing up everything that he could.

E: So how are we going to do this? (He asked starting to walk away from his family)

C: Well I was thinking that we… (He cut himself off) Edward, are you getting something?

E: It smells like… like Jacob! It smells like Jacob’s blood.

S: We don’t smell anything.

Em: Yeah neither do we. (He said trying his best to get a scent)

E: No, after Jacob got pregnant the scent of his blood changed to protect the baby so no vampire, werewolf or any other creature that hasn’t smelt it before won’t be able to smell it. He accidentally cut himself last week and I smelt it. It took long for me to get a scent and Billy told us that it was normal.

C: So now let’s find the blood, it might lead us somewhere.

They all started looking around on all the biggest and tinniest surfaces.

Se: Edward, I think I found it.

E: Let me smell. (He got a result that he didn’t want) No, No, No.

C: What is it?

E: It’s Jacob’s blood. Carlisle, it’s Jacob’s blood.

C: Son, we’ll find him. You just have to keep the faith.

Em: Wait, here’s more blood on this leaf.

Ja: I have more here on this rock.

Q: Here’s more.

R: Edward do you see? (She asked excitedly)

E: Yes, yes I do. It’s a trail.

Es: J Jacob left us a trail to follow.

E: Yes, now let’s go.

They followed Jacob’s blood trail for about two and a half miles until it came to an abrupt stop.

Emb: There’s no more.

S: There has to be.

Jar: Sorry Sam, but there really isn’t.

S: So what are we going to do from here on?

E: Wait, I can still smell it, let’s go.

They followed Edward as he followed the scent that Jacob left behind until they came to a very old looking Castle like building about 4 hours later.

C: Okay everyone, from this point forth we stink together, Edward, mo wondering off to do things on your own. We are entering this building as a family. We’re going to fight off anyone in there who threatens any member of our family and if Jacob is in there we are leaving here as a family with Jacob by our side.

Edward put on a brown hand carved necklace.

Es: Why are you wearing that?

E: One it’s Jacob’s and I want him by me through all of this and secondly if we get in there those guys might change into me so it’ll be easier for you to know which is which.

S: Guys where are your necklaces, put them on.

All the wolves put on their tribal necklaces.

R: How did you know that you’d need those?

P: It’s the pride of our pack we always have it on us.

R: Oh.

C: Oh here I forgot. We can wear these. (He said giving the rest of his family other hand carved wolf necklaces)

E: Where did you get those?

C: Jacob gave them to us, said do that we can always have him and the pack in our hearts.

E: J

Ja: He’s not here but he’s still here for us.

S: Yes.

E: I’m going to KILL every single one of them.

C: Edward, our main priority is to get Jacob out of there, safely.

E: Together.

Es: As a family.

P: Let’s go get your man back.

~~~ Meanwhile~~~ ***Jacob’s POV***

Elder: So you are the one that they call the Chosen One huh?

J: My name us Jacob. (He spat)

Elder: And my name is Martheloum but I still don’t care.

J: What do you want from me?

M: We want your baby Chosen One.

J: Why, go get your own children.

M: Or we could just kill your baby instead.

J: You will not touch my baby!

M: Are you going to stop me? Because the last time I checked you couldn’t phase or use any of your wolf abilities.

J: Doesn’t matter. You will not hurt my baby, take me but keep my baby safe.

M: Now how will we do that?

J: Help me get my baby out, give it to my family when they arrive then kill me.

M: You’re funny indeed Chosen One. What we want is your baby you are just its carrier. That thing inside of you will not live until its 1st birthday, heck it won’t live at all.

J: I will not allow you to touch my baby.

D: Don’t worry Jakey we’ll let you watch how we take out and burn your baby to sacrifice to our Leaders. Then we’ll leave you to die, we really don’t care what happens to you after that.

B: Yeah babe, so you be a good wolfie and stay still now.

Darren and Benny made an attempt to start preparing for the sacrifice when Jacob started attacking them as best he could while handcuffed to a wall.

B: This is what you get for that. (He said first punching Jacob in the face then allowing Darren to punching him in the stomach causing Jacob to whimper in pain and start to bleed.

B: Now anymore of that and you’ll regret it. Like we said we don’t care about what happens to you or your baby it can come out dead for all we care all we want to do is sacrifice it and we can do it while it’s dead or alive.

J: Then you’ll have to do it after my child is dead because I will not allow it to suffer.

M: Okay boys you heard him take that thing out with EXTRA force.

B: With pleasure, now Jakey can we have “baby”?

J: No!

D: Benny I don’t think he gets it.

B: Yes I know.

D: Maybe we should show him.

They said and started hitting Jacob hard in the stomach, chest and face until he started coughing up blood.

D: That’s more like it.

M: Good we’re close, now bring me the equipment.

Bang! Bang! (There were noises on the outside of the room)

M: Darren, Benny go look what the racket outside is about. (He ordered)

J: (Started smiling) Their here. (He stated under his breath)

M: All that noise outside will not stop me from what I was tasked to do.

J: And what exactly is that. (He asked suddenly having the courage, although very week, knowing that he’s family is there to save him.)

M: My task is to kill that baby because it being born will be the end of our race.

J: What can a baby do? (He slurred fighting to stay conscious)

M: Its mere existence will lessen our powers and we won’t be able to shift.

J: Ho… How do you eve… even kn… know tha…t it… it’s my bab… baby tha… that you neeeed?

M: After our ancestors killed the first Chosen One’s baby and fed us all its blood we all had it in us. They told us that in a few hundred years the legend will play itself out again and we immediately knew when you and that leech met but we couldn’t do anything until the baby was conceived.

J: So why did you have to wait so long, why didn’t you take the baby while it was still very young. (He asked starting to regain his composure again)

M: Now what fun would that be?

J: So what do you plan on doing with my baby once you have it?

M: Well once it’s out we’ll cut it open while it’s screaming its stinking little lungs out, give everyone a taste of its blood before burning it in an open flame.

J: Do you know what I’m having? (He asked with a glimmer of hope in his voice)

M: We do but you said that you didn’t want to know until it was born.

J: I don’t want to die without knowing what my baby is.

M: And you won’t, we’ll make sure you’re alive through the whole thing.

J: Why are you doing this? (He asked again hoping that Martheloum wouldn’t catch on to what he was trying to do.)

M: I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to stall me while you hope your family arrives, well think again. (He said stabbing a dagger just above Jacob’s belly causing him to yelp out in pain)

~~~Meanwhile~~~ ***Edward’s POV***

So we decided to head in as a team. We entered the Castle totally prepared for what was waiting for us on the other side of that door. When we entered, the first things that we noticed were the guards all around.

S: Attack smartly you all know all the rules. (All the wolves phased)

The Castle halls were wide so the wolves could walk next to the Cullen’s. There were voices coming towards them and they all crouched down in defensive form. The first group of shifters the saw were quickly taken down by Emmett, Quil, Alice and Jared. The rest of the group continued to walk knowing that they would catch up. They started fighting off shifters left and right. The shifters kept getting more and more and that’s when Edward saw two of them running down the hall.

E: Carlisle?

S: Edward, you, Carlisle, Rosalie, Paul and Seth go, we’ll take care of these here then go find you. (He ordered through their mental link)

Es: Carlisle just go, we’ll be fine. Jacob needs you more than I do.

C: Okay, you all be safe. Let’s go.

As Sam and the others continued fighting the shifters who were just multiplying in numbers, Edward and his group followed the shifters they saw run down the halls quietly.

C: There they are, now let’s… (Before he could continue, Edward rushed forward and starting strangling one of the shifters)

R: Edward, stop! If you kill them they won’t be able to give us any information.

E: I can’t.

C: Edward I know that you’re hurting but this isn’t what we are here to do. Focus on the bigger picture I know you can do it.

E: Where. Is. My. HUSBAND!?

Shifter: I don’t know. I mean, I really don’t know.

R: Why should we believe you?

E: Rose, she’s telling us the truth, she doesn’t know anything.

C: Okay, so why did you run?

Shifter: I was afraid. I didn’t do anything promise. I just learned about my heritage. I promise you sir; I didn’t have anything to do with the entrapment of your Husband.

C: We believe you, so do you know what they want to do with the baby and its father?

Shifter: Uh, Uh they told us that they didn’t care about the Chosen One and that the only thing they wanted was the baby.

E: Carlisle their planning on cutting out MY child, then feeding it’s blood to their people and then heir going to burn it.

C: We’ll get them both back Son, just keep believing.

Shifter: They said that it would have been done now but the wolf is putting up a fight, so their waiting for the extra reinforcement they ordered.

E: That’s my wolf. (He smiled)

Just then Sam walked up to them in his human form and just as he walked up to them Jenna the shifter started cringing and cowered in fear behind Edward. The family all gave each other confused looks.

S: We got Jacob, let’s go.

Se: That’s not Sam. (He growled through their mental link)

E: I know, Carlisle… (He whispered but was cut off)

C: I know and look he’s not wearing the necklace.

R: How can you guys be so sure, he might have just lost it in the battle back there?

E: Paul said a wolf knows he’s Alpha that and the fact that Sam didn’t bring a change of clothes, remember he phased when we entered?

S: What are you guys whispering back there bring the girl I’ll take care of her.

E: Go, go with Seth, he’ll make sure you get out okay. (He said pushing her towards Seth) Don’t worry he’ll take care of you. Seth?

Se: Yes I will.

E: So Sam, where did you get the clothes to wear?

S: I brought them along. (He said starting to back away from the group.

C: Paul Now!

When Paul attacked the shifter, he immediately changed back to his own hideous form.

R: You’re HIDEOUS! (She spat with disgust dripping from her every word.)

Shifter2: Yes, as the birth of your child get closer we get more and more unpresentable but as soon as Martheloum is done we can all get our taste of its blood, we’ll all look presentable again. Jenna is still pretty because she is still new and hasn’t had blood before.

Benny and Darren both ran toward the group and started attacking them. Edward starts growling after hearing what was on the two men’s minds. He sprints out and tackles Benny to the ground.

E: You kissed him! You kissed my Husband!

B: Yes and I’m pretty sure that was the best kissed he EVER had. (He mocked)

With that Edward punched Benny in his face continuously until the hideous man died. Then he jumped towards Darren.

E: And do you know what happens when you hit a pregnant person!?

By now the rest of the teamed had joined them after a long flight.


They heard someone yelp. Edward knew it was Jacob so he left Darren but stopped when he heard something.

Jar: What about her?

C: She’s young, she didn’t do anything.

Es: Run dear, go far from here.

Jenna: Thank you so much. (She said running away)

Jared and Embry killed Darren as Edward and the rest of the family stormed off to the room they expected Jacob to be in.

When they got in the sight in front of them was horrendous. Jacob tied up on the floor blood coming out of his mouth, fighting to stay conscious.

M: That should teach you. (He said stabbing Jacob again, not noticing the family at all)

Edward leapt forward without saying a word and pressed Martheloum against the wall starting to strangle him.


R: Edward stop, Jacob needs YOU right now we’ll take care of him.

E: Okay. Jake, Jake, Jacob! (He shouted, trying to wake an unconscious Jacob up)

J: Save the baby. (Was the last thing Jacob before becoming unconscious)

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