The Chosen One

Chapter 21: Our Baby...

J: Save the baby…

E: Jacob! Don’t do this. You can’t do this to me. Jacob noooo! (Edward immediately jumped up) You! You did this to him and you’re going to pay for this.

C: Edward wait there’s a pulse. Jacob has a pulse and you need to get him back to Billy and help him set Jacob up on all the machines. You need to leave now. I’ll be right behind you after we finish things here.

E: Fine, but Carlisle, promise me that you will hurry up.

C: Edward I promise I’ll be there five min after you get there.

E: Okay. Please hurry.

As Edward ran out of the Castle with Jacob in his arms, his family stayed behind and killed Martheloum and his henchmen. They didn’t think that it was safe to let Edward go alone with Jacob so Sam and Paul left with him.

E: Jake I know you can hear me, we’re almost at home and then Carlisle can help you but please don’t die on me. I love you so much and you know I won’t be able to take care of our child without your help.

P: Edward, it’ll be okay Jacob is strong and I know he loves you and that baby so if not for anything, Jacob will fight to be with the two of you.

E: Thank you Paul but now we have to hurry up.

~~~At Home~~~

Billy was sitting in the Medical room nervously patting his finger against the arm of his chair waiting for any news about his son or anything.

E: Billy! Billy!

B: Edward what’s going o… What happened to my Son?

E: He’s hurt, they hurt him. Billy they hurt our Jacob.

B: How did it happen? Wait that’s not important, right now we need to get him on the bed.

E: Yes I agree. Sam and Paul are outside they’ll be up here as soon as the rest come.

B: Okay, get him on the table we need to hook him up on the monitors.

E: Okay. (Edward rushed and put Jacob and they connected the heart monitor to Jacob’s abdomen for the baby. It started beeping in distress, forcing both men into panic)

E: The baby is in distress, we need to get it out. (Jacob started riling up and down on the bed in pain)

S: Edward, Carlisle is on his way. He’s about 1 min away.

E: Thank you Sam, Jake you hear that, Carlisle’s coming, he’ll help you.

After that Carlisle and the rest of the family stormed into the Medical room.

E: Carlisle the baby is in distress, you need to get bit out.

C: Okay, Seth get me some hot towels.

Se: Okay.

Jar: Embry let’s go help him.

C: I only want Esme’ and Sam in here, I need the rest of you to leave especially you guys.

A: Why, we can help you.

C: There’s going to be a lot of blood and we haven’t fed for a while now, so please go.

Alice pouted.

R: Come Alice we’ll be back later, let’s go fix up the nursery.

P: I’ll go help blondie and the pixie and I’ll make sure none of them bother you.

C: Thank you, now Edward I need you to give…

Edward only started paying attention when Seth came through the door with the towels and that was when Jacob started seizing.

E: Carlisle!

C: Okay I need everyone to grab a hold of one of Jacob’s limbs. I need to inject him with this and start taking out the baby.

Edward grabbed a hold of Jacob’s left shoulder and chest while a slightly sobbing Billy along with the help of Seth took a hold of his right arm and chest. Esme’ and Sam each took one of Jacob’s legs and pressed them down. Jacob stopped seizing after he was injected but immediately and started flat lining and so did the baby, leaving Carlisle with one in two options.

C: Edward, I’m very sorry for putting you in this situation but I need you to choose. Both of them are dying and I only have enough time to save one.

After hearing that Edward’s mind went to the first time he met Jacob, then t the conversation they had about this very scenario, to what Sam told him about the man who lost his baby, wife and his own life and lastly to the last thing Jacob said: “Save The Baby”

E: No, No I can’t do this! (He protested)

C: Edward you have too.

S: Remember what I told you Edward.

E: (And that seemed to snap Edward back into the present) Fine! Save it… Save the baby.

C: Okay. Carlisle made a large incision and started with the surgical yet speedy removal of the baby all the while Edward was performing CPR. When Carlisle finally removed the baby successfully it started crying, louder than anyone expected making everyone in the whole house smile, well everyone except for Edward. Edward was still violently performing CPR on his Husband, when Sam and Esme’ finally pulled him away.

Es: Edward it’s enough there’s nothing more you could do.

E: No, no I can’t lose him, he’s my everything.

C: No Edward. Here Edward, here’s your son.

E: I’m not taking that thing. Get it away from me!

B: Edward it’s your child don’t say that.

E: Jake, Jacob. Please wake up. Don’t die on me please.


They could all hear Edward try to resurrect Jacob, the baby wailing and Edward’s cries for Jacob.

R: That’s it we’re going down there!

P: No, you can’t be there right now.

A: Look even if it’s just to get the baby because we all know Edward won’t take him so let’s go get him out of that room.

P: Okay but we’re all going.

The scene they encountered in the Medical room was terrifying. Edward was o the floor, kneeling against Jacob’s bed with Sam situated behind him for support, Billy was sitting and holding back tears trying to help Carlisle and Esme’ calm their grandson down.

R: Carlisle, give him to us.

C: Okay fine but be careful and if you can’t handle it give it to Paul and the others and for now don’t bring him back here.

Es: I’ll go with them.

Em: Is there anything that we can do?

C: Yes, please help with the clean up while I patch Jacob up.

Ja: Okay.

All through this Edward just sat there blankly starring at Jacob…

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