The Chosen One

Chapter 22: My Husband...

~~~ A Few Hours Later~~~

Jacob has been unconscious for the last five hours. Edward had since moved Jacob to their bedroom and has yet to leave his side.

The rest of the family left Edward to mourn the death of his Husband peacefully, they would have the burial the next day.

The baby was a cute mixture of both Edward and Jacob. He had Edward’s hair color and it was kind of lengthy like Jacob’s was before he cut it. He also had Edward’s skin color. He had Jacob’s eyes and nose. He also had Jacob’s heat. The family quickly realized that he drank baby milk.

C: We should get him some milk.

A: Already on it.

R: We sent the boys.

Es: The boys? (She asked skeptically)

A: Don’t worry they’re on their way back.

~~~ 5 Min Later~~~

Em: Here you go.

Es: I can’t believe you actually got the right type.

Ja: Believe me, Esme’ it wasn’t an easy task.

R: Why?

Se: Did you know that there is more than one type of milk formula?

R: Yes.

Es: So we got to the store and there are like a million different ones, so we ask the clerk which one is for new born babies and he shows us to the aisle.

Q: So we’re standing there waiting for him to show us which on it is, then Paul asked him which one it was and he looks at us bordly and says “Everything you see on this aisle is for new born babies”

Em: Then he just walked away.

C: So how did you end up getting the correct one?

S: We called Emily and she told us which one to take.

A: What would you men do without us women?

P: No children, which means no going to the store to buy formula.

Em: Yes.

Es: He really likes the milk. It’s almost finished. Most new born babies sleep through their first day on earth and their eyes are always closed but this beauty over here is wide awake.

C: Well his not normal. He’s a special baby boy.

Es: Indeed. Oh guys he needs more milk it looks like he’s still hungry.

A: We’ll go make more.

Es: Thank you.

Se: Uhm can I hold him?

Es: Sure. Just make sure to hold his head correctly.

Se: Like this?

Es: Exactly.

Se: Hi baby I’m your uncle Seth. (At this point the baby’s eyes were closed. Seth put his finger in the baby’s hand and the baby quickly closed his hand around Seth’s finger and immediately snapped his eyes open. Seth gasped when he looked into his eyes.)

Se: Sa… Sam. Where is Sam? I think I need to talk to him.

Es: Seth what’s wrong you very pale.

C: Is something the matter? Let me look.

Se: No it’s okay. I just need to. Please take the baby.

Es: Okay, give him here.

Se: I’m very sorry.

C: For what Seth?

Se: Please forgive me. (He said storming out of the nursery)

B: Whoa there boy, slow down.

Se: Sorry Billy. Please forgive me.

B: Why?

Se: Sorry.

B: What was that about? (He asked Carlisle and Esme’)

Es: We don’t know. One minute he was holding the baby and the next he looks so pale than he apologized and bolted out.

B: Okay, I’m sure Sam will deal with it. So can I please hold my grandbaby?

Es: Oh my goodness, sure. You don’t even need to ask.

B: He’s so adorable. He looks almost like Jake did when he was born and with a hint of Sarah in him.

Es: Was that your wife?

B: Yes.

R: Here’s Baby Jake’s milk.

C: Baby Jake?

A: Well I can’t see what he’s name is and when we asked Edward a few minutes ago he growled at us really loudly so we just left him. So this is what we decided on calling him until Edward comes around.

B: I’m fine with that. I want to feed him, is that okay?

A: Sure here you go. Do you know how to do it?

B: Alice I raised three kids pretty well.

A: Oh yeah.

B: Hi Baby Jake, I’m your grandpa, your Papa’s father. Nice to meet you sweetie.

Billy fed Baby Jake his milk he started sobbing looking down at the baby.

Esme’s saw and moved over to him and started consoling him by rubbing small circles on his back.

Es: Billy what’s wrong?

B: Sarah passed away when Jacob and the kids were young and now even though I don’t want to accept it, Jacob is gone even before he got to see his beautiful baby boy. I mean how is that eve fair?

Es: Oh Billy, I’m really sorry. I cannot begin to understand how you’re feeling right now but I believe that he’s in a better place.

B: A better place!?! Jacob is my only son, he was all that I had, he was everything I had and now, now he’s… I can’t even say it. (He said starting to cry again)

Es: Billy, you still have Baby Jake and now Edward and you also have all of us and we’re always going to be here for you no matter happens and we always want you to know that.

B: I need to get to him. I need to get to my son.

Es: Of course, I’ll take you.

C: I’ll stay and feed Baby Jake.

Es: Okay let’s go.

Knock, Knock…

Edward just sat there on the bed next to Jacob starring at him and also talking to him.

E: Come in.

B: Edward may?

E: Sure come in.

Billy thanked Edward and rolled up to the bed, took his hand and locked down at Jacob and starting to sob.

B: Jacob, son, why are you doing this to us? (He started crying loudly causing Edward to leave Jacob’s hand and went over to wrap his arms around a sobbing Billy making Billy start wailing even louder)

E: You know Billy, I’m so mad at you right now!

B: Why, for mourning my son? (He said pushing away from Edward)

E: You get to mourn him. You get to cry for him!!! I can’t. He’s not dead. Jacob will come back.

B: Edward you have no idea how much I want that but I have to be realistic, if I’m not then I might die. I love my son more than anything else on this earth and the fact that he is lying there on this bed without any movement, no heartbeat is killing me. So give me the proper opportunity to mourn my son. So you have no right to be mad at me! Edward he’s busy leaving, leaving us both. We need to stand together and support each other. I lost my own son already so I can’t lose you too. You meant a lot to him, son, I know how you’re feeling right now and we’re going to get through this, together.

E: I wish I could cry, I wish I could do something to get him back. Billy I wish I could go back to earlier so that I could apologize. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him that I love him, I didn’t even tell him how much I appreciate him, I didn’t… (He was cut off)

B: Edward, don’t do that. He knows that you love and appreciate him.

E: Thank you Billy… You are like a second father to me.

B: Well that’s a good thing then, seeing as I am your father-in-law now.

E: I know.

They both just turned to Jacob and just stared at him.

We love you Jacob…

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