The Chosen One

Chapter 23: Let's Play Baby

*** Day 2 ***

The eyes of all the vampires were blood red. The last time they had fed was a month ago.

Em: Carlisle, we need to feed.

Es: Yes I agree.

C: We can’t leave right now.

Es: We haven’t fed for a month now and I don’t know how long I can still hold it up.

A: Carlisle, look at Jas and Emmett. Their eyes are blood red.

C: Okay but then we need to leave now so that we can return tomorrow morning.

R: But what about Baby Jake?

Es: The others can take care of them.

R: But what if they can’t, what if they hurt him?

P: You know your trust in us really stinks. (He said as he, Quill, Jared and Embry walked into the living room)

R: That’s not all that stinks. (She snarled)

P: You can say anything that you want but that won’t change the fact that we’re wolves and wolves put their family above everything else. That baby is our nephew so… (He was cut off)

R: He’s not your blood nephew. (She said rudely)

P: And you’re married to your brother now shut up.

R: Carlisle!?

C: You walked right into that one, Rose! (He said with a chuckle in his voice)

R: You should keep that mutt away from Baby Jake, Sam.

S: Believe it or not but Paul is very good with babies.

P: Yes, Rosalie I am.

C: I think it’s time that we leave. (He said in between laughs)

Es: I want to go say bye to Edward.

C: Try convincing him to come with us he hasn’t fed longer than us.

Es: I’ll try but I don’t think he’ll budge.

R: Alice and I will come with you.

A: Yes we are.

***Knock Knock***

The girls came in knowing Edward wouldn’t mind, they actually only knocked on the door as a common courtesy.

E: If you’re here to convince me to go with you then you have just wasted your time because I am not going to go with you.

Es: Edward honey, you need it…

E: Yes I know I need it to live but does it look like I want to live huh?

A: Edward, you have a baby who needs you to take care of him, to love him. Edward that baby needs you to be its father.

E: Keep that “baby” away from me!! And GET OUT!!!! All of you!

Es: …

R: You should get off your high horse and take responsibility of the child you made!!! (She growled finally reaching her breaking point)

Edward turned around, eyes pitch black with anger.

E: You have NO IDEA what I’m going through so I suggest that you shut your mouth!!!

Es: Edward, watch your mouth. (She reprimanded him)

C: Rosalie, I think we should go and let Edward calm down.

R: …

A: Good bye brother: I love you. (She said kissing Edward on the cheek and turning towards the door)

E: Alice can I ask you something?

A: Yes, sure. (She said excitedly jumping back into the room and closing the door for privacy)

E: Can you see anything? Anything at all?

A: I’m sorry Ed, I’ve been trying to since this happened…

E: You’re blocking your thoughts meaning that that you’re hiding something, what is it?

A: Ed, I can see you, you’re smiling, sitting in a meadow. Then you turn around towards someone and it gets blurry.

Edward started smiling slightly getting hopeful.

Alive immediately caught on and said:

A: Edward, it could very well be the baby.

Edward snarled at that and said:

E: Okay, I guess.

A: Listen, I need to go the others are just about to leave.

E: Okay. Oh and Alice? (He said as she turned to leave)

A: Yeah.

E: I love you too.

She smiled, kissed his cheek again and then hopped out of his room.


Jar: He is just so cute.

Emb: I know. Most adorable baby I have ever seen. (They cooed over Baby Jake)

Q: I’d like to argue but I can’t find a reason to. He really is a beautiful baby.

Se: Yes he is. (He whispered as he walked into the nursery)

P: Where have you been?

Se: I needed to run. (He said sadly but softly)

P: Seth, what happened? You know that you can talk to us about everything, we are brothers after all. (He said sounding really worried)

Se: I know but… (He was cut off when Sam walked into the nursery)

S: Guys, we’ll talk about this tomorrow when we go to the Reservation.

Q: Sounds serious.

S: Never mind that.

Se: Do you guys know what’s really serious?

P: What?

Se: That awful smell coming from Baby Jake.

All the guys including Sam shouted “NOT IT” well all of them except for Seth.

Se: No fair. (He whined)

S: You know that from now on you will have to be more involved. (Said Sam with a knowing smile on his face)

P: You’re the very first one on “Dooty Duty”

Se: Shut up, plus I’m the youngest!

Jar: Exactly, all of us here have already changed dirty diapers once in our lives now it’s your turn.

Se: Fine.

Emb: We’ll wait outside.

Q: Yeah, outside the house. That sell is terrible.

The guys all left the room, leaving Seth alone with Baby Jake.

J: Hi Baby. You really are beautiful aren’t you? I love you already.

Seth stared at him for a while, then with much disgust took Baby Jake’s dirty diaper cleaned him and then put on a clean one. Then he got him dressed then took him outside, where the rest of the Quileute’s were seated on some logs outside.

Se: All done. Here you go. (He said handing the baby over to Sam)

Emb: Do you think it’s wise to have him out here, its freaking cold.

P: Embry, are you getting cold?

Emb: No, why would I?

P: Exactly, now why would the baby get cold?

Emb: I have a very high body temperature and that’s a baby.

P: With. The. Same. Body. Temp. As. You. (He said speaking as if he were speaking to a 1st grader)

Emb: Oh.

P: Yeah.

Jar: Let’s play!

S: Really?

Jar: What, we have a blanket, a baby that’s indestructible and half a day left.

S: Tell me, how do you recon that he is indestructible?

Jar: Have you seen this man’s fathers? Huh?

S: I guess that you have a point.

This is how they spent the rest of their day until it was dark outside…

They pulled out a blanket put it on the ground and them all of them lied down on it. Baby Jake lied between Jared and Embry and they started and they started tickling him. He had the cutest little laugh. He was making the cutest little sounds making all the Quileute’s smile.

P: Jacob would have loved him.

S: You’re right.

P: This child needs a father!

S: I know he does but he’s grieving.

P: Yes and I understand that but he has to stop being emo and take care of him and if he wants to isolate himself at least he should do the right thing and isolate himself with his son.

S: He can hear you.

P: I know… (Deep sigh) Sorry Edward, I’m just mad.

P: I tried. Now give me my nephew.

Jar: Here you go.

P: Thank you. Hey Baby you wanna go on an amazing ride? (He asked lying on his back and throwing the baby in the sky, immediately catching him when he came down.

P: How was the baby?

Se: You could have hurt him! (Shouted Seth shocking all of them but Sam, who was just smiling)

P: I have amazing reflexes.

Se: Doesn’t matter, just don’t do that again!

P: I’ll do whatever I want plus why are you being so protective all of the sudden? Huh?

Se: I don’t know.

S: Guys it’s getting late, let’s go inside.

P: I’m putting Baby Jake to bed.

Se: But I wanted to do it!

P: To bad kid. Why don’t you feed him tonight?

Se: You mean getting up at two a.m. and giving him milk?

P: Yes.

Se: Fine, I’ll do it.

P: Really?

Se: Sure, why not?

P: Okay, now everyone leaves. I wanna put him to bed and you’ll just distract him.

S: Lets go, I’ll make us dinner.

Q: Yes!

After an hour Paul came out of the nursery coz Baby Jake finally fell asleep. He joined the rest and they all ate the dinner Sam made

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