The Chosen One

Chapter 24: Quileute Discoveries

~~~Day 3~~~

Seth was woken up by Baby Jake’s crying 7 times that night and after the 7th time he decided to take his pillow with to sleep in the nursery. He made the bottles to and was about to settle in when Baby Jake started crying.

Se: Hi Baby, Do you want milk?

… (Baby Jake pushed out his bottle with his tongue)

Se: So, I guess not. Baby what do you want huh? Please tell me. I know you can’t talk but you don’t want milk and I’ve already changed you so why don’t you want to sleep?

Just then Paul came in.

P: Hey Buddy.

Se: Hi. (He sighed)

P: Why is Baby Jake crying, what are you doing to him?

Se: I don’t know why he’s crying, I’ve already fed and changed him.

P: Wait, I think I know why.

Se: What? (He pleaded hopefully)

P: Once when Jacob and I were snooping around in Billy’s room we found a baby book… (He was cut off)

Se: Wait up this baby isn’t like others.

P: Kid shut up, it was a wolf book. So it said that if a baby was this wild that it was suppose to be with its parent’s coz being with them calms the baby down.

Se: You know Edward won’t take him.

P: I thought of that, the book says that they need to be close not necessarily touching so how bout we go camp outside Cullen’s door.

Se: At this point I’ll try anything. Let’s go.

P: I’ll grab the milk and his blanket.

~~~Cullen Door~~~

Se: I hope Edward doesn’t get mad. (He whispered even though it was no help as the vampire had super hearing)

P: I hope he does, he should know that we’re doing this for HIS baby!

Se: Shhh. Look he’s starting to sleep. Thanks Paul.

P: No biggie, now scoot over I wanna get some shut eye.

Se: You mean you’re staying?

P: I’m not leaving you alone here who knows will happen if I leave.

Se: Thanks Paul.

P: Anything kid. I care about you.


They sat with their backs pressed against the door. They covered themselves with the blanket and Baby Jake between them.


The werewolves woke up a few minutes before the vampires returned.

Es: Good morning guys. Did you sleep well?

S: Yes thank you. How did your hunt go?

Em: It was amazing.

Es: Do you want me to make something for you for breakfast?

S: No, it’s okay. We’ll be leaving for the Reservation soon.

Es: Why? Aren’t you staying here anymore?

S: Yes we are but we need to go back to go update the elders about everything that has happened and we need to get our exercise in.

Es: But you’ll be back later then?

S: Yes we will.

Rosalie came running out of the nursery looking angst.

Em: Babe, what’s wrong?

R: Where’s baby Jake?

S: Isn’t he in the nursery with Seth?

R: No there’s no one in there!

S: Don’t panic, I’m sure he’s okay.

R: With that mutt, I doubt it?!

Jar: Paul is with him.

Q: How do you know?

Jar: He’s not down here with us, now is he?

R: But what if something happened. What if…? (She was cut off when they heard someone come down the stairs)

Em: Well since you were all busy arguing I went up to my room… (He was cut off by Rosalie)

R: Emmett, I love you and all but I need to find my nephew.

Em: And as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted; I found Baby Jake.

Es: Where?

Em: Let me show you. (He said as he led his family and the Quileute’s up the stairs)

Em: Look.

They all turned to look at Paul, Seth and baby Jake all curled up cutely by Edward and Jacob’s bedroom door.

Girls: Awww.

Es: They look so sweet.

A: Yes and so adorable.

R: That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen.

P: So cute that you just had to wake us up, right?

Es: Aww, sorry. We didn’t mean to.

P: It’s okay but can you take him, we want to get up.

R: Sure, bring him. (She rushed towards Seth and Paul)

Se: My, aren’t you an eager beaver this morning.

P: Cut her some slack, I’m pretty sure she was worried that we would be off somewhere hurting him.

Se: Aggg. (Seth moaned trying to get up)

Emb: Let’s help these babies up.

P: Ah shut up, your butt would also be numb if you sat here half of the night.

Es: Why have you been sitting up here?

C: Yes, I would also like to know that.

P: Can we talk about that after I’ve had something to eat?

Es: Sure dear, I’ll make you breakfast.

S: Esme’, you don’t have to do that. He can go make his own breakfast.

Es: No dear, it’s okay. I enjoy cooking for you guys.

Q: Really?

Es: Yes. It’s in my nature to be a mother and I’d do anything to make you guys feel at home plus my family never really needed me.

Se: But we do. (He said giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek)

“Yeah we do” (Paul said as he kissed her on the cheek and went down the kitchen. The rest of the wolves followed suit by kissing her and then walking down to the kitchen.)

R: You’re just sucking up to her! (She shouted, following them down the stairs along with the rest of her family) (The shouting caused Baby Jake to start crying) Weea Weea Weea.

Se: See what you did! (He exclaimed)

C: I don’t think it’s time to argue. Let’s just get Baby Jake he’s milk.

Se: I’ll do it!

R: No, I’ll do it!

S: Guys do you have to argue over this too?

B: Let me feed Baby Jake while you guys go do what you want.

Se & R: But..

B: He’s my grandson.

Se & R: Fine.


Es: Here you go, dears.

P: Thank you, Esme’.

Se: THANK YOU!! (He shrieked)

They all laughed at how excited Seth sounded. The rest of the wolves followed suit, thanking Esme’ and taking their food.

C: So, tell us why you were sleeping outside Edward’s room.

Se: baby Jake was crying and he couldn’t sleep.

P: So we decided to camp outside daddy’s room.

B: That sounds familiar.

P: yeah, Jake and I read your books and it says that if the baby is constantly crying that it needs to be atround it’s parents.

B: My books?

Se: yeo.

Es: And it worked?

Se: Yes it did. Like he was crying the whole time in the nursery, didn’t want milk or anything and the second we got to Edward and Jake’s room he shut up and immediately fell asleep.

A: Why didn’t you tell us? He didn’t want to sleep at all the other night. He was awake all night.

Jar: You don’t have the power of the wolves.

P: Please you didn’t even know.

Jar: And you would never have known if you weren’t snooping around at Billy’s.

P: Ah ha, Jake was snooping around I was just an innocent by stander.

S: You and Jake together have always been a bad combination, especially if you were unsupervised.

P: Jake was a trouble maker.

S: … (He was cut off even before he began)

Ja: Guys I suggest that you stop talking about Jake NOW! Especially in the past tensed.

B: Edward, huh?

Ja: Yes, the emotions that I’m getting from him are so strong that I think I might pass out.

P: Sorry, we forgot.

Ja: it’s okay.

Q: On a different note: Esme’ this is delicious! (He exclaimed excitedly)

Es: Thank you dear.

~~~After Breakfast~~~

S: These dogs have cleaned up their mess, wo we’ll be on our way now.

Em: Are you going to the Reservation?

S: Yes, there are a few things we need to take care of.

Es: Are you coming back?

S: If you want us too.

Es: Of course.

S: I just don’t want to impose on your generosity.

C: Nonsense. We’re a family and family sticks together.

S: Then we’ll be back.

C: Is Billy accompanying you?

S: Yes he is. We need to take care of tribal business and he is an elder.

Se: Are we taking Baby Jake with?

B: That’s Edward’s job.

C: What’s Edward’s job?

B: He needs to take Baby Jake to the Reservation for the Elders to bless him and only his parents can do it.

Es: Will something bad happen if he’s not blessed?

B: No, nothing will happen. It’s just a Quileute tradition.

Es: Okay then, see you later.

S: Guys!

We’re here. (They all shouted coming out if the nursery)

B: Where is Seth?

P: He’s saying bye to Baby Jake.

Q: No, he’s standing and promising that he will be back and things like that.

Jar: We can go take him if you want.

S: No, let him say his goodbyes.

Emb: Why, we’re already running late.

S: Just leave him.

Jar: Why?

S: There he is.

P: We’ll be back later so why do you look so worried?

S: Its Baby Jake’s bath time.

B: Aww. Don’t worry you cans see it the next time it’s no big deal.

Se: That’s only because you’ve seen him getting bathed already.

B: Actually, I bathed him already, plus I have three children.

Seth just frowned.

Q: Stop whining, we’ll be back, we’ll be back later then you can do it tomorrow.

Se: Let’s go.

S: Paul, you guys run, I’ll drive Billy.

P: Okay, guys let’s go. Bye family.

Es: Bye boys.

B: See you later.

~~~La Push~~~

B: It feels like forever since I’ve been here.

S: Yes I know. Where are those guys, they left before us and they were running.

B: Don’t worry, they’ll be here soon.

P: We’re here.

S: What took you so long?

P: Uh, nothing.

S: Guys.

Se: They were bugging me because I didn’t want to phase.

Jar: We just want to know.

Se: I think we should tell them.

S: Okay.

B: Wait guys, let’s talk inside.

The other wolves phased back into their human forms, got dressed and followed them into Billy’s house, where Emily and Mrs. Clearwater were busy putting food on the table. Sam went over to kiss Emily and Billy rolled over to greet them both.

Se: Mom?

CW: Are you just going to stand there huh?

Se: Sorry, I’m just shocked to see you is all. (He went over and hugged and gave his mother a kiss)

Emily Uley: You boys hungry?

Jar: Yup.

EU: Why do I even ask? Come grab a plate.


P: Now that we all have food can you guys maybe tell us what’s going on.

Se: Okay. Uhm I…I sort of… (He was cut off)

B: Seth has imprinted.

Se: What, you knew? Sam you promised that you wouldn’t say anything.

S: I didn’t.

Se: But…How then?

B: Seth, my son has imprinted, I have imprinted so I know how possessive we get around our mates.

Se: So you’re not mad?

B: Not at all.

CW: Okay everyone; can I know who my baby has imprinted on?

Se: Mom, I’m fifteen.

CW: You’re my only child so you’ll always be my baby.

EU: Now spill.

Se: Uhm…

S: Before he says anything, I have to say something: If any of you mess with him about it there will be SEVERE consequences.

Se: Uh, okay. I’ve imprinted on…on

S: He has imprinted on Edward and Jake’s son.

Se: Thank you.

S: No problem.

CW: Aww, my baby is growing up. (She said getting up and hugging Seth)

EU: Aww. (She also hugged him)

P: Wait, you imprinted on a baby? (He exclaimed in between laughs)

Q: Dude! It’s a baby, what can you do with him?

Emb: That’s… Dude!!!

Jared just stared in aww.

Se: (He started crying) Sam, I told you they wouldn’t understand, I told you they’d think I was a freak, I told you. (He said running out in tears.

EU: That was rude!!!

CW: I can’t believe you would do that to my son. He looks up to you guys and you go and treat him like that just after he told you something important!

B: I’m so appalled by your behavior!!!

S: I warned you! Go all of you, NOW! Go find him and apologize.

P: Okay.


P: Seth!

Q: Seth!

Jar: There he is.

They all ran towards the place where Seth was sitting and crying.

Q: Please don’t cry. We’re really sorry.

Emb: Yeah, we’re boys we don’t think before talking.

Se: You will never understand how I’m feeling.

Emb: Then tell us about it.

Jar: Is it like Edward and Jacob’s imprinting?

Se: No! It’s not! (He said starting to cry again)

P: Then help us understand. Please, (He pleaded putting his arm around Seth’s shoulder and pulling him into his chest)

Se: I promise you, it’s not like Jake’s imprint. At the moment all I want to do is protect Baby Jake. I want to make sure that he’s okay and happy. My first instinct is to make sure that no one hurts him not even you guys.

Q: That’s sweet.

“Yeah” They all agreed.

Se: You mean, you guys don’t think I’m a freak?

P: No, never. We were just a little shocked.

Se: But you all sounded so disgusted.

Q: We weren’t. Remember how we all acted when we found out about Jake’s imprint.

Se: Yes I do.

Q: So you see, it’s a normal occurrence.

P: Sooo. I have to do this: Have you had any dreams about him? (He asked wiggling his eyebrows)

Se: Gross! (He shouted pushing away from Paul)

P: What? I just asked you a question and I brought that smile back on your beautiful puppy dog face.

Se: he’s a baby!

P: So, what does that have to do with what I’m asking you?

Se:… (He was rendered speechless by Paul’s antics)

Q: Guys, I think he does.

Emb: How is it, Sethie Boy? Tell us.

Jar: Even if he doesn’t tell us, we’ll still see it all when we phase tonight.

Se: You guys are so embarrassing. I don’t have those kinds of dreams about Baby Jake.

P: Yet… say yet. We all saw what imprinting did to Jake’s mind.

Se: My imprint is still a baby so I still have a lot of time.

S: Yeah, I don’t think so. (Sam said coming into the woods where the others were)

Se: What do you mean?

S: It’s a vampire-werewolf baby. He will start growing faster and faster, until he’s parents decide he’s old enough.

Se: How will they do that?

S: I don’t know but that’s why we’re here. The Elders asked us here to talk about all this and the Cullen’s are on their way.

Se: Here to the Reservation?

S: Yes they’re on their way as we speak and before you ask: they’re bringing Baby Jake along.

Se: I wasn’t.

P: mmhmm.

S: Let’s go. The meeting is at Billy’s.

They all turned and walked in the direction of Billy’s house. The other guys were teasing Seth but this time he was okay with it.

B: You can all come back here, everyone just arrived and yes Seth Baby Jake is also here.

Se: Why does everyone assume that I’ll ask about him?

P: Then what were you just about to say?

Se: Let’s just go, everyone is waiting.

P: Yeah let’s go. Little Seth is getting anxious.

Se: Paul you should start sleeping with one eye open.

P: Ohh. I’m afraid.



B: Hello everyone. I think we can begin now.

Se: Before we start, can I please say something?

Elder #1: Yes, you can.

Se: Uhm. This time I’m just going to get straight to the point and not beat around the bush.

R: That’s exactly what you’re doing, kid.

Se: I just want wanted to tell all of you that I’ve imprinted… on B-baby Jake.

Es: Oh my baby, congratulations. (She said standing up from the chair she was sitting on and gave him a hug) Emmett and Jasper just congratulated him from their seats, Alice jumped up: Screamed ‘I know” and jumped Seth. He would have fallen back if Paul hadn’t held him. Rosalie came over and gave him Baby Jake but then pulled both of them towards the place she was sitting at. “You might have imprinted on him but I still don’t trust you alone with him.”


Elder #1: Okay now let’s continue.

B: We actually wanted Edward to be here but under the circumstances, we understand plus we need to talk about all of this before there are any changes.

C: Any changes to what?

Elder#1: That baby will start growing faster than normal babies. By the time he’s suppose to be one year old he will be about five years old.


C: How?

Elder#1: The boy has to be fed animal blood… (He was cut off)

R: But he doesn’t drink blood, he drinks milk.

The Elder glared at her for interrupting him.

B: He will start drinking blood soon and he won’t want to drink animal blood.

C: So how can we stop him from aging with blood he doesn’t want?

Elder#1: He has to drink the blood of an animal that he’s parents have killed themselves.

B: Or in this case Edward.

Elder#1: Yes, then one of the Elders will just deliver a Quileute blessing.

Es: And what if Edward doesn’t do it?

Elder#1: Then that baby will die of old age in about 3-4 years.


Se: What? (Seth cried pulling Baby Jake closer to his chest) I can’t lose him. I’ll force Edward to do it. I just got him I can’t lose him.

S: You won’t, I promise.

Se: How? (He cried pleadingly)

S: We’ll find a way and we’ll stick with you.

Meanwhile at the Cullen Mansion

Edward just sat there in front Jacob’s bed like he had been for the past two days.

E: Jake, I miss you so much. No one understands me like you do. Jacob, why did you have to die? I’m nothing without you. Love, I miss you. I miss your hugs, I miss the sound of your laugh, your ridiculous sense of humor, I even miss your inappropriate jokes and most of all I miss your smile. Your smile always makes me smile no matter how angry I am, seeing your smile is the best thing in the world…

Jake, I love you. (He gasped right before going to the other side of the bed next to Jacob for the first time since he put Jake there 2 days ago. He moved closer to Jacob then he put his head on Jacob’s cold, hard, dead chest)

E: I miss your heat, your soft body and I miss your heartbeat. I got use to always hearing it and now I can’t even hear a single thing.

E: Jacob Ephraim Cullen-Black my undead heart will always belong to you

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