The Chosen One

Chapter 25: Family Matters...

~~~Day 4~~~

It was a new day. The whole family was on edge because of yesterdays happenings/discoveries. Edward is getting thirstier and thirstier as the days pass by.

Knock. Knock.

R: Edward here’s something for you to drink.

E: I don’t want anything to drink.

R: Edward you need to feed. Go hunt I’ll watch Jacob for you.

E: Rosalie, if you can’t sit here quietly than I want you to leave.

R: Edward, I heard Billy asking Carlisle… (She was cut off)

E: DON’T! Don’t you dare continue because I am not letting him go.

R: Ed, Billy is his father he has the right to see his son finally laid to rest.

E: Jacob is my Husband. He’s the only thing still keeping me here. I can’t lose him because without him I am nothing.

R: Edward you still have us and Jake’s family. Oh plus your baby, think about him.

E: I want to be alone with my husband please.

R: Edward, please.

E: Please, let me be Rose.

R: Okay, call if you need anything.

Carlisle’s POV

Carlisle has been on edge since they returned from la Push. He was worried that he’d soon be losing his son, his new family and he’s new grandson.

He got up from his chair and left the study to go to the living room: where his family was…

R: Carlisle, Edward doesn’t want to budge. He doesn’t want blood and he’s persistent on keeping Jacob in that room.

B: I understand the grief Edward is going though so I might be able to get through to him.

C: Yes please try. But before that I want all of you to know that I don’t want, what’s going on to have a bad effect on our family. I want all of you to know that the Quileute-Cullen family is one and nothing should come between us, no treaties, no traditions and no Volturi because we are a family. You are my family.

Es: I feel the same way. Our house use to be so empty and lifeless. You guys bring joy, happiness and love into our house and we don’t want to lose anyone of you.

B: You make us feel so welcome. It really does feel like we’re on big messed up, dysfunctional family.

P: You guys make us feel at home and I would personally like to thank you and that’s big because I don’t thank people easily.

S: Yeah, we all appreciate it.

B: Thank you for everything you’ve done for us especially for Jake.

Es: He’s like a son to us, much like all of you boys, we would gladly do it again.

Em: Okay, enough of all this emotional stuff, I might just cry.

P: As if you can.

Em: I’ll show you what u can do. (He said lunging himself toward Paul)

Es: Not in the house! (He warned) I cleaned earlier go play outside.

Emmett and Paul look at each other before turning and running out of the house attacking each other. Paul obviously phased. Those two are like brothers.

Es: My boys… (She said causing everyone in the house to laugh)

S: It’s like Paul goes crazier when he’s around Emmett.

Ja: And Emmett gets wilder when he’s around Paul.

Q: If you didn’t know, you’d think Paul imprinted on Emmett.

Rosalie growled)


Q: Chill Rose, I’m just kidding.

R: You better be because otherwise I’d go rip Paul’s head off of his body.

A: you would kill Emmett, Rose.

R: I’d make him forget about Paul.

Se: How would you do that?

R: I would… (He was cut off by Carlisle)

C: Okay kids where is this conversation heading?

R: They started it and I can’t believe you’re helping them Alice.

A: What? They’re nice to me and they don’t try to kill me like you do.

R: Whatever.


Es: Carlisle, what are we going to do with Edward and the baby?

C: Honestly, right now I really don’t know but I’m working on it.

B: We need to do something for the family and for Seth because the kid won’t be able to live without his mate.

Se: Hey, I’m not a kid anymore.

R: You’re fifteen.

Se: I’m turning sixteen next week.

Em: Oh, then you’ll be old enough to drive. (He said walking back into the house with Paul’s hand around he’s shoulder, causing Rosalie to growl)

P: Why are you growling, Rosaleech?

R: Get your grubby paws off of my Husband!!!


P: Told you I could make her jealous. (He stated looking at Emmett)

Em: Babe, you know that I only love you so there’s no need to get jealous.

R: Whatever.

Family; Hahahaha.


Edward’s POV


E: What should I do, Jake? You’re mine and I don’t want to lose you, but is it for the better? I wish you would just wake up already, for Pete sakes!!

E: Please help me!

JACOB I MISS YOU!! (He shouted loud enough for the whole of Forks to hear)

E: I know what to do. Tomorrow is a new day and I guess it's time

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