The Chosen One

Chapter 26: He Needs Help...

~~~Day 5~~~

Billy & Carlisle’s POV

C: Billy, I’m really worried about Edward. My son has been in that room for almost a week now.

B: You think me going to talk to him now will help?

C: Yes! Yes. You have gone through losing someone so dear to you heart, he might listen to you.

B: Okay. I’ll go up to him now.

C: Thank you for helping my son, Billy.

B: He’s our son now, Carlisle.

C: The wonders of having family.

B: They’re there when you need them most.

C: Yes. I’ll take you up.

B: You don’t have to, the elevator is there.

C: I know but I want to.

B: Let’s go.


Emmett and Paul’s POV

Em: Hey, do you wanna go watch a movie with me?

P: Where’s your wifey?

Em: She’s with Baby Jake and I just need to get away from everything for a while.

P: Me too. It’s all too crazy. Let’s go.

Em: So we running or driving?

P: Don’t feel like phasing.

Em: Driving it is. Do you want to drive?

P: Whoa Em, never thought you’d just let anyone drive your car.

Em: Firstly you’re not just anyone and secondly I’m not my brother. If you wanna use my car you can.

P: Okay big guy, let’s go.

Em: Okay, you have to answer me honestly now okay?

P: Sure.

Em: Whose car do you prefer between m jeep and Edward’s Volvo?

P: Honestly Edward’s Volvo is cool and all but it’s too girly for my liking, this car is manlier.

Em: You’re not just saying that because you’re driving my car right?

P: I’m very serious when it comes to cars. I’m not just saying that.

Em: Okay.

Em: I want to go hunting.

P:You thirsty already?

Em: Nope, I just want to go hunting.

P: Rosaleech going with you?

Em: I haven’t asked her yet but I doubt she’ll say yes.

P: If she doesn’t want to go with you then I’ll go.

Em: Really?

P: Yeah, no prob.

Em: You’re the best, bud.

P: I know it’s time that you all realise that now.

Em: Someone’s getting a big head now. (He teased)

P: Shut up, we’re here.

Em: I’m paying.

P: What, you think that only because I’m from the Rez that I don’t have money!?

Em: No it’s not that at all but I invited you.

P: I’m not your girlfriend.

Em: I now that. But I’m still paying. (He said with a smile on his face)

P: Pffff (He huffed) Whatever, I’m buying the food then.

Em: Yes dear. (He smirked)

P: Don’t mess with me, Cullen.

Em: Why the last name dear?

P: I’m going to buy the food and go in in coz if I stand out here I might just kill you.

Em: I’m indestructible babe.

P: I’ll make you destructible.

Em: … (He was cut off)

P: Shut up, don’t say another word. Buy our tickets and I will go buy the food.

Em: Only buy for one.

P: Why?

Em: I don’t eat.

P: And I eat for two.

Em: You’re pregnant? OMG who is the father? (He asked in a girly voice)

P: One of these days Cullen, One of these days.


Edward & Billy’s POV

B: How are you holding up, son?

E: How did you do this? How did you find the courage to continue?

B: It was difficult but I just had to pull through for Jake and his sister.

E: You had Jake, I have no one.

B: Edward, you have your baby.

E: How am I supposed to love that child, when it took Jacob away from me? You tell me that. It’s because of him that I don’t have my Husband here with me.

B: Edward, (sigh) That baby is a symbol of the love which you shared with Jacob.

E: Billy, whenever I read somebody’s mind and I see the baby, it feels like something is breaking inside of me. Whenever I see him, I think about Jacob because he looks a lot like him and I can’t handle it, I can’t handle not being able to see Jake, not being able to kiss him. Billy, I can’t live without Jacob. I can’t.

B: Son, you have to be strong. You have to be strong for yourself and for your son. You cannot abandon him. He needs you to save him right now.

E: Why should I save him when I couldn’t save my Husband?

B: Don’t look at it that way. Look at it this way: You were fulfilling Jacob’s wishes. He wanted you to save the child.

E: I did that in a time of weakness, if I could go back, I would save Jacob and not the baby.

B: Jacob would have hated you.

E: He’d get over it, after all he did imprint on me.

B: I can see that you’re hurting but being irrational will not help.

E: Sorry Billy, but you lost your Wife after being married to her for many years, I lost my Husband after being married to him for a month. A MONTH!

Esme’ came in at that moment.

Es: Edward hone, you need to calm down.

E: How do you expect me to calm down huh?! I miss my Husband. Esme’ I miss Jacob!

Es: Honey, I know but you can’t stay cooped up in this room.

E: I want to be close to Jacob.

B: Son, you need to start being rational now. We need to put Jacob to rest. He deserves to be buried. It can even be somewhere close so that you can go see him whenever you want to.

E: I won’t be able to see him.

B: But you will always know that he is there.

E: if Jacob goes then I go to.

Es: Edward you can’t, you need to help the child otherwise… (She was cut off)

E: HELP HIM!!! How am I supposed to help it!!?

Es: It’s a tribal thing Billy and Carlisle can… (She was cut off again)

E: Carlisle? You better keep him away from me because if I see him I might just lose it!

B: What? Why don’t you want to see your father?

E: My father(He spat)couldn’t… couldn’t save my Husband.

Es: You can’t surely be blaming him for the loss of Jakes life?

E: No I blame myself. If it was not for me Jake would still be alive.

B: How do you reckon?

E: If I didn’t go to the clearing that day he would never have imprinted on me. We would never have gone to Canada, he wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. He wouldn’t have been cursed. We wouldn’t have gotten married, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped and he wouldn’t have died. He would be happy right now if I hadn’t come into his life.

B: Edward, Jacob was happy, with you, with the imprint, with your trip to Canada, for being pregnant, for getting married and for finally finding the love of his life. Son, you did nothing wrong.

E: Then why does it feel like I failed him, like I’d been a bad Husband to him? Tell me why.

Es: You weren’t. You were amazing with him.

E: I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye. I never even got a chance to tell him that I love him.

B: You didn’t have to. He knew you loved him just like he always had faith that you’d come save him.

E: I failed him back then and I’m failing him now.

B: Why?

E: That baby. He also expected me to be a good father for it.

Es: We all understand what you’re going through, you’ll come around soon.

E: But if I’m not good father. I don’t want to fail Jake.

B: You didn’t and you won’t. you have us to help you

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