The Chosen One

Chapter 27: It's Time

Edward’s POV

E: Can you please leave me alone. Please.

Es: Are you sure, son?

E: Yes please.

Es: Okay, call us if you need anything.

E: Thank you.

As Billy and Esme’ left, Edward went over to sit by Jacob.

E: What should I do, Jake? (He huffed)

Edward sat there starring at Jacob's peaceful face.He was happy to see Jacob Finally at peace like that. (And just like that he was hit with a wave of thoughts but he didn’t know where it was coming from. He continued listening to the thought: It’s of him, Jake and what seems to be a baby in Jacob’s arms. They were walking around town. Then they’re driving towards the Reservation. They head to La Push and once there they set the baby in its stroller as he fell asleep. Edward is busy rocking the stroller softly to help the baby fall asleep. After the baby is asleep, Edward and Jacob look out at the water then Edward smiles and pulls Jacob closer to him and then he kissed them and just as they started making out the baby started crying. Edward let go of Jacob and laughed at Jacob’s pout as he picked the baby up.

J: Give him his bottle.

E: He doesn’t want his bottle, dear. He just doesn’t like seeing his father’s making out.

J: Oh and how do you know that?

E: We’ve been together for a long time and you still find it difficult to remember my gift.

J: I tend to forget irritating things.

E: Oh yeah, let’s just pretend that you ONLY forget the irritating things.

J: Shut up .Mr Cullen. (He joked)

E: Just Cullen? What happened to the other half of my surname?

J: Nope. You insulted me so you’re just a normal Cullen now. Your son and I are the only super cool Black-Cullen’s.

E: So what can I do to become a super cool Black-Cullen again?

J: I don’t know but I’ll think of something. For starters you can give me a kiss.

E: I can do that. {And just as Edward was about to kiss Jacob the thought disappeared in a blur})

Edward jumped up from the chair looking towards the bed. When he saw him still lying there he realised it wasn’t real. He was filled with so much anger that he pushed open his bedroom door and left the room for the first time since he brought Jacob in five days ago and ran to the living room.

E: Which one of you did that!!!!!?

Es: Did what dear?

E: Who was that?

C: Edward, what are you talking about?

E: Why would you guys do that to me, after everything that I have gone through?

S: Edward, can you please tell us what you’re talking about?

E: Someone in here had a vivid thought about Jacob and I with our son in town and at La Push and we were happy, SO WHO WAS IT?

R: Edward, we would never do that to you. We know how it feels to lose a mate. Most of us have experienced the pain of losing a mate…

E: Stop right there! He is not my mate, he is my Husband!

A: Edward we understand what you’re going through.

E: No you don’t. You don’t.

Es: Edward, is there anything we can do to help?

E: I need to be alone. I’m leaving; I don’t want anyone near my bedroom. I want all of you to stay away from him.

S: Edward, where are you going?

E: Out, don’t follow me.

S: But Edward.

E: Don’t follow Me! (He growled)

Edward ran all the way to a meadow, he and Jacob visited when they first got together.


A: There’s something wrong with Edward.

R: He doesn’t even want to feed.

Es: Maybe, he’ll go feed now.

B: I doubt it.

C: Why?

B: Edward told me that he’s life had no meaning without Jacob. He said that if Jacob goes then he’s done. (He said with tears in his eyes)

Em: Do you guys really think he’ll kill himself? (He said as he and Paul walked in)

S: A man is capable of a lot when he’s suffering.

Q: He’s not a wolf Sam.

S: But he’s in love and he has lost his soul mate.

P: Pixie, do you see ANYTHING?

A: Believe me, I’ve tried. All I ever see is all us, happy, smiling.

Es: I’m sure that’s good right?

A: Esme’ I can only see us. I have never seen Edward or Baby Jake.

Se: You don’t think Edward will hurt him, do you? (He said holding Baby Jake closer to his chest)

C: Edward would never do that.

B: He knows how it feels to lose the one you love and he’ll never do that to anybody else.

Es: I’m Edward’s mother and I know that I would never in a million years be happy if he were to die.

C: Okay everyone. We shouldn’t be talking about that. We need a way to support Edward.

B: How can we do that?

C: I don’t know but we’ll have to think of something.

A while later Carlisle, Sam, Billy and Esme’ were all in Carlisle’s library talking and the kids were all still in the living room.

Q: So where were the two of you?

P: We were just out.

Emb: Out doing what?

Em: We went to watch a movie okay.

R: Without me?

Em; I asked you but you were too busy with Seth and the baby.

R: Are you jealous?

Em: I’m not. I would never. I love that child and I would never ask you to ditch him for me.

R: So we’re okay?

Em: Always.

Se: So do you guys want to come bathe and dress Baby Jake with me?

Everyone: Sure.

Se: Sorry Rose, but could it only be the guys and Emmett?

Em: Hey!

Se: I meant to say the wolves and Emmett.

Em: Oh.

R: Yeah sure. Alice when is Jasper getting back from his hunt?

A: He’s on his way.

P: Didn’t you guys go hunting last night?

A: We all did but one of us had to stay and Jas volunteered.

P: Oh. Let’s go Sethie Boy.

Edward’s POV

Edward lay in the meadow starring up at the sky, desperately wanting to cry. He remembered coming here with Jacob. He remembered how Jacob reacted when he first saw Edward sparkling. He remembered how Jacob complimented him with kisses on his bloody lips the first time they went hunting together. He remembered the first time he carried Jacob when he decided he was tired of walking while they were hunting in Canada before anything happened. He remembered it all and in that moment, Edward finally made a decision regarding his life.

~~~Cullen House~~~

After Baby Jake’s bath the whole family gathered in the kitchen for lunch time. Esme’, Rosalie, Alice, Embry and Quil were busy preparing lunch while Jared, Jasper and Seth were setting the table. Paul and Emmett were busy cleaning up the kitchen while Carlisle, Billy and Sam tended to Baby Jake, feeding and playing with him when Edward rushed into the kitchen.

Es: Edward you’re back. (She sighed with relief)

E: Can I have my… son.


C: Edward, what do you want?

E: My son! (He growled)

S: Edward, don’t. (He said standing on guard)

E: I would not hurt him. I would never do that to Seth. I would never be able to live with myself if I were the reason that someone else had to go through what I’m going through now.

Se: You know about the imprint?

E: I can read minds but I don’t care at the moment.

B: Why do you want him?

E: I want my… my son to see his father before he’s buried.

Es: Oh Edward.

E: No, I just want him please.

R: Sure, here you go.

Edward held his son in his arms for the first time ever.

E: What’s he’s name? (He asked with the biggest smile and proudest eyes)

Es: He has no name, that’s for you and J… for you to decide.

E: (With a laugh in his voice) what have you been calling him this whole time?

Es; Baby Jake.

E: He looks a lot like Jacob.

Es: He does, doesn’t he?

E: Esme’, how am I supposed to get through this?

Es: You’ll have us all there?

E: May I take him for a little while.

C: It’s your son. You can have him for as long as you need.

E: Thank you everyone for being there for him. For caring for him when I was too selfish to care.

C: We all knew that you were going through a tough time.

E: Thank you all for everything. I really appreciate it.

Everyone: It’s a pleasure.

E: Okay, I’ll take him now.

~~~Edward & Jacob’s room~~~

E: Okay baby, I’m your father. I helped make you. Now we’re going to meet you other father. I know it’s a little weird to have two fathers. But it’s okay. Lovey, I’m so sorry I abandoned you. I love you so much and you look just like you papa. Come on let’s go see him. Baby I wish I could cry so much.

E: Baby, meet your papa. He would have loved you so much if he were here. (The baby started smiling when he saw Jacob’s face)

E: You know baby, he’s the best person in the world and he would have been the best papa ever. What do you say I put you next to him and take a picture to show you when you grow up. Okay?

Edward out Baby Jake next to Jacob and the baby started laughing, making Edward smile. He took out his phone and took a picture. After taking the pictures he looked up and what he saw made him catch his breath.

E: Jacob?...

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