The Chosen One

Chapter 28: Is Jacob Alive???

E: Jacob?...

E: Jacob! Jacob! Jacob… I’m here. Please wake up. Jake?

Baby Jake started whimpering and then stopped, looked at Jacob and started wailing.

Edward picked Baby Jake up just as his family came rushing into the room. He gave the baby to the first person he saw, Carlisle and went over to Jacobs bed.

C: Edward what happened, what’s up with all the commotion?

E: It’s Jacob. He’s awake!

C: Edward he cannot be awake.

E: Carlisle, look. He’s waking up. Believe me, I saw him moving.

C: Okay, let’s get him down to the medical room and I’ll examine him.

E: No you’re not taking him.

C: Edward, a moment ago you were ready to bury him and no this.

E: Carlisle, you need to believe me.

C: Now let me examine him.

E: Fine, but I’m taking him down. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

C: Esme’ can you take him.

Es: Sure, give him here. Go check on Edward.

C: I’ll go.

Es: My son is losing it and there’s nothing that I can do.

B: He’s not losing it, he’s just grieving.

Es: Let’s go. I want to be with him if what Carlisle says isn’t what he wants to hear.

~~~Medical Room~~~

He put Jacob on the bed and started turning on all the machines and attaching them to Jacob.

E: Jacob, I know you can hear me. Please hang in there. Jacob I need you. Please come back to me. Please.

C: Edward.

E: No Carlisle, if you don’t want to believe me then get out. I know Jacob is alive. I saw him move.

C: Edward l.. (He was cut off)

E: You said that you’d examine him, now do it. Make Jacob better. Wake him up.

C: Edward, I cannot do that.

E: Please Carlisle, anything. Please just do anything.

C: Okay, let me have a look.

Carlisle went over to the bed and looked at the machines connected to Jacob.

C: Son, can you hear that?

E: What?

C: Listen.

Edward kept quiet then used his vampire senses. They could hear a faint heartbeat.

E: Is that… is that Jacobs?

C: Yes son, it’s Jacob’s heartbeat.

E: Jake, love I’m here for you. Please come back to me. Jacob?

Es: Carlisle, what is it?

C: Jacob has a heartbeat.

B: What? (He gasped)

C: It’s faint but it’s there.

Billy started crying and rolled over to Jacobs bed.

B: Son? Son, are you here. Jake it’s me. Please wake up.

E: Carlisle, his heartbeat is getting fainter. Please do something.

C: Edward, there’s nothing I can do. Maybe it was just a reflex. He’s final reflex.

E: Carlisle it wasn’t.

C: Edward, your son is crying you need to take him.

E: I need Jacob but is that going to bring him back to me huh! I don’t think so!

S: Edward you need to stop. It isn’t good for the baby to see you in this state.

E: In which state do you want me to be, I’m losing the only important person in my life and all you care about is the baby. I care about that baby but I love Jacob more. I need to be there for Jacob.

S: Your mood affects your son. The more stressed out you get the more he cries.

E: Sam, do you think that I want to be stressing over Jacob right now? Do you think that I want to feel the way I’m feeling huh? i cannot deal with him right now. Gove him to Seth or Rosalie but I cannot deal with him, not with the way I’m feeling right now. Guys can you please take him?

Se: Sure, give him here Esme’.

R: Let’s go feed him. We’re sorry Edward.

E: I won’t be able to get through this. The love I feel for Jacob is unconditional. Without him I have nothing. I know that I have a son but he will never be able to fill the void left occupied by Jacob.

Edward said as he moved away from his family by the door and went over to his other family by the bed and sat next to Billy.

B: Son, we’ll get through this. We will. Jacob is strong. He’ll get through this.

E: He has too. He still hasn’t seen his son. He needs to see Baby Jake. If waking up for me isn’t priority enough then he should wake up for the baby.

Baby Jake’s crying could be heard all the way to the medical room.

E: Why is he crying like that all of a sudden?

P: It’s not all of a sudden. He’s been crying like that all week long.

E: What?

Em: You mean that you haven’t been hearing him cry?

E: Jacob was and is the only thing on my mind. Nothing bothered me enough to make me stop thinking about him. How have you been getting him to quiet?

Jar: Uh, we would bring him to your bedroom door and he’d quiet down.

E: You came to my door and I didn’t hear a thing. So not only am I a lousy Husband but I’m also a lousy father.

Es: Son, you were never a lousy Husband to Jacob and you haven’t given yourself a chance to be a father to Baby Jake.

E: Esme’ I was married to Jacob for a month. The last time I had a conversation I was shouting at him. I ran off instead of staying to talk it through like married couples should be doing and regarding Baby Jake I’ve been ignoring him since he was born. I’ve hated him for the last five days. I’ve wanted to kill him every time that I’ve seen him in someone’s mind. The day I take him for the first time is so that he can see his gather, have a picture with his father before I buried him. I did that for Jacob not for myself.

B: Edward what was that that you said last?

E: That I did it for Jacob not for myself.

B: No, the picture.

E: Oh I took a picture of Baby Jake and Jacob, so that the he could have a picture of Jacob.

B: Where was the baby when you took the picture?

E: I put him on Jacob. I know it’s dumb but I wanted him to have something to remind him of Jacob when he gets older like Jacob did. He had a picture of his mother in his mind and another one to keep by him.

B: Bring the baby here.

E: Why?

S: Billy you don’t think the baby had something to do with it?

B: I do. He calms down when his near them.

E: No he doesn’t. (He said sadly) He was crying while he was near me.

A: That’s because you were stressing and he picks up on all your negative vibes.

E: Whatever. (He said going over to Jacob and forgetting about everything around him) I love you Jacob.


B: I think that what Edward saw was true.

S: How so?

B: I think Jacob moved when Baby Jake was put on him, like he knew it was his son or something.

C: If you think the baby could bring Jacob back then we should most certainly try.

Emb: I’ll go get Seth and Rose to bring Baby Jake.

S: Okay.

Es: Do you think Edward will allow it?

B: Jacob is my son. I can still make decisions regarding his life.

C: Then we should try.

Rosalie and Seth came in a while later with a quieter Baby Jake.

R: What’s going on, why did we need to bring him?

Es: We think that Baby Jake might be the only one who can bring Jacob back.

Se: Really?

B: We hope. I’m not sure.

Se: Doesn’t matter, let’s try it.

B: Edward?

C: Edward?

E: Yes.(He said plainly)

B: We think that Baby Jake was the reason Jacob moved.

E: Huh?

B: Well I think that the bond between father and son might be strong enough to bring Jacob back.

E: The baby?

B: Yes the baby.

E: I doubt it but you can try.

B: Put him there, right on Jacob’s chest.

Edward just snorted.

Seth put the baby on Jacob’s chest and the WHOLE family moved closer. After a while of nothing happening the family was at the point where they want to give up including Edward then they heard a moan coming from Jacob.

E: Jacob?

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