The Chosen One

Chapter 29: Waking Sleeping Beauty...

They all starred intensely to see if the baby had any effect on Jacob. Jacob stirred and they all held their breath, even the vampires. The baby started crying and just as Esme’ was about to go pick him up, Jacob’s eyes started flickering and everyone started smiling. He flickered some more and then Jacob slowly opened his eyes.

B: Jacob? Jacob it’s me.

J: Dad? (He whispered with a raspy voice)

B: Jacob, son. I’m here. I’m here. (He said with tears in his eyes)

(With all the commotion involving Jacob no one noticed Edward running out)

J: Dad.

B: Son, thank you for coming back. How do you feel?

J: Not too bad. (He whispered) Uh. Uh. How long?

B: About a week.

Es: Jacob honey? (She smiled proudly and gave him a hug)

J: Mom?

Es: No honey it’s me Esme’.

J: I know. (He smiled) Is this him? Is this my baby?

Es: Yes. Yes he is. He was born about a week ago.

J: He’s so adorable. (He cried)

Se: Yeah he is.

J: Seth, come here. How’ve you been?

Se: Good but better now that you’re back.

J: Give me a hug.

Seth gave Jacob his hug and went over to the side where Billy had taken Baby Jake.

R: Mutt!

J: Leech, you’re here too.

R: I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. How dare you make me wait that long?

J: Shut up and give me a hug.

R: I don’t hug, Mutt.

J: You do hug me.

After that the rest of the wolves and vampires in the room went over to his bed and hugged him leaving Carlisle, Esme’ and Billy for last.

C: It’s good to have you back son.

J: It’s good to be back. (Carlisle went over and gave him a hug)

B: I missed you so much Jacob. You scared me I thought you weren’t coming back.

J: I’m sorry I put you through what you went through when mom died.

B: It’s okay you know at least you came back to me. Thanks for not leaving.

J: I will never leave you dad. I love you too much for that.

B: Thank you son, now give me a hug. (He said rolling closer to Jacob)

J: I love you.

B: Here you go. Hold him.

J: He’s so big.

A: And so cute.

J: You didn’t abuse my child did you?

A: No never. He enjoyed me buying him things.

J: Yeah right. I feel bad that I missed his first days.

Jar: We have A LOT of pictures.

J: Can I see them?

Emb: Sure, we’ll go get them.

J: Thank you.

J: I love his hair.

P: Yeah you would.

J: Shut up, Paul.

P: You know that I can’t.

J: Yeah, your mouth was always too big for you.


P: But I have to say, you made a pretty amazing baby.

J: Thank you. It’s the Black genes.


Emb: Here are the pictures.

J: Thanks.

J: He’s so cute. I can’t wait to bathe him and feed him. Look at this one. (He said holding up a picture of Baby Jake laughing)

A: He has an adorable laugh. You should hear it.

J: I’m looking forward to it. I’ll look at these later. Will you help me, I want to hold him.

C: Just sit up.

J: I can’t. it pains when I move.

C: I’ll check on that later.

J: Thank you.

B: Boys come help Jacob.

S: Let’s do it slowly so he doesn’t get hurt. Jared and Embry you take his legs. Seth and Quil take his shoulders and Paul and I will take his waist.

So just like that the wolves carefully helped Jacob into a sitting position and he held his son in his arms for the first time.

J: Hello baby. Even though this is the first time I’ve seen and held you in my arms it feels like I’ve known you forever. I’m new at this and I don; have the best track record with babies but I’m willing to learn if you allow me to… Sorry where are my manners, I’m Jacob your papa, oh my goodness, you’re precious. (He cried) Hiya Baby. How’ve you been? I’m sorry that you went through so much with your birth and everything. I love you and I’ll make sure nothing like that ever happens to you. I’m so happy to have you in my life and I promise that I’ll make sure that your life is nothing but sunshine and roses my sweet beautiful little angel.

Em: Yeah that’s what you say now.

J: Shut up. I’m enjoying my time with my son. Dad he’s so beautiful isn’t he?

B: Yes he is. He’s one of the cutest one’s I’ve seen.

J: Besides me of course?

P: Really?

J: Really…

B: Besides you of course son after all you said Black genes produce beautiful babies.

J: Exactly.

R: Hey! Cullen genes helped make that baby.

J: Yeah I kno… (He cut himself off) Cullen? Cul… (He said as if he were out of breath) Cullen. Where is Edward? (He asked pulling at his shirt as if his chest was paining)

C: Jacob you need to calm down, your blood pressure is rising.

J: It feels like my chest is on fire.

C: Breath. (Jacob did as he was told)

J: Now where is Edward?...

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