The Chosen One

Chapter 3: I'm Here To Help


It had been a week since Billy told everyone about the chosen one. Jacob has been getting sicker and weaker and sicker with each day. It has also been a week since Edward took off.


C: Alright enough guys. We have a lot to discuss.

E: Wait, was he being serious.

B: Yes I was. This is not something to joke about.

E: What, No. I will not be forced to take this mutt as my soul mate just because of some tale that might not even be real! I’d rather die alone!

C: Edward you know you don’t mean that and its not a tale it’s a legend.

E: I don’t care I’m leaving.

S: Edward if you leave you can kill him. So please don’t.

E: Let him die. Now get out of my way.

C: Sam just let him go, he’ll be back.

E: Don’t count on it.

A: Don’t worry Jake, I’ll keep an eye on him.

J: (With tear stained eyes) Thank you Alice, but you don’t have to go through so much trouble.

A: Nonsense, you’re family now and besides I know how my brother is.

J: I don’t mean to be rude but I’d really like to leave.

C: Of course.

Es: You can come back anytime dear, all of you can.

J: (Yeah I doubt that) Bye Bye.


Edward’s POV

These people are crazy if they think I will date that mutt. That stinking, rude, ugly, beautiful skinned, glowing eyed, cute mutt. Wait what the hell am I saying? All I’ve ever felt for those mutts was hatred but now something has changed. I didn’t find him stinking, he actually smelt sweet. I’m getting this extra air of weakness, pain and sadness and I don’t know who’s emotions those were, coz they were most certainly not mine. I don’t know that there’s something in me telling me to go see if Jake’s okay. Since when do I call him Jake!? I NEEDED TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS HAPPENING MEANING THAT I WOULD HAVE TO GO BACK TO FORKS.


Carlisle’s POV

I was really worried about Jacob. He was in a very bad state not just emotionally but physically too. Being a doctor I went La Push to see if I can help him but Billy told me sadly that if Edward did not return soon Jacob would die. He said that it normally took a year before a wolf would die because of rejection, but for young Jacob it was less than a week.

C: Okay. Lets group up and go looking for Edward. Because I’m afraid if we don’t get him here young Jacob could die. Alice: you and Jasper go West, Rose: You and Emmett go South, Esme and I will head North and Sam and he’s pack will go East. Whoever gets to first should contact me and I’ll tell everyone else. We’re going to get Edward back even if it’s the last thing we do.

All: Okay Carlisle.

Edward’s POV

I was sitting in the forest when I heard them coming. I didn’t even make an effort to get away from them.

Es: Edward, oh my goodness you’re okay.

C: Edward my son.

Before I could answer Carlisle took out his phone and called someone. Alice as I gathered from his thoughts.

C: Yes we got him. C: Yes we’ll try. C: Call the others and go find the wolves and meet us there. C: Okay be quick.

E: Okay so why should I go to the reservation? Why are you working with those MUTTS!!!! And why do I need to be quick?

Es: Honey Jacob is busy hurting.

E: Let him get over it. A “Broken Heart” has never killed anyone.

Es: It’s killing him son.

E: Huh!?

C: Son if werewolves are rejected by their imprints they can NO will die from a broken heart.

E: How bad is it? (He asked sincerely)

C: Normally it takes them up to a year before they pass away but since he is the “Chosen Wolf” he’s father believes that’s the reason he’s getting sicker so fast.

E: Can I see him?

Carlisle though back at the last time he saw Jacob.

E: (This is one of those times I was happy that I couldn’t cry) Oh My. Did I do that to him?

Es: You’re doing it to him and he’ll only get worse if you don’t go to him.

E: …

Es: If not for you, do it for him, his father, family, his pack.

E: Uhm, uh, uh. Lets Go!!!

When we arrived at Jacob’s house I saw my family and all the wolves except Sam and Seth outside, all with sad expressions on their faces.

C: What happened, where are they?

A: Their in his room.

When I got to Jacobs door I heard his father say "we’re losing him. We can’t lose him. I can’t lose my son. Jacob please”

C: Edward Go!

When I got in Jacob’s room Billy, Sam, Seth and Mrs. Clearwater all started smiling sadly in my direction.

B: Edward please, you’re the only one who can save him.

E: Okay.

They all decided that it was better if they’d leave the room. Which I was grateful for.

E: Jake wake up. You can’t die on me. Please don’t. ( I said as I stood by the door.)(I decided to move closer to his bed and sat on the chair Mrs. Clearwater was sitting on and I placed my hand on Jake’s arm.)

E: Jake please. You can’t promise to be my soulmate and just leave me, that’s selfish. I’ve been alone so many decades and now that I have someone he’s dying.

J: (Speaking weakly) Ed… Is that… is that?

E: It’s me love. I’m happy you’re awake.

J: You’re really here?

E: Yes Love I’m so sorry for abandoning you. Please forgive me.

J: I love you and I’ll always forgive you. Please don’t leave me again.

E: I promise I won’t. I love you too. Can I join you?

The only I got was Jacob moving slightly and patting the spot next to him an his bed.


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