The Chosen One

Chapter 30: What Are You Waiting For???

J: Now where is Edward?

Es: He was here a minute ago, where could he have gone?

Ja: He left. (He whispered so soft that even the vampires didn’t hear)

Es: What did you say?

Ja: Edward left.

J: What? When? Why? (He cried)

B: Son, Edward hasn’t been dealing with your death like the rest of us.

S: He’s been isolating himself from all of us. He would sit by your side day and night.

B: He hasn’t gone hunting since that weekend that you went to the Reservation.

C: Jacob, Edward said that without you he’s life had no meaning.

J: And what about our son? Please tell me he didn’t do something crazy like killing himself or something,

B: He wanted too.

J: No, no, no. Please no. I can’t lose him.

A: Jake, Edward hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s outside.

J: I’m going to him. I need to be with him.

S: No Jake, you’re too weak. You can’t get up now already.

J: But I need to be with him. I need to show him that I’m still alive and that I love him. I can’t lose him, Sam.

S: I know that Jake but I cannot allow you to get up, you’re still too weak.

C: I’ll go.

Es: No let me. I’m he’s mother and there are times that a boy just needs his mother.

J: Please bring him here, Esme’.

Es: I’ll try my best Jake.

J: Tell him I love him.

Es: I will.

J: Uh, how was Edward with the baby?

C: He never took him.

J: Why?

B: It’s not our place, dear.

J: Uh, can you show me more pictures please.

S: Sure.

R: Look here’s one of him eating.

J: He’s a messy eater.

B: Just like you were.

J: I wasn’t a messy eater.

S: Yes you were.

J: Na ah.

A: Anyways here’s one of him playing with Embry and Jared.

J: Aww. Thank you for taking care of my son guys.

P: You’re our brother of course we’d help take care of your son.

J: Thanks now show me more.

R: Here’s one with him and Jasper.

J: Why does he look like that?

Q: He wanted to bite him.

J: Jasper, I swear I’ll kill you if you bite my son.

Ja: I didn’t want to bite him, he’s diaper was STINKING! (He exclaimed)


J: I’m not looking forward to those diaper changes.

P: Give em to Seth, he’ll do it without any complains.

J: Why?

P: He … (He was cut off)

S: Because PAUL and the rest of them are too lazy.

P: Oh shut up.

J: Thank you Seth.

Se: No prob.

J: Hey, bring my baby back.



Es: Hey Edward.

E: Hello.

Es: So what’s wrong?

E: Nothing.

Es: Edward I’ve been your mother for a long time, I know when something’s wrong. Now spill.

E: Esme’ I swear it’s nothing.

Es: Edward I know you plus if everything was okay you’d be in there with your Husband and son.

E: It’s my fault.

Es: What?

E: Jacob only getting up now.

Es: No it’s not, why would you think that?

E: I hated my OWN son so much that I kept him away from Jacob. He would have woken up a long time ago, if I wasn’t so foolish.

Es: Edward you were hurting, no one blames you for your actions.

E: I blame myself. I was a fool.

Es: Edward blaming yourself for any of this will do anything. Jacob just woke up, he needs you by him. He loves you.

E: He’d be better off without me.

Es: You’re his imprint. What makes you think he’ll be better off he’ll die if you leave.

E: He has the baby, he won’t need me.

Es: He will never be able to replace you with anyone no matter who they are.

E: The baby woke him up. The baby brought him back to life. The baby makes him happy.

Es: And you, what about your happiness?

E: I’m fine as long as they’re happy.

Es: They’re not happy at all especially Jacob.

E: Just take care of him for me.

Es: You know what: You’re being so selfish right now. Wanting to leave the people you love because you think that you don’t deserve them is so SELFISH of you.

E: I don’t want to be selfish. It’s just Esme’ what if I mess up? What if I cannot handle it all?

Es: That’s what family is for. There are two people in that house who need you and thirteen other people willing to help you.

E: I wanted you and Carlisle to be proud of me but now I feel like I disappointed the two of you.

Es: No you haven’t. What would make you think that?

E: Let’s see I fell in love with a werewolf.

Es: That was fate dear.

E: Okay, I knocked him up.

Es: Giving Carlisle and I the grandchild we’d never in a million years thought we’d have.

E: Uh…

Es: Stop thinking of nonsense. You have no grounds to stand on.

E: Esme’… (He was cut off)

Es: No Edward you listen. If you don’t follow me into that house I’ll go get your brothers all eight of them to come get you and take you into the house.

E: But Esme’…

Es: No buts Edward. Everyone gets afraid once in a while but you have to get over it in order to live your life.

E: Okay. Let’s go but I’m still scared.

Es: I’ll be next to you the whole time.

E: Okay.


E: Jacob.

J: Edward.

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