The Chosen One

Chapter 31: Family Reunited...

E: Jacob. (He smiled)

J: Edward.

E: Jacob?

J: It’s me Ed.

E: Jacob?

Em: I think you broke my brother.

E: Jacob, I missed you so so much.

J: So are you going to give me a hug or are you just going to continue standing in the door. (He joked through the tears in his eyes as he gave Baby Jake to Billy whom was sitting closest to him.

Edward walked over to Jacob’s side, looked at him, smiled and hugged him.

They kept hugging with Jacob softly sobbing for a good two minutes.

E: I missed you love. I’m never letting you go.

J: I think you have to coz I can’t breathe. (He whimpered but everyone heard him including Billy)


E: Sorry.

J: It’s okay.

E: I love you so much, Jake.

J: I love you too, Ed.

C: Sorry to interrupt but I need to do a quick check up on Jake.

E: Of course.

J: Sure.

Carlisle did a quick check up on Jacob while everyone starred on waiting intently to hear Jacob’s prognosis.

C: Your breathing is still a bit shallow, your heart rate’s a bit low and your blood pressure is still very low.

E: Carlisle, what does that mean?

C: It means that Jacob is slowly getting stronger.

B: But you just said… (He was cut off)

E: It’s better than it was before when he first woke up.

B: How did you know that?

E: I just said what Carlisle thought.

B: Oh.

J: You still haven’t stopped reading people’s minds have you?

E: Reading minds for me is like you phasing, it just happens.

J: I actually can’t phase anymore.

E: Then I’ll try my best not to read minds until you can phase again.

J: But what if I’m never able to phase again?

E: You will, right? (He asked turning to the pack)

S: He won’t be able to.

P: Carrying and giving birth is your body’s sole purpose now.

J: What? (He asked really sadly)

B: Stop patronizing my boys. You’ll be able to phase in a little while, son.

J: Yes. Thanks dad. Sam, I’d expect that from Paul but not from you.

S: What can I say, I’ve missed you a lot and Paul was always there to offer a shoulder for me and the pack.

J: Paul? (He asked in disbelief)

S: Yes, believe it or not but Paul has been very helpful for the pack and also for your baby especially.

J: Really? (He asked turning his head towards Paul)

P: Being there for the guys and the baby helped me get through most of the pain, it’s not like I was going to cry about it.

Q: Why? We all cried when Jake didn’t wake up.

R: We didn’t cry. (She said with a smug expression on her face)

P: REALLY? (He asked with a ‘are you serious’ expression on his face)

R: What, it’s true.

C: It’s true kids, Rosalie didn’t cry, she screamed.

Em: So so loudly.

R: What? They got to cry but I couldn’t. I wanted to so badly but I couldn’t so I did the only other way I knew to grieve: I screamed. It didn’t help much but it was all I could do.

J: Why didn’t you talk to someone?

R: I did. I talked to the people who knew you best, like your dad and your pack.

E: What did you guys talk about?

B: Everything.

Es: There was one night that we were sitting in the kitchen, the boys were eating and they were just telling us stories.

B: We talked about Jacob growing up. How he was when he was young compared to how he is now as a teen.

J: Yeah and how was i?

B: As a young boy, you were always willing to help people; you were one of the kindest kids I knew, besides Seth of cause.

S: There was this one time that I took Jake out to town with me and then there was this lady who was carrying a lot of grocery bags and then Jake ran over to her and took all her bags and remember Jake was only ten then but he carried all the old lady’s bags to her car and packed it in for her and when she wanted to pay him he declined saying that it wasn’t necessary.

B: That’s my son or no that use to be my son.

J: Use to be?

B: Yes.

J: Why?

B: You became a teenager.


J: But wasn’t I and easy teenager to raise?

B: Jacob you snuck out A LOT.

J: That was Paul’s fault. (He smiled trying to look innocent)

P: Yo, don’t put all the blame on me.

J: What it’s true. You always persuaded me to go with you.

E: You didn’t have to follow him, love.

J: He was VERY persuasive.

P: I know right.

Q: Yeah right.

J: It’s true.

Em: So if I asked you to go out with me would you?

J: Depends on where you want to go.

Em: Uh, to a strip club.

J: Have you forgotten that I’m a married man, Emmett?

Em: And if I got Paul to persuade you?

J: Then I’d consider it.

E: Not if I have something to do with it.

J: Ed, you don’t stand a chance against Paul.

E: Your lack of trust in me hurts.

J: You know I’m kidding right?

E: …

J: I lurve you.

E: Shut up.

P: But Jake would you?

J: I would if Edward came along.

E: I don’t do strip clubs, dear.

J: I’d make you do strip clubs, dear.

R: Can we stop with this disgusting conversation, there are children in here you know. (She said looking at Seth and then the baby)

Se: I’m turning 16 next week.

E: Guys I have to apologize to all of you.

Es: Why?

E: I was supposed to be with you. I should have been there helping you guys through it.

Es: … (She was cut off)

E: No Esme’, the fact that I was sad and grieving isn’t an excuse. I love Jacob but I know you guys do too. I didn’t want any of you close to him. I was scared that if I allowed you near him that you’d take him away from me. I always wanted to do something to help you all with grieving especially you Billy but helping you even just facing you would make the fact that he’s gone more realistic and I couldn’t handle that. I needed to believe that Jacob was still alive because I knew for a fact that if I started doubting that even for a second that I would lose it and I was actually afraid of what I’d be capable of if I believed that I had lost him. Thinking of that moment earlier in my life as a vampire I got scared that I’d go back to it. I got scared that I’d start killing again… (He was cut off)

C: Edward you wouldn’t. You will never go back to that.

E: How sure are you Carlisle? It felt like I had nothing just like back then.

C: Edward you wouldn’t. I know you.

P: Plus if you would have gone we would have kicked your ass.


E: Anyways forgive me everyone and thank you for being patient and giving me y time.

C: Anytime, son.

Em: Look Edward, your long boring confession put your own son to sleep.


E: Shut up, Emmett.

A: We should have dug out any recordings of Ed talking and play it for him when he didn’t EVER want to sleep.

P: Yeah that would have helped, especially for mine and Seth’s butts.

J: Your butts?

E: I’ll tell you about their bottoms later.

J: Okay.

B: Okay everyone since the baby is asleep, why don’t we take him and leave the boys alone for a little while.

Es: I agree.

J: Thanks dad.

B: Sure, now give me one last hug before I go.

J: Anytime. (He said giving Billy a hug)

S: The minute you get better and start phasing we’re gonna start practicing again.

J: Just warn Paul that I’m going to kick his ass when I’m better.

P: Why me?

J: Because I love all the other guys.

P: You love them but you’re in love with me.

E: Paul, you do know that you’re no measure to me look wise tight?

J: Yeah that’s true.

P: Oh shut up. Guys let’s leave these freaks alone.

S: Paul.

P: These lovely freaks.

J: Thanks.

Everyone left the room along with Baby Jake carried by Seth finally leaving the two Husbands alone for the first time.

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